Why BMW X5 Lights Won’t Turn Off & How To Reset It?

Using a sporty SUV like the BMW gives you a delightful experience. Firstly, BMW is a top of the line brand is a plus, and then the high reliability of the BMW X5. But what if the lights of your BMW X5 don’t turn off?

Why your BMW X5 lights don’t turn off? When there is an issue with the light control switch, which is responsible for turning the light off or on, this problem might appear. Apart from this, malfunctioning LCM or ECM might cause this issue.

I’ll discuss all these issues in this article and address the easiest possible solution for your convenience. Therefore, stay tuned with me right to the end of this article.

Why Won’t BMW X5 Lights Turn off?

The lights in your BMW X5 not turning on is one thing you anticipate. But when these lights don’t turn off, the entire situation is peculiar.

In this regard, I’ll discuss the core reasons behind your facing this issue. So, let’s check it out.

Faulty Light Control Module

A faulty LCM in your BMW X5  can lead to the issue of your vehicle lights not turning off. Electric control modules for the lights have been in BMW vehicles since the early 80s. 

Moving forward to the BMW 7 series introduction in 1994, the LCM was included for the first time, which would dictate light and check control.

One of the prominent issues resulting from LCM failure is the lights of the BMW not turning off. It can be the indicator, headlights, or even the lights in the interior. 

The most common issue with the BMW X5 is the headlights staying on even after the vehicle is shut off. It is mainly messed up due to the low battery voltage.

Faulty Fuses

You might have heard that blown-up fuses in cars cause electrical components to stop working. But sometimes faulty headlight fuses in your BMW X5 would make one headlight not work and the other turn on.

In this regard, you would need to replace the fuses immediately. Because prolonging the replacement for a long time may affect the lights.

Faulty Headlight Relay

When the system is not receiving the information that isn’t turning the lights off, there are issues with the headlight relay. In your BMW X5, if the headlights relay is broken, it won’t send the signals.

As a result, the system doesn’t receive the signals, and the lights stay on. You can fix the problem quickly if you tap on the relay. But if that doesn’t work, it is better to replace the headlight relays.

Circuit Crossing 

It’s a problem relevant to the parking lights in your BMW X5. When the engine is off, but the parking lights are on, there are issues with the circuits getting crossed. To verify the problem, you need to check the condition of the parking light switch. 

When you see that the switch is off, but the lights are still illuminating, it’s the issue of this problem. 

Malfunctioning FEM

The primary job of a FEM in a BMW is to check the door status. It is mainly located on the footwell section of the passenger. You can call this module access to your vehicle’s other control units.

When this FEM starts to malfunction, the keys associated with it don’t recognize the signals. Here the keys to the door lights or any other lights may get messed up. And due to this, there can be few lights that will remain turned on.

How to fix BMW X5 lights that won’t turn off?

Resolving the lights not turning off is immediate upon figuring out. You can try generic fixes before going to the mechanic for replacement parts. Some of the main methods to try out are listed below:

Disconnect the battery

The first measure you can take to resolve this issue is disconnecting the battery. For this, you need to turn off the engine of your BMW X5 first. After you have turned the engine off, proceed to unplug the battery in your BMW X5 SUV.

The next step is to reconnect the battery. But before that, you need to wait at least 8-10 minutes after unplugging. During this period, each module’s power cycle will get automatically reset.

In this method, various code inputs may seem to be essential. But in reality, if the problem gets solved by unplugging, inputting anything is unnecessary.

Replace LCM

Another method you can adopt to solve this issue is to replace the malfunctioning LCM. It is the measure you should take when manually adjusting the lights or unplugging the battery doesn’t work.

I recommend you consult your BMW X5 manual. It would help you locate the LCM in your SUV. 

After you locate the LCM, you will require tools such as a screwdriver and pry tool to complete the replacement job. The following you should abide by while carrying out the method:

  • Use pry tool to take out the panel covering the switch box and uncover LCM
  • Loosen the LCM with the help of the screwdriver
  • Take out the LCM from its compartment
  • Install the new model-specific LCM using a similar approach in reverse

Replace FEM

If the reason behind the issue is a malfunctioning FEM, it is better to replace rather than fix it. You’ll find this module either on the driver or passenger side. 

The removal and installation process is similar to the method I mentioned for LCM. But before that, check the manual for your BMW X5. You just need to inspect the fuses and the ones responsible for the lights, whether they are blown out.


Knowing why your BMW X5 lights are not turning off may invoke a lot of queries. For your convenience, I listed some of the most asked ones: 

How do you turn off the headlights on a BMW X5?

To turn off the headlights in your BMW X5, move on to the left side of the steering, and you’ll see the panel with switches for headlight modes. Rotating the switch in the panel will enable you to turn off the headlights or set it in your preferred method.

Is it possible to reset the lights in BMW X5?

Yes, you can reset the lights by resetting the control module. First, you will need to turn on your X5’s electrical system without turning on the engine. Then, hold the odometer button on the instrument panel, and the option for a reset will appear.

How much does it cost to replace a BMW X5 LCM?

It would cost around $680-690 to replace the faulty LCM in your BMW X5. The parts will range between $650-670, and the labor cost will be between $20-30.

Final Thoughts

The lights not turning off in your BMW X5 will give you a serious headache. It won’t be just unusual but will drain your SUV battery quickly.

You have to figure out what the issue is very soon. Mostly, this problem is prevalent when some internal modules start malfunctioning. I have listed most of the probable reasons and their fixes. 

Avoiding such issues isn’t in your hands. But since it’s all electrical, You can largely mitigate the problem here if your SUV battery is potent enough. 

Moreover, I’ve addressed most of the issues right in the article. Still, for anything missing, do let me know.

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