How Much Does BMW Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost?

The BMW valve cover gasket is a seal that is situated between the valve cover and cylinder head to keep the oil safe from leaking. It is usually made of plastic. So, over time, it becomes brittle due to engine heat and needs to be replaced.

On average, the BMW valve cover gasket replacement cost lies between $100 and $550. The labor cost is estimated at $50-$250, while the parts will cost between $63 and $350. So, it means that this can be affordable but not a cheap fix like other BMW replacements. 

If the valve cover gasket starts leaking, it can cause several engine problems in the car. So, the problem should be fixed as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the overall cost of replacing a BMW valve cover gasket. 

What Indicates BMW Valve Cover Gasket Needs a Replacement? 

The valve cover gasket on a BMW is a significant part of the engine that prevents oil from coming out. It can become damaged and cause oil leaking due to dust and heat from the engine. 

Oil leaking from the engine will cause low oil levels and poor engine performance. It can also damage the spark plugs. So, the leakage in the valve cover gasket should be noticed as early as possible.

Here are some of the most common symptoms that indicate the BMW valve cover gasket needs a replacement:

  • Oil breaking out from the engine
  • Low engine oil level
  • Poor engine performance
  • The engine doesn’t get started 
  • Excessive oil consumption 
  • Getting the smell of burning oil
  • The check engine light turns on
  • Dirty valve cover gasket
  • The engine starts misfiring 

BMW Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost

Replacement cost for a BMW valve cover gasket can be different according to its make, model, year, and location. The table below will highlight the cost of replacing valve cover gaskets for different models of BMW cars.  

Model NameLabor CostParts CostTotal Cost
BMW 2-series$451-$569$75-$119$570-$688
BMW 535i$589-$744$72-$75$661-$819
BMW x3$335-$424$80-$93$415-$517
BMW x5$550-$695$73-$92$623-$787
BMW 328i$501-$632$80-$82$581-$713
BMW 335i$195-$829$79-$124$219-$908
BMW 7-series$1051-$1325$116-$121$1167-$1446
BMW 528i$378-$477$66-$70$445-$547
BMW 128i$519-$655$60-$75$580-$715
BMW m3$467-$589$96-$111$563-$700

Can I Replace BMW Valve Cover Gasket to Reduce Cost? 

Replacing a BMW valve cover gasket becomes expensive when it’s done by a professional dealer or auto mechanic. You will need to pay a large amount of money for the labor cost. In this way, replacing the gasket by yourself will help you to save some extra money.

But the process will require enough mechanical knowledge, proper guidelines, and assistance. It will also require a number of tools and mechanical yields. 

So, if you want to complete the job yourself, make sure that you have proper instruments and directions. The user should also have a good knowledge and understanding of the owner’s manual. 

If you’re not ready with all these things, this is not recommended to replace the valve cover gasket yourself. Because, if the process goes in the wrong direction, it can damage other parts of the engine and cost a lot of money to fix them.

More specifically, the spark plugs will be damaged and it can require an estimate of $220-$300. The labor cost will be between $160 and $185 per hour, while the parts will be priced from $70 to $166. So, this is not recommended for general BMW users. 


Do you have more questions about the BMW valve cover replacement cost? Well, here are some of the most common answers to help you out:  

How long does a BMW valve cover gasket last? 

Typically, a BMW valve cover gasket will last 60,000 miles to 100,000. It means you may need to replace your valve cover gasket between 8-10 years. But the lifespan of the valve cover gasket on a BMW can also be increased by proper maintenance and monitoring.

Can I drive my BMW with a damaged valve cover gasket? 

Yes, you can. But this is not recommended. It is only possible when the oil leaks in a very little amount. Otherwise, driving a BMW with a damaged valve cover gasket can lead the spark plugs to misfire.

How long does it take to replace a BMW valve cover gasket? 

It cannot be answered accurately. Depending on the car’s model or year, it may take between 2 hours and 6 hours to replace a BMW valve cover gasket. But if the mechanic is very expert in his job, it will consume less of your time.

Is it worth replacing a BMW valve cover gasket? 

The simple answer to this question is, yes. A defective BMW valve cover gasket causes oil leakage and low oil level as well. These issues will lead to the engine misfiring or running rough. So, it is very essential to replace the damaged valve cover gasket and it is surely going to be worth the money. 

Can a damaged valve cover gasket cause the check engine light on? 

Yes, a damaged valve cover gasket will cause the check engine light on. When the valve cover gasket is faulty, it creates a sort of problem related to the engine. So, as it is an engine-related problem, it will trigger the check engine light to turn on. 


Compared with other cars, replacing a BMW valve cover gasket will require more payment as it has a more complex mechanism. But it is a relatively less expensive and faster job to be done than any other repairs of BMWs. 

A faulty valve cover gasket can be a reason for unnecessary panic for its user. So, it is crucial to keep the gasket in good condition or replace it before it leaks oil. Because, once it is damaged, it will cost more to be fixed.  

However, the process of replacing the valve cover gasket on a BMW is comparatively tough without proper knowledge and practice. So, it’s better to hand over the job to professionals and enjoy safe driving.

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