Why Does BMW X5 Rear Hatch Won’t Open? Quick Fixes!

We know it can be a nuisance for car owners when the rear hatch of their vehicle won’t open. Unfortunately, if you are a BMW X5 owner, you might also have to deal with these issues. 

What are the reasons behind the BMW X5 hatch won’t open? In most cases, the hatch control module fuses might become faulty. Additionally, the BMW valet switch on, broken wiring harness, broken motorized struts, etc. You need to solve this issue. 

So, now you know the issues that cause your BMW X5 hatch not to open. In the next part of this blog, we will show you the solution to each issue. Keep reading!

Why Does the BMW X5 Rear Hatch Won’t Open?

As you know, there are multiple factors that can cause the issue. You might experience multiple causes at the same time or separately. So, you need to make sure you check all the issues one-by-one. 

Problem 1: Faulty Hatch Control Module

According to a good number of BMW X5 owners, they experience the issue of the rear hatch refusing to open due to a bad hatch control module. 

So, it’s better to check the hatch control module first when you are able to open your BMW X5 rear hatch manually. 

In most cases, there might be water in the hatch control module in the rear part of your car. And this usually happens due to excessive rain. Besides, the fuses on the module can also be blown out. And, if this happens, you won’t be able to open the hatch of your BMW with the Key Fob or the button inside your car. 

First, you need to check whether there is water in the hatch control module of your BMW. If there is water, you need to drain the water. But before that, make sure you pull out the module carefully. 

Next, you should check the two tailgate fuses of your BMW X5. If the fuses are blown out, you need to replace them. 

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Problem 2: Your BMW Velvet Switch Might On

This can be a slight mistake you make. Let’s say you have tried every possible way to open the rear hatch of your BMW. But, if the valet switch is on, all your hard work goes in vain.

You can’t open the tank of your BMW. It is the switch on the velvet inside your car. The velvet switch can be located on the glovebox or the central console of your BMW. 

The velvet system is designed to disconnect the trunk from your car’s electrical system. And you can open the trunk of your BMW electrically if you turn on its switch. 

The solution is simple. You need to check whether you turn on the velvet switch. If you do so, you should then turn the switch off and try to open the rear hatch of your BMW once again. 

Problem 3: Broken Wiring Harness

Due to the broken wiring harness around the hatch control module of your BMW, you can’t open the rear hatch. In the majority of cases, the wires might be damaged or worn out. And due to this, the electrical system can’t work as expected. 

If you remove the battery cover inside the rear hatch, you may find a bunch of wires. Sometimes, multiple wires out there can be broken at the same time. 

At the very beginning, you need to inspect the wires carefully. If any wire looks broken or worn out, there are two things you can do depending on the defect. If the wires are severely broken or damaged, you should replace them.

On the other hand, if the wires are in a condition where you can make them work again, you should repair them using electrical tape or something like this.

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Problem 4: Broken Motorized Struts

The motorized struts on your BMW play a decent role while pulling up the rear hatch. But, the motorized struts on both sides of the rear hatch might be broken. 

In this case, the motorized struts cannot pull up the rear hatch, and you can’t open it. 

In order to fix the issue of the faulty motorize struts on your BMW X5, you need to replace them. Well, replacing the motorized struts will cost you too much money (approximately $400). 

But you need to do so by no means in order to open your car’s rear hatch smoothly. 

Problem 5: Worn Out Lift Actuator

The lift actuator is essential to your BMW X5 rear hatch locking system. If the lift actuator becomes worn out or broken, you won’t be able to open the rear hatch of your BMW X5 smoothly. 

In some cases, the rear hatch can be open halfway. And this indicates that the lift actuator can’t function properly. 

You should carefully inspect and check the actuator of the rear hatch first. If the actuator is completely worn out or broken, you should replace it with a new one. The actuator might cost you anything between $100-$140. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now it’s time to hear from other BMW X5 owners who have to deal with the irritating issue that the rear hatch can’t open. You might also want to ask questions. So, let’s face them!

Is It Difficult To Fix The BMW X5 Rear Hatch Won’t Open Issue?

We don’t think so. You don’t need to be a technician in order to fix the rear hatch on your BMW X5 won’t start. You should troubleshoot the issue on your own. 

What Are The Signs Of A Failing Or Defective Tailgate Lift Actuator?

Most of the time, you won’t be able to open the tailgate of your BMW X5 due to a defective lift actuator. Sometimes, you might do so, but you need to open the tailgate manually by force. 

Is It Safe To Drive A BMW X5 With A Faulty Rear Hatch?

You can drive your BMW X5 with a faulty rear hatch. However, we don’t recommend this. The rear hatch might open anytime while you’re driving; who knows, you might be distracted by this. 

What Leads To Actuator Failure On The BMW X5 Rear Hatch?

The actuator may become worn out due to electrical issues. Additionally, the wiring harness of the actuator on your BMW might be loose or broken. These all can cause actuator failure. 

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Final words

You should be pretty much careful about the cleanliness of your BMW X5 rear hatch. Make sure you clean the hinges at regular intervals. Additionally, don’t forget to drain the water after you clean the hinges. 

If you take proper steps, as we have just mentioned, you can avoid the BMW X5 hatch won’t open issue. Besides, if you can’t fix the issue on your own, don’t take unnecessary steps. 

Instead, please check the rear hatch with a technician. They will be able to accurately determine the root cause of the issue and repair it accordingly. And in this way, you can get rid of the issue and open the rear hatch of your BMW X5. 

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