What Causes Bmw X5 Tailgate Won’t Lock? Try These Solutions

You put all the storage on the rear tank of your BMW X5. But, whenever you attempt to close the tailgate by pressing the tailgate closing button, it won’t close. We’ve got your point, right? Now, you need to find out why this happens.

Why does the BMW X5 tailgate won’t lock?  The most frequent can be a faulty tailgate lock mechanism, defective locking actuator, dirt and debris in the latch of your BMW X5, etc. Oftentimes, displaced the locking loop can also cause the issue.

Should you worry? We don’t see any reasons. Once you are able to address the issues precisely, you can solve the problem of your BMW X5 tailgate refusing to lock. Keep on reading! 

What Causes the BMW X5 Tailgate Won’t Close?

As the tailgate locking system is a bit complex, if a single component malfunctions, it ends up spoiling the entire locking system. And you need to take the troubleshooting steps based on the exact causes of the problem.

Cause 1: Damaged or Broken Lock Mechanism

As you already know, the lock mechanism of your BMW X5 tailgate is complex. And needless to say, there are many components involved in the locking system. 

So,  it makes much sense that if the lock mechanism of your BMW X5 malfunctions, it causes the issue of the tailgate not closing. And in most cases, any lock mechanism components might be damaged or broken.

The thing that you need to do here is to inspect and check the latch mechanism internally. If you see any sign of corrosion in the latch mechanism or the sign of worn-out parts,  you should replace it as soon as possible. 

Additionally, you should have a technician if you need more confidence in checking the locking mechanism. 

In some cases, the problem may be a simple mechanical issue that can be resolved by lubricating the locking mechanism or replacing a faulty component.

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Cause 2: Faulty Lock Actuator

An actuator in any locking system can play a prominent role. And regarding your BMW X5 tailgate, there is no exception. Moreover, with the proper functioning of the actuator on your BMW X5, you can open or close the tailgate smoothly. 

With the passage of time, the actuator on your BMW X5 locking system might often be damaged or worn out. In other words, several other issues can also make the actuator malfunction simultaneously.

The actuator looks like a tiny motor. But no matter what size it is,  if it becomes faulty, the latch on your BMW X5 won’t be able to lock the tailgate.

According to the expert, the activator of your BMW X5 tailgate might not be repairable. So, in this case, you need to replace the activator with a new one and try to close the tailgate of your BMW X5.

Cause 3: Dirt and Debris in the Latch

Due to the location of the ledge on your BMW X5, it might often suffer from additional dirt and Debris. And if this happens, the large of your BMW X5 will be able to lock or unlock the tailgate. 

Sometimes a tiny amount of dirt order can be enough to cause the blood to become faulty. Whenever you attempt to load or have unknown storage on the trunk of your BMW X5, the debris can get in touch with the latch mechanism.

You might be wondering what you should do in this case. Yes, you’re right. You need to pull the latch without a second thought and try to clean it. In the majority of cases, many BMW X5 owners can eliminate the tailgate won’t lock issue. 

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Cause 4: Misplaced Locking Loop

Your BMW X5 tailgate’s locking loop might displace from where it needs to be. And, if this happens, you won’t be able to lock the tailgate. 

In addition, there is also a possibility of a damaged or broken lock loop in your BMW X5. And these can cause the lock loop to malfunction. In most cases, the mounting plate can be shifted and go out of alignment. 

The simple fix to the issue is to check the owner’s manuals of your BMW X5 and place the locking loop in the right position. Moreover, you should adjust the locking loop. 

Cause 5: Faulty Fuses

The BMW X5 tailgate is not locking properly, and the issue is most likely related to faulty fuses. The fuses on the tailgate control module of your BMW X5 might become blown or worn out.  If the fuse is blown, the tailgate will not be able to lock.

It is important to check the fuse box to identify the faulty fuse, which may need to be replaced in order to restore the tailgate’s locking capability.

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix the BMW X5 Tailgate That Won’t Lock?

The cost of fixing the BMW X5 trunk won’t close depending on exactly what component is causing the problem.  Additionally, whether the repair cost will be added depends on whether you can perform the task independently.

Components Replacement Costs
Lock actuator $30-$50
Lock Latch$20-$30
Lock Loop$20-$30.
Labor Cost$50-$80

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now it’s time to get to know some of the other BMW X5 owners’ queries regarding the tailgate that doesn’t lock. This problem is quite common, and these are some of the examples of that.

Can You Fix A BMW X5 Tailgate That Won’t Lock On Your Own?

Yes, you can. You only need to check and replace a few components when needed. But if you think you can’t, you can call a mechanic in this case. 

Is It Safe To Drive Your BMW X5 With The Tailgate Locked?

Well, you can if you badly need to drive your car. Otherwise, driving a car while keeping a tailgate unlocked is not recommended. The storage inside the trunk can often come out and create a serious disturbance while driving.

How Do You Clean The Dirt And Debris On The Latch Mechanisms?

You can use an air blower to do so. Additionally, you can clean the latch mechanism with the help of the wire brush as well. But, avoid cleaning it with water as doing so can create corrosion on the latch. 

How Do You Properly Close The Tailgate On A BMW X5?

There are multiple ways you can do so. The most common is pressing the ‘car’ button on the rear of the tailgate. Additionally, you can also lock the tailgate from inside your car. 

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We’ve seen BMX X5 owners show their concerns regarding the tailgate won’t close. But there needs to be a reliable guide to finding the root causes and solving the problem. And that’s the exclusiveness of this blog. 

You need to be careful about the maintenance of your BMW X5. Moreover, it will be better if you make a maintenance routine.  This routine should include cleaning the lock system of the BMW X5 tailgate on a regular basis. 

Doing so will help keep the lock system in good condition and stop potential issues. You will get rid of the BMW X5 tailgate won’t lock. 

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