What Is BC Button On BMW & How Do You Use It?

The BC button is an integral part of your car which lets you get access to the computer’s functions and settings. Through that, you can get information such as oil quantity in the filter, miles traveled, or tire pressure. Using the BC button is also quite simple, just find the button and press it, and you will be directed towards the display.

To get a better idea of how to use the BC button and fix if the BC button is not working keep reading this article. 

What Is The BC Button On BMW For?

The BC button on a BMW is a handy multi-function button located on the turn signal stalk. What it does can vary depending on your BMW’s model and year, but generally, it’s there to let you access the onboard computer’s functions and settings. Here are some common things you can do with the BC button:

Accessing the trip computer: Pressing the BC button lets you check out the trip computer, which shows info like fuel consumption, average speed, and how far you’ve traveled.

Changing the clock settings: You can also use the BC button to tweak the clock settings on your car’s dashboard.

Accessing the owner’s manual: Some BMWs let you dive into the owner’s manual by hitting the BC button and going through the menu options.

Activating launch control: In certain BMW M models with a manual transmission, the BC button can kick in launch control. That’s a cool feature letting you get the most acceleration when you start from a standstill.

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How Do You Use BC On A BMW?

The BC button is the access button to your instrument cluster. When you have to edit your Onboard Computer’s data, you will need the BC button. Here’s how to use this button on BMW:

Step 1: Find the BC button on the turn signal stalk, usually on the left side of the steering column.

Step 2: Press the BC button to switch between different displays on the dashboard, like trip data, entertainment sources, and efficiency info.

Step 3: Use the BC button to get to the trip computer, adjust the clock, or turn on certain features, like the launch control in some BMW M models.

Step 4: Keep pressing the BC button to go through the displays until you find the one you want.

After you get through the right window, the following are some of the activities you can do with BC on a BMW. 

Reset Information:

If an issue with your vehicle, like an ABS malfunction, it will be on the dashboard. You could even perform a fuel check. However, it won’t be present unless your car is running. 

Similarly, you can perform tire pressure resets, clock settings, date settings, and service manual settings reset. Some of the common settings are briefly described below:

Oil Check:

Oil Check BMW

It’s quite interesting that you can even run an oil test. You must use the same buttons to scroll to where you’ve got the oil.  As you click on the oil, it’ll check the degree of the oil. 

And once this check is finished, it’ll be marked. This is useful, especially if your vehicle doesn’t have an oil dipstick.

Tire Pressure Check:

Tire Pressure Check
Source: BMW Malaysia

Press the BC button again if you wish to change the tire pressure. At the time, we only require you to press and hold the BC button so that you can make the necessary changes that will be best for your vehicle.

Reset Time:

Only the BC button needs to be pressed to scroll through the time display; after that, you don’t wish to decide whether five minutes, a half-hour, an hour, etc., will appear.

How To Fix The BMW BC Button Not Working?

To fix the BC button not working, you need to check the fuse or the surrounding wiring connection around the BC button. If none of these are the reason then go for the airbag, steering wheel, or trim. 

Let’s get into the details.

Disconnect the battery: To avoid any electrical shock or damage, start by disconnecting the car’s battery.

Check the fuse: Locate the 5-amp fuse for the BC button, usually at spot #10 in the fuse box. If the fuse is blown or missing, replace it with a new one.

Inspect the wiring harness: Examine the wiring harness connected to the BC button for visible damage, loose connections, or broken wires. If you find any issues, fix or replace the damaged parts.

Remove the airbag, steering wheel, and trim: If the problem persists, you might have to take off the airbag, steering wheel, and trim from the dashboard to access the BC button’s wiring and connections. Carefully remove these components and inspect the wiring harness and connectors for damage or loose connections.

Test the BC button: After repairing or replacing any damaged parts, reconnect the battery and test the BC button to check if it works correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The BMW OBC?

The On-Board Computer (OBC) is a unit mounted on the central console that BMW offers to provide driving data in real-time. The system allows certain data (such as the fuel range, average speed, and current time) to be displayed on the navigation screen. 

What Does The Mode Button Do In A BMW?

The mode button is mainly implemented to shift your driving mode. BMW vehicles have four distinct driving modes. For instance, you have a mode dedicated to a more enjoyable ride for you or your passengers. Others are dedicated to different driving desires, so whether you desire a more spirited drive or to conserve as much fuel as possible, use the mode button.

What Happens If You Press The SOS Button In A BMW?

The SOS button on your BMW sends a message to the response center to know your location and any relevant information. A response specialist can contact police and ambulance services, minimizing the required time.

Final Words

In conclusion, the BC button on BMW is an important part that helps you get information related to mileage covered, oil quantity, or tire pressure. If it gets damaged, then you can fix it by replacing the battery or fuse. Make sure to diagnose the problem properly. Finally, if you are not sure how to fix the BC button always consult the professionals and let them handle it.

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