What Is BC Button On BMW & How Do You Use It?

If you have purchased a new BMW, the BC button on the turn light switch might surprise you. Since it is uncommon in other cars, it is very easy to be surprised.

BC is the acronym for “Board Computer.” It is located on the turn signal lever. When you press the BC button, it cycles through the information displayed on the dashboard. Holding down this button allows you to customize the data installed on the instrument cluster. 

Well, this is the quick response concerning the BC button. However, you might need more than just comprehending the BC button and its usefulness. Keep reading to find out more!

What Is the BC Button On BMW For?

The BC is your board computer. What it does is cycle through different information you can have displayed on your instrument cluster when you push the button. 

As you know, a car dashboard displays a bunch of information. It can be a bit hazy to control each info. The BC button lets you control the dashboard by taking the OBC in learn mode. It can be used to do the following.

Updating Critical data

The dashboard includes a numerical value of the average speed. You can do the necessary change by pressing the BC button. You can input a date or erase it. 

Also, you will be able to see the distance and fuel consumption of the vehicle. Everything that is displayed will be real-time data. 

Sorting Onboard Computer Information

You can choose what information you want to see, so if you want to know your current speed and mileage, you can reset those numbers using the BC button.

Resetting MPG

If you press and hold the BC button down for three or four seconds, it will reset the previous MPG data. You can do the same for speed. 

How Do You Use BC On A BMW?

As mentioned, the BC button is the access button to your instrument cluster. When you have to edit your Onboard Computer’s data, you will need the BC button. Here’s how to use this button on BMW:

1. Turn the Ignition On

The BC button isn’t useful until your instrument cluster is live. So, you have to turn on the ignition by inserting the key. 

2. Press and Hold the BC Button

As you turn on your vehicle, the usual default light will appear. Now tap the button labeled “BC” on your turn signal lever. 

A lot of people mistakenly think of it as a slider. However, it’s just a push button, and you need to press and hold it for 4 seconds physically.

3. Toggle the List

After pressing the BC button for that specific amount of time, a list menu will appear. To toggle through the choices on the menu, you have to simply use the lever to move what works for you and press the BC button to select what you want.

You’ll be able to raise or scroll down to update the onboard computer screen. And as you can see, you can now get into the menu by cycling through the list.

As there are several components on your BMW, you will find a large line on the dashboard. 

The first on your dashboard would be the instrument cluster brightness control option. In the next position, it might be your battery management menu.

4. Reset Information

If an issue with your vehicle, like an ABS malfunction, it will be on the dashboard. You could even perform a fuel check. However, it won’t be present unless your car is running. 

Similarly, you can perform tire pressure resets, clock settings, date settings, and service manual settings reset. Some of the common settings are briefly described below:

5. Oil Check

It’s quite interesting that you can even run an oil test. You must use the same buttons to scroll to where you’ve got the oil.  As you click on the oil, it’ll check the degree of the oil. 

And once this check is finished, it’ll be marked. This is useful, especially if your vehicle doesn’t have an oil dipstick.

6. Tire Pressure Check

Press the BC button again if you wish to change the tire pressure. At the time, we only require you to press and hold the BC button so that you can make the necessary changes that will be best for your vehicle.

7. Reset Time

Only the BC button needs to be pressed to scroll through the time display; after that, you don’t wish to decide whether five minutes, a half-hour, an hour, etc., will appear.


By now, many of your doubts regarding the BC button of your BMW should have disappeared. Here are some Frequently asked questions that you might want to know.

What Is The BMW OBC?

The On-Board Computer (OBC) is a unit mounted on the central console that BMW offers to provide driving data in real-time. The system allows certain data (such as the fuel range, average speed, and current time) to be displayed on the navigation screen. 

What Does The Mode Button Do In A BMW?

The mode button is mainly implemented to shift your driving mode. BMW vehicles have four distinct driving modes. For instance, you have a mode dedicated to a more enjoyable ride for you or your passengers. While others are dedicated to different driving desires, so whether you desire a more spirited drive or to conserve as much fuel as possible, use the mode button.

What Happens If You Press The SOS Button In A BMW?

The SOS button on your BMW sends a message to the response center to know your location and any relevant information. A response specialist can contact police and ambulance services, minimizing the required time.

How To Fix The BMW BC Button Not Working?

To fix the BC button, add (new) wires from the connector to the grabber’s stalk as a precaution. Also, remove the white connector, as it won’t be possible to “snag” the wire right when you use a robber-type connector. The wire came loose easily since the grabber’s connector needs to be updated. You may also need to replace the fuse if it’s too severe.

Final Words

The BC button on BMW is crucial for quick access to all the vital information on the dash. 

New BMW owners like you often need to pay more attention to the usefulness of the BC button. But, from now on, you should not neglect this button. 

If you find the BC button is not working, it is a good idea to consult a technician first. Unless you’re skilled enough, avoid the DIY approach to solve the issue.

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