BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost: All Model & Years Included

Rust and corrosion can compromise the structural integrity of your BMW’s brake system. Yow can keep these serious issues away by regular brake fluid servicing. For that you need to change your BMW brake fluid every 30,000 miles or every two years. 

BMW brake fluid replacement costs between $150 and $360, depending on the workshop and mechanics you use. BMW dealerships charge between $129 and 149 dollars for the same service.

Cheaper replacements are available, however. Read every segment of this article to get updated information on the BMW brake fluid change cost of the most popular BMW models!

BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost
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When Your BMW Needs Brake Fluid Change

Breaks are an integral part of your BMW car. This single component determines both your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

So, you should change your brake fluid before the brakes entirely and eventually stop functioning. Here are some indications to determine when to change your brake fluid:

Bright ABS Indication

The Anti-lock Braking System, included in your BMW is referred to as ABS. It stops the tires from locking or skidding and slows down the BMW car smoothly when you are driving at a relatively high speed.

The braking system may malfunction if the ABS light is very bright. The most common solution is to replace or add extra brake fluid on your BMW. 

You need to hire qualified mechanics or dealerships who are comfortable with BMW cars for the best service.

Brake Pedal Issues 

When the brake fluid leaks or deteriorates, you will feel that your BMW brake pedal is harder to press. This is a clear indication that your BMW car’s brake fluid needs to be replaced.

Alternately, your BMW requires a brake fluid replacement when the pedals become extremely soft to push. If you don’t take these indications seriously, it might cause serious problems for your BMW braking system.

Burning Smell

When your BMW brakes are overheated, it emits a strong smell. To prevent harming the wheel and braking system, stop your BMW immediately and let your brakes cool. 

The brake pads in your BMW could cease to operate correctly if the braking fluid becomes polluted. Consequently, you can hear odd noises from your brakes, such as grinding or screeching. 

Additionally, the BMW car can take a bit longer to stop using your brakes. All these indicate that your BMW car’s brake fluids need replacement.

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BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost: All Model & Years Included

Old fluid replacement or a brake fluid flush of your BMW can cost you around $90-$200. However, it entirely depends on the specific car model and where you plan to do the service.

Local workshops tend to be less pricey compared to dealerships.  Here is a table illustrating the average brake fluid change costs:

BMW ModelYear/GenerationEstimated Fluid Change Cost
BMW 328i2016$217 – $265
Z4 $90 – $196
M550i 2018$127 – $155
X52013$225 – $275
X3 m40i2019$130-$140
M135iF21Around $132
e81 120d1st genAround $94
I82017$143 and $180. 
BMW 3 series$165-$200
BMW M series $200-$250

These are not exact prices. They were collected from the owners and their experience with their BMW cars at workshops or dealerships. You can refer to the BMW website to get a price estimation. 

You can find similar models here and get an idea about your situation. However, this is only for the Brake fluid replacement cost. If you need other services along with that, prices might go high considering the labor costs.

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FAQs: BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost

We tried to cover everything you need to know about BMW fluid change costs in this blog. Despite this, here we answered some frequently asked questions that might help you more!

What Does BMW Brake Fluid Do?

The brake fluid converts the power from the depressed brake pedal into pressure and transfers it to the front and rear brakes to slow down or stop your BMW car. Simply put, BMW’s braking system cannot function in the absence of brake fluid.

What is the lifespan of BMW brake fluid?

The standard recommendation is to replace your brake fluid every two years (or 30,000 miles). Even if your BMW is parked in a garage and not being driven, the brake fluid may become contaminated with moisture, which might result in braking failure.

Is brake fluid change included in BMW Service?

As per the instructions in the vehicle’s maintenance booklet, fluid change is covered under BMW Maintenance. However, BMW Ultimate Care is available for all model year 2017 and newer vehicles sold by an authorized BMW center for the first three years or 36,000 miles. 

Can you simply add extra brake fluid?

If your BMW car’s brake fluid level falls below the ‘low’ indication, you should add fluid to top it off to increase the level. If you recheck the level shortly after and it still remains low, your BMW may have a braking system leak. 

Can you drive with faulty brake fluid?

It might be feasible, but you must replace the brake fluid as soon as possible. Brakes run on hydraulic fluid; therefore, the system needs it to function properly. Your BMW Car brakes without brake fluid will totally fail to work.

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Conclusion: BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost

The braking system of your BMW is very important for your safety. Maintenance of your braking system means the maintenance of your whole brake system as the entire system works together. 

Brake fluid is the matrix of your braking system. It delivers the actual braking response you feel when you press your BMW car’s braking pad. So, low or contaminated will instantly give you a different feel while braking and affect your confidence while driving.

Low or poor brake fluid is a major threat to your safety. A little investment can save your life and properly for later. So, we recommend you change your BMW car’s brake fuel as soon as you see the indications!

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