Why BMW X5 Driver Seat Won’t Move? Try These Solutions!

One of BMW’s most popular SUVs sold globally is the midsize luxury SUV known as the BMW X5. This vehicle is renowned for its exceptional longevity and performance. However, just like any other car, it can also suffer from some issues, and one such problem is BMW X5 Driver Seat Won’t Move.

There can be many reasons which can cause driver power seat issues in your BMW. The most common reasons include a problematic power switch, malfunctioning circuit relays, and a blown fuse. Nonetheless, not to worry, as all these issues are solvable.

So, if your BMW x5 driver seat is causing issues while moving, we are here to help you as we will discuss all the reasons which can cause this.

What is the BMW X5 Driver seat Type, and how does it work?

There are many different types of car seats available, so before finding the root of the problems, you will need to understand what kind of seat X5 uses. BMW X5 is a luxurious car with power seats, unlike the traditional manual seats. 

Electric motors, as opposed to traditional mechanical handles, cranks, or knobs, are used to reposition and tilt seats in vehicles with power seats. Power seats make it simpler for the driver to swiftly choose a position that gives them the greatest view of the road. 

Additionally, these seats are also quite useful for passengers as they can easily press the buttons on the seats to fix the perfect and most comfortable sitting position for the whole journey.

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Why Does BMW X5 Driver Seat Won’t Move and How To Fix It?

Issues with seats are not very common in BMW X5, however it can still occur. So, if the driver seat doesn’t move, then it can be due to a few different reasons. Down below, we will discuss all the reasons which can lead to this.

1. Problematic Power Switch

Power seats are controlled by an auto switch which is usually at the side of the driving seats which is coupled to a motor under the seat. This switch drives the seat forward or backward whenever you push the switch.

If you push the power seat switch and nothing happens, there may be a problem with the switch. Overusing the switch or hitting the power seat switch too forcefully might accelerate switch deterioration.

When the power switch becomes bad, you will need to replace it. The replacement cost is high, and you can expect to pay around $875-$890 for the switch, and the labor cost will be between $70-$88.

2. Malfunctioning Circuit Relays

A relay in the power seat circuit is between the switch and the motor. Thus, you need to ensure the relay sends power from the switch to the motor and receives power from the switch. 

If there is no incoming or exiting voltage, examine the connections and wirings for any damage. The driver’s seat on your BMW will not move when there is no voltage.

The fix for this problem is to change the relay with a new one. Depending on your BMW year, the replacement cost can be anywhere from $100-$200.

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3. Blown Fuse

Every circuit has a fuse, and the BMW X5’s driver’s seat is no exception. As a result, when the fuse blows, the power seat won’t move at all as you push the power button, indicating that the seat isn’t receiving electricity.

When the fuse is blown, you will need to replace the fuse. The junction box adjacent to the brake pedal contains the circuit breaker. Simply changing the fuse won’t solve the issue if it’s blown. 

Fuse blowing is a sign of a wiring issue or something using too much current because they don’t blow on their own. 

So, to fix this problem you should examine the entire circuit. Replacement fuses are pretty cheap, between $10-$20, but as the whole circuit needs to be checked, the labor cost will be high, around $100-$200.

4. Problematic Power Motor

Power is provided by the power seat motor, allowing the power seat to be moved in a variety of ways. To meet the needs, some power seats may contain more than one motor. 

Your BMW X5’s power seat motor usually degrades with time. The power seat motor can sustain damage as a result of particular driving circumstances or electrical issues due to excessive wear and tear. 

Last but not least, water may accumulate on the flooring and harm the electrical connection in the power seat mechanism, ultimately harming the motor.

If the power seat motor gets damaged, you should replace the motor. After removing the motor from its position, you must inspect it to see if it can be fixed. If the motor does not respond, you must replace it; the replacement will cost between $1314 and $1332, including labor.

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After reading our guide so far it is common to have some confusions and that’s why our FAQs below will help you clear all the confusion.

Can I Manually Move The Power Seat On A BMW X5?

With the help of the designated connector near the seat controls, connect the winder tool to your seat’s motor. The seat in your BMW X5 may then be manually moved by moving the winder back and forth. But be sure to have a mechanic fix the seat as soon as possible.

How Long Do Power Seat Switches Last In A BMW?

A power seat switch doesn’t have a predetermined lifespan. The switch will wear down more rapidly as you change your seat position more frequently using the switch. As a result, the switch’s connections degrade faster the more you use it.

How Can I Test A Power Seat Motor In My BMW X5?

Use the power seat switch, and while you press it, attempt to hear the sound of the motor. If you can’t hear the motor, you’ll need to pull the switch from the sides of the seat and test the motor with a multimeter.

How Do You Unstick A Power Seat?

Simply move the seat backward or forward while applying a strong downturn on the seat. The same may be tried for side motions. You can also try holding on to the switch and attempting to adjust the seat in a preferred manner as another fast remedy.

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When the driver seat of your BMW X5 doesn’t move, you can be in trouble as you won’t be able to adjust the seat to your preferred position. So, when this happens, it is essential to fix the issues asap.

Before fixing the problem, you will need to find the root of the problem, and once you have found the source, it becomes easier to fix the problem. Do keep in mind that fixing power seat issues by yourself is not that easy, and you will need to hire a mechanic in most cases.

If you do try to fix your BMW driver seat by yourself, make sure to have all the proper tools. Additionally, be very careful while working with the wirings, so you don’t end up damaging them more. 

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