What Causes A Flashing BMW Brake Pad Warning Light? Fixed

BMW vehicles are famous across the globe due to their durable engine parts and easy functionality. Their braking system is a wonder. However, it responds slowly with time, illuminating the brake pad light. So, what’s the meaning of the BMW brake pad warning light?

The BMW brake pad warning light indicates a failing braking system. Various reasons, like decayed brake pads, inadequate brake fluids, and defective brake pad sensors, are responsible for this problem. 

Generally, solving these defects can fix the issue. However, you’ve to reboot the whole brake pad system to resolve the problem for good. If you don’t know how to fix the brake pad warning light, sit tight to discover the most straightforward methods. 

Meaning Of BMW Brake Pad Warning Light

Did you notice the brake pad warning light recently? Don’t know what it means? We’ll help you to break down the message a brake pad light delivers to a BMW owner. 

A flashing brake pad light is pretty standard in older BMWs. The light often flashes due to problems in the braking system. It’s a must-have safety indicator in various BMW vehicles. 

You’ll notice this light when your BMW’s brake pads have decayed to a noticeable level. The vibration sensor plays a crucial role in illuminating the light.

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3 Reasons Behind A Flashing Brake Pad Warning Light In BMW

You’ll find numerous reasons behind a flashing brake pad warning light once you’ve gathered enough experience while driving your BMW. But for a new BMW owner, identifying these indications is pretty tough.

So, what’re the reasons behind a flashing brake pad warning light, and how do you fix them? Hop in to discover these essential indications and their remedies.

Decayed Brake Pads

When you’re using your BMW for a long time, it’s usual that the brake pads decay with time. Once your BMW brake pads reach that thickness, the brake pad warning light appears on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Sometimes the yellow light flashes on the dashboard, and sometimes the red one appears. You should take action if you notice the red light since the pads have reached the minimum thickness.

Replacing the brake pads is the only solution to avoid the issue. It will help if you take your BMW to the nearest repair shop to install new brake pads. 

Insufficient Brake Fluid

Inadequate brake fluid is another reason behind the brake pad warning light. With low brake fluid, the braking system fails to function smoothly. As a result, the brake pad warning light comes on.

When you notice insufficient brake fluid in the tank, fill it up. If it’s empty, refill it. Remember to use high-quality brake fluid for a quick braking response. Cheap braking fluid can damage the braking system rather than improve it.

Defective Brake Pad Sensor

The damaged brake pad sensor is an electrical issue. The brake pad warning light stays on if the sensor is damaged. Sometimes, the light doesn’t flash even if the brake pads are damaged.

You must scan the system with an OBD-II scanner to confirm the problem. Otherwise, you might mess it up. Once you identify the defective brake pad sensor, install a new one.  

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Can I Drive My BMW With An Illuminated Brake Pad Light?

You can drive your BMW with a flashing brake pad warning light. But there are some conditions you must maintain while driving. 

The warning light only appears when the brake pad is reduced to a significant thickness. So, you can still go a few miles with an illuminated brake pad light.

Are you thinking about how long you can go with the brake pad warning light? Well, it depends on your BMW model and year. The latest BMW models can go from 300 to 800 miles with this light on average.

It’s pretty safe to drive with the warning light on. However, it would help if you fixed it before it’s too late. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s tough to go through all the stuff with a busy schedule. If you still have doubts about the brake pad warning light, look at these small details.

How Much Do I Have To Spend To Fix The Brake Pad Warning Light?

The fixing cost depends on which part you’re replacing. Replacing the damaged brake pad will cost you $320 to $380, while installing a new brake pad sensor will cost you $70. So, you might’ve to spend around $400 to $500 to fix it properly.

Does The OBD-II Scanner Fix The Brake Pad Warning Light Problem?

An OBD-II scanner helps you to detect any electrical or circuit issues in your vehicle. It doesn’t entirely help you to solve the problem. Once you notice the issue using the scanner, you can go to the next solving step.

Can Broken Brake Pads Damage The Rotor?

Broken brake pads can severely damage your BMW’s rotor. The thin brake pads decay faster and affect the rotor throughout the process. So, the fixing cost increases now that you have a damaged rotor and broken brake pad.

Do All BMWs Face Brake Pad Warning Lights?

All vehicles and the BMW are equipped with a braking system. Without brake pads, the entire brake system will collapse. You’ll face serious accidents without a proper braking system. So, yes, if you’ve brake pads, you’ll notice the brake pad warning light sooner or later.

How Does Brake Fluid Damage The Brake Pad Warning Light?

When there’s insufficient brake fluid left in the tank, the brake pads can’t work correctly. Consequently, the brake pads decay faster, accelerating the brake pad warning light illumination process. A low brake fluid level damages the braking system more than an empty brake fluid tank. 

Final Words

The brake pad warning light is a crucial safety indicator in your BMW. It would help if you kept an eye on it to notice your BMW brake pads reducing thickness. 

Ear-piercing sound while braking will confirm damage to braking pads. Hopefully, the BMW braking pad warning light analysis has cleared your doubts. 

Please don’t ignore the warning light when it’s turned red. Take your car to the nearest repair shop to solve the light. Otherwise, follow the manual to reset the whole warning light system.

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