BMW Z3 Vs Z4: Which One Is the Worth Investment?

Blessed with a loyal fanbase, BMW has never failed to deliver on its impactful legacy. BMW Z3 and Z4 are two legendary releases from BMW in the last decade. 

The Z3 is the first released convertible modern roadster, preceding the BMW Z4.  Furthermore, the Z3 has a traditional look, whereas the Z4 is more stylish. Their price also varies because of higher horsepower and more comfort features. 

Some other dynamics at play make these two cars separate from each other. But it mostly comes down to your preferences. Both of these cars are stellar in both looks and performance. So, hop on as we explore their differences further!

BMW Z3 Overview

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the BMW Z3 is “humble”. It is the predecessor of the Z4, rocking a more traditional and petite attire. 

This car rocks six cylinders and can provide a silky smooth riding experience on the right tracks. The combination of price and such performance is hard to come by in today’s market. 

Furthermore, the Z3 got its trademark features from one of the earliest releases from BMW, the Z1. The main inspiration that drove the release of the Z3 was BMW’s classic, the 507 roadsters. The Z3 inherited the 507’s bottle shape from the front to the rear. 

It also includes gill-shaped vents. These vents carried the BMW roundel. This tradition continued till the release of the second generation Z4. But on the latest releases, this was abandoned. 

When it comes to performance, the Z3 has a larger engine capacity compared to the Z2. And because of the six-cylinder build, it also boosts increased engine stability. 

Having more cylinders means shorter breaks between strokes. This makes the engine perform more efficiently. 

BMW Z3 – Features & Drawbacks

The Z3 is a superb affordable option for most BMW connoisseurs. It has the looks, the performance, and the durability to back it up as a premium option for many. The lack of comfort features and the retro style might be a concern for some, though. 

What We Like

  • Larger engine capacity 
  • More cylinders
  • Shorter wheelbase 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Lighter in terms of weight 

What We Don’t Like

  • A hard top is not available 
  • Discontinued, so the availability is a concern 

BMW Z4 Overview

BMW Z4 has consistently been one of the company’s most successful releases. This automobile was first released as a successor to the Z3 in 2002. The Z3 has been discontinued, but the Z4 has its releases to this day. 

Unlike the Z3, a true roadster, the Z4 is a genuine sports car. Because of the generation difference, the Z4 is built at an elite level. The car has way more spacious interiors, better suspensions, and grips. 

The Z4 also comes with more speed and better comfort features. This includes refined seats and a computer system to monitor your speeds and mileage. The Z3 is analogous compared to the implementations that the Z4 offers. 

As a new generation engine, the Z4 also has a way slimmer margin of fuel consumption. Thanks to a more powerful engine with better torques, the acceleration is also faster. The top speed that the Z4 can reach is also higher than the Z3. 

Not only the interiors but the trunk is also spacious as well. The car is available with hard tops if you want to spend some extra cash. 

BMW Z4 Features & Drawbacks

The Z4 is an elite vehicle that has continued since 2002. BMW has releases scheduled for the Z4 even in 2023, so you don’t have to worry about the implemented technology and performance. The biggest concern regarding the Z4, compared to the Z3, would be its affordability. 

What We Like

  • Better acceleration 
  • Less fuel consumption 
  • Premium and modern looks
  • Better comfort features 
  • Higher torque 
  • Better minimum booting capacity 

What We Don’t Like

  • Steep price 
  • Not available as a coupe 

BMW Z3 Vs Z4: Comparison Chart

Both Z3 and Z4 are stellar releases from BMW that have upheld the brand’s reputation as unique cars. Some of their performance and exterior features are given below for your convenience in a comparison table. 

FactorsBMW Z3BMW Z4
Horsepower192 HP258 HP
Torque 280 NM400 NM
Price range 20,000$50,000$
Outlook Traditional Modern
Top Speed229 km/h250 km/h

What Are The Differences Between Bmw Z3 And Z4?

The fundamental difference between these two unique cars is quite apparent if you glance at them. One of the cars is a generation older than the other. As for the Z4, it is the successor to the very first convertible roadster of BMW, the Z3. 


How efficient the mileage gets comes to mind as one of the most significant factors concerning a vehicle. As the Z4 is a new-generation car, it offers better mileage than the Z3. The Z3 can pump out 10.37 kmp, whereas the Z4 can reach up to 14. 


As the Z4 is a new-generation sports car, it has superior on-road performance compared to the Z3. The Z4 beats the Z3 both in top speed and acceleration. The Z4 boasts a top speed of 250 km/h compared to the Z3’s 229 km/h. The acceleration from 0-100 km/h is also a second faster. 


The Z3 is way more affordable compared to the Z$. The former costs less than half as much as the latter. This is mainly because the Z3 is an older model and has been discontinued long since. 


The Z4 has a more modern look compared to the Z3’s traditional look. It’s also more prominent and spacious compared to the Z3. This is why the Z3 might be easier to perk in certain situations than the Z4. 

The Z3 comes with soft tops, but the Z4 is only attainable in a hard top. But that requires you to perform aftermarket adjustments. 

Comfort Feature Availability 

BMW Z4 has more comfort features than the Z3. These include multi-function steering wheels, an airlock braking system, and automatic climate control. The navigation system is also better, with much less fuel consumption. 

The Z4 brought more power, consistency, and aesthetics to the table due to better technology implementations. But this doesn’t mean the Z3 is obsolete. It remains the most popular and most commercially successful release by BMW. 

BMW Z3 or Z4: Which One Should You Choose?

So which one should you choose? It entirely depends on your budget and choice of aesthetics if you are looking at BMW Z3 vZ4. 

The Z3 was the first in line regarding convertible. This release got the best of both worlds. The looks, added to performance and cost, offer unrivaled efficiency. 

If you are looking for an affordable yet fashionable car, this is your go-to. But, if you are looking for a modern vehicle with outstanding performance and comfort features, Z4 might be the one.

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