Why is the BMW E38 Airbag Light Stays On? (3 Reasons)

The BMW E38 is the first to introduce side airbags for improved protection. It has saved many lives till now and will save many more in the upcoming years. But some users complain that the airbag light Sometimes stays on for unknown reasons.

So, how to turn off the BMW E38 airbag light? Before removing or deactivating the light, check the sensors and fuses carefully. It’s because replacing damaged sensors solves the issue faster. But it’s not surprising that other electrical issues enhance the airbag light problem. So, take your BMW to the nearest repair shop to fix the airbag light.

Fixing the airbag light will cost you money. Indeed, you don’t want any life-taking injuries in your body. So, it’s better to fix the airbag light so that it inflates at the right moment.

BMW E38 Airbag Light Stays On

3 Reasons Behind BMW E38 Airbag Light Stays ON

Several reasons are responsible for the illumination of BMW E38’s airbag light. First, since the vehicle is the first one to introduce airbags, the symptoms match with other cars’ airbag light illuminations.

Find out why the BMW E38 airbag light switches on to solve this issue faster.

1: Blown Fuse

Blown fuses are the most common reason the airbag light stays on. A blown fuse fails to perform accurately, leading to an illuminated airbag light. 

Remember to inspect the fuse regularly cause sometimes, well-built fuses can’t deliver the desired performance.

2: Defective Sensors

Airbag sensors play a vital role in catching the proper signal at the exact moment. Sometimes, the sensors fail to detect the precise signal., consequently leading to a lit airbag light. The problem worsens if both sensors are defective, resulting in an illuminated airbag light.

It’s tough for a driver to drive while the light is ON. These sensors fail to transmit an accurate signal resulting in the airbag light being switched ON.

3: Driving With A Damaged Airbag

It’s the ultimate result of a defective fuse and damaged sensors. The airbag might inflate without being in an accident. 

Sometimes the airbag light stays on even after fixing the sensitive parts. It’s also possible that the airbags are leaked, which won’t greatly help during an accident.

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How To Remove The BMW E38 Airbag Light?

It’s tough for new drivers to remove the E38’s airbag light. They might end up making the issue even worse. But experienced drivers can quickly fix their E38’s airbag light issues.

Check out this stepwise guideline on how experienced drivers remove the E38’s airbag light.

Step 01: Collect Required Tools

First, gather the required tool from your nearest car accessories shop. You might also need an OBD II scanner to go through codes. You can also use Ready Test to detect the fault code. 

Step 02: Fuse Inspection

Now, look for defective airbag fuses. Most airbag light stays ON due to blown fuses. So, replace them as soon as possible. 

Then recheck if the light is on or off. If you don’t find any damaged fuse, follow the next step.

Step 03: Checking The Sensors

You should check the sensor if you don’t find any faulty airbag fuses. There are two airbag sensors in the BMW E38. One is in the front, and the other is at the back of the vehicle.

Check these two sensors carefully before you replace them because sometimes the sensors stay in better condition.

Step 04: Installing New Airbag Sensors

Only install new sensors when they’ve gone wrong. Otherwise, replacing these better sensors with new ones is a waste of money. You can follow the manual while replacing the faulty sensors.

Step 05: Recheck

Perform a cross-check after you’ve replaced the blown fuses and defective sensors. The light should go off after you’ve successfully replaced them. Connect the fuse and sensor joints properly before you recheck the airbag light.

Step 06: Contact A Mechanic

Well, this is the last and final step. Even after replacing the damaged sensitive parts, take your BMW to the nearest repair shop if the light stays on. They’ll make the light go out in an instant.

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Cost Of Replacing The E38’s Airbag Light

The removal cost of the E38’s airbag light depends on many factors. On average, it’ll cost you around $150 to $300 to remove the E38’s airbag light. However, the cost might go up if your BMW has other issues.

It’s a vintage flagship vehicle making the vehicle parts pretty rare. For example, you might have to change the airbag with the airbag light so that it functions properly. 

Consequently, you’ll have to pay more than the average fixing cost, which might sometimes climb up to $500.

Now comes the mechanic’s expertise. Popular repair shops often charge more to fix the airbag light. Even some repair shops will charge you money to scan the code. 

However, most mechanics exclude taxes and other additional charges while removing the airbag light. Consequently, you’ll end up paying more than $300.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A new owner of an E38 BMW can implement many fun ideas with the car. However, before experimenting with this superb vehicle, they should know some information in case the vehicle’s airbag goes wrong. 

Is It Possible To Reset The Airbag Light?

Yes, it’s possible to reset the E38’s airbag light. Before resetting the airbag light, ensure the issues have been fixed. Otherwise, you might mess up even more. It might result in a defective airbag being unable to open on an occurrence.

Can You Drive The BMW E38 With The Airbag Light ON?

Of course, you can drive the BMW E38 with the airbag light ON. However, the experts recommend not driving while the airbag light is on. It’s a risky choice for drivers. So whether they are newbies or veterans, they should avoid driving the E38 while the airbag light is illuminated.

Does The BMW E38’S Airbag Light Stay ON After Changing The Battery?

The E38’s airbag light doesn’t illuminate every time you change the battery. Sometimes the light stays on due to low voltage before installing a new battery. But, surprisingly, the light stays ON even after you’ve changed the battery.

Are Airbag Fuses Removable?

No! You can’t remove airbag fuses. Don’t go on experimenting by cutting the fuse wires. It won’t disable the light but rather make the problem more complex. Don’t even think about adjusting the fuse wires. Twisted cables fail to transmit the signal quickly to the E38’s airbag light.

Can I Drive With The E38’S Airbag Light ON?

Driving isn’t recommended because it might lead to a serious accident if the airbag doesn’t come out at the right time. So, avoid driving your BMW E38 if you notice the airbag light is still on. Instead, contact a mechanic to fix it.

Bottom Line

The BMW E38’s airbag is a lifesaver. Unfortunately, it can also affect your driving if the light is ON. Before you fix an illuminated airbag light, you must know its reasons. Don’t go on improving it yourself if you lack experience.

We hope the discourse about removing the E38 BMW airbag light has given you a clear visual of the topic. 

You should contact an expert mechanic if you didn’t identify the reasons. Check out the latest mechanic fee before you fix the airbag light through a mechanic.

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