5 Reasons For BMW Left Brake Lamp Malfunction | Fix Now!

The brake lamps on BMW are an extremely essential component of the car. These let you know about the state of your brakes at any time. However, one or both brake lamps might malfunction due to unavoidable reasons at times. 

A blown fuse, a damaged left socket, or a broken left bulb are the possible causes of the left brake fault in a BMW. Apart from that, the brake lamp switch and control switch can break which also results in the left lamp malfunction. 

In this article, I have discussed thoroughly about all the information you need to know about brake lamps. You will know why they malfunction and how you can fix it easily.

What Is The Function Of The Left Brake Lamp On BMW?

BMW has the brake lights for when the brakes fail or malfunction badly. The brake lamp comes on to indicate there is an issue with the brakes which you should check out immediately. 

This brake lamp causes an issue when it is illuminated all the time or does not turn on at all.

When the left brake lamp specifically is on, it means that there is an underlying problem in your braking system. 

Even when you solve the braking problem, the light could still stay on. In that case, you can come to the conclusion that the lamp has malfunctioned.

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What Causes the left brake lamp malfunction on BMW?

I have examined every factor that contributes to the left brake issue. A damaged lamp or blown fuse ranked first on my list of causes. 

For your convenience, I have compiled all the causes and easy remedies in one place.

Left bulb is broken

The most recurring reason that this malfunction happens is because of a broken bulb. Over time and excessive usage, the brake lamp bulb runs its course and gets damaged. 

It might start with a crack or break entirely due to the pressure put upon it. The older BMW models tend to deal with a broken left bulb more often than the newer models.

Once broken, there is no other way of fixing a brake lap than replacing it. You can simply take out the bulb and install a new compatible bulb in its place on your own. 

All you need is a few tools and you will be set to replace the bulb. Installing LED brake lamps on your latest BMW is also a good choice as they won’t break so easily.

Blown fuse

The fuse is an important part of any electrical system. If a current higher than intended goes through the fuse, it melts. Thus, all kinds of operations in that system come to a halt. 

Likewise, the reason for the left brake lamp malfunction can also be such a blown fuse. To fix a blown fuse, firstly locate the fuse box of your BMW. It is either under the hood or in the passenger compartment. 

Locate the fuse within the box and then take out the melted fuse. Check the label on the fuse where you will find the resistance required. Place a new fuse of that resistance inside the fuse box to fix it.

Damaged socket

A damaged socket is another good reason for the brake lamp malfunction. Over time, the socket gets too dirty from all the dirt and debris. 

Moreover, this left socket can be corroded very badly which will refrain it from establishing a stable connection. 

For this solution, you will need to replace the damaged socket. You can find a socket at any shop for a really cheap price. 

Using simple tools and wires, replace the damaged socket to ensure a good connection to the lamp.

Broken brake lamp switch

The function of a brake lamp switch is to light up from the pressure added onto the brakes. When you push a brake down, it will turn on this switch which sends electrical signals to the lamp to turn it on.

This switch can break due to excessive force or pressure or simple wear and tear. 

Replacing a damaged brake lamp switch is a difficult job for yourself. So, it is recommended to take the BMW to a repair shop for this replacement. 

Low Brake Fluid

The braking system requires a certain level of fluid in order to operate perfectly as well. If the brake fluid level becomes too low, the sensor in the system fails to work. 

As a result, the malfunction occurs. There could also be a leak in the fluid tank which is equally as bad.

In order to fix the low levels of the brake fluid, get the same kind of fluid first. Top off the container up to the appropriate level with the fluid. Make sure to check for any kinds of leaks in the system.

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Now, I have answered some of the most sought after questions in this section. You will find the answers to a lot of your unspoken questions regarding the left brake lamp and its malfunction.

What Does It Mean When The “Check Left Brake Lamp” Light Is On In My BMW?

When the “check left brake lamp” light comes on your BMW, it means that there is some problem in your braking system. It works as a warning light to remind you to check for the underlying issue with the brakes. This light acts as a great safety measure by indicating any serious braking problem.

Should I Drive While The BMW Has Brake Lamp Malfunction?

Yes, you can drive while the BMW has brake lamp malfunction. However, it is ideally not recommended to drive for much long in this situation. Due to the malfunction, you won’t be able to know when there is an actual problem with the brakes. It increases the risks of getting in an accident because of brake failure. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A BMW Brake Lamp?

It will cost around $120 to $130 in total to fix a BMW brake lamp. The part for replacement will cost around $57-$60. This is only the cost for the new brake lamp. Along with that, the labor cost will vary depending on the location and model of the BMW. This labor cost is usually around $60-$75.

How Do I Know If My Bmw Brake Light Fuse Is Blown?

In order to know whether the brake fuse light is blown or not, you need to test it with an external bulb. Locate the fuse within the fuse box of the BMW first. Press the external bulb against one side of the fuse each time. If the bulb does not light up on both sides, it means that the brake light fuse is definitely blown.

Does The BMW Insurance Cover Left Brake Lamp Malfunction?

According to the insurance claims, the cost of repairs will be covered under certain conditions. If the left brake lamp is broken by an accident or disaster, the BMW insurance will cover all the repair costs. Additionally, if the malfunction occurs within the warranty time, the cost will be covered. 


Most of the problems related to the left brake lamp are easy to fix. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in this kind of predicament, you can simply diagnose the cause of the malfunction by following this guide. 

Don’t forget to follow through with the fix for each reason once you have successfully diagnosed the cause. Even if the left brake lamp malfunction is not that much of a serious issue for the BMW, don’t ignore it.

As it fails to let you know when the actual braking problem arises, you might be oblivious about it. Thus, there are chances of you permanently damaging the brakes of your BMW.

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