How To Fix Bmw Interior Peeling? Easy And Quick Methods

After using BMW for three to four years, the interior panels sometimes peel for various reasons. Regardless, replacing the interior parts is the easiest option. As parts replacement is quite expensive, there is no other way except repairing it. 

But how to fix BMW interior peeling? Is there any way to restore it? The answer is yes. You can fix it by applying rubber-coated or soft-touch paint or installing vinyl wrap on the interior panels. Additionally, you can restore the buttons as well.

In this article we’ll share these methods in detail. Also, we’ve covered some tips that you may follow to prevent the bmw interior from peeling. So, read along and implement the method that seems easy to follow!

How to Repair BMW Interior Peeling by Paint? 

Soft touch paint is one of the most convenient ways of restoring interior peeling. It is also an affordable option. This DIY hack can save extra bucks and energy by quickly applying soft-touch paint on the internal parts. 

Here, we will paint the door trim. The process applies to the center console, cup holder, door handle, door chrome, window switches, door trim, interior trim, light switch, and climate control. 

Step 1: Prepare the Door Trim 

The first thing you have to do is to remove the trim from your BMW before painting. You will require a plastic panel removal tool and screwdriver to take them out.

Now detach the door panel with a removal tool and use a screwdriver to pull it out. After removing it, you need to separate the plastic cover with a screwdriver. 

Step 2: Peel Off the Previous Coating

Use a razor blade to peel off the old coating. However, you must hold the plastic panel carefully and remove the plastic cap gently. You can also scrub the lid with a dish scrubber. Take the sandpaper and sand the door panel. 

Step 3: Cleaning the Door Trim

You will need a good quality prep cleaner to clean the surface. If you don’t have prep cleaner, alcohol can be an easy and effective choice. Yet, clean the parts with microfiber or cotton cloth and cleanser. 

Step 4: Choose the BMW Interior Color 

Luckily, you will find different shades of BMW interior color in various brands. Choose the one shade that matches your interiors. Check the paint before applying it on the interior surfaces. 

Step 5: Spray the Color in Caps and Panels 

Clear up the nozzle and place the plastic caps on the floor. At this point, you have to spray color on the plastic lids. 

Flip the caps on the other side and repeat the process. Let them dry for some minutes, and apply the second coating. And again, keep them drying for a few minutes and use the third coating. 

Step 6: Reinstall the Door Trim

After drying correctly, it is time to reinstall the door trim on your car. Attach all the parts and assemble them on the interior panel. That’s it. Now follow these steps for other parts as well. 

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How to Repair BMW Interior Peeling with Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl Wrap is a well-known method to fix car interior peeling. Nevertheless, it is more expensive than soft-touch paint. A good quality vinyl wrap can last 5 to 7 years without hassle. 

This material can prevent scratches and fading. It won’t be suitable for the seats or leather accessories.  

Now you will learn to wrap the center console with vinyl rolls. Also, you can use it on the interior trims, door handles, cup holders, and light switches. 

Step 1: Pick the Perfect Vinyl Wrap 

Matte black vinyl wrap is the most common for car interiors. So, choose the branded vinyl roll with UV resistance and good finishing quality.  

Step 2: Remove the Center Console 

Remove the center console from the car with a screwdriver and removal tool. However, it isn’t necessary to remove everything because not all panels are peeling.  

But while wrapping with vinyl, it will be better to remove all interior parts to match them with interior decor. 

Step 3: Sand and Clean the Console

Now you have to sand them with good quality sandpaper. Moving on, take a water-based cleaner or rubbing alcohol and cotton wipes to clean the console cover appropriately.

Step 4: Cut the Vinyl Wrap 

Place the vinyl wrap over the center console and cut it off with scissors. Remember to cut at least 5 to 6 inches larger than the console.

Step 5: Stick the Vinyl to the console 

After shaping the panel, peel off the vinyl sticker and put it on the console according to the shape. Check if there are any bubbles while applying the vinyl sticker.  

Step 6: Heat the Vinyl 

At this point, you will need a heat gun to adjust the vinyl on the console. Start heating the edges of the console and keep pushing the vinyl. Gradually, the console will adjust the vinyl sticker into the console. 

Step 7: Assemble and Install it 

Take the console parts and assemble everything. Place it into your car and screw it perfectly. You can apply rubber protectants to enhance the look. 

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How to Repair BMW Interior Peeling Buttons? 

Some car accessories brands come up with graphics replacement kits. The good news is you can quickly restore the stereo and climate control buttons. Let’s get started. 

Step 1: Sand the Buttons 

It will require 150-grit sandpaper to scratch the buttons. Clean the peeling buttons with alcohol and a soft cloth. Wipe the edges with a small car cleaning brush. Select the button you want to restore. 

Step 2: Prepare the Graphic Button Sticker 

First of all, choose the letter color. For example, if the stereo is black, the button color will be white. And you need to choose white button color for the black stereo panel. 

The graphic replacement kit includes waxed paper and vinyl. Place the vinyl over the waxed paper, and cut thoroughly without pressuring it. Take a transparent tape and put it over the vinyl.  

Step 3: Dispense the Graphic Letters 

At this point, pull the graphic off the background. Dispense the letters of the button. Keep the vinyl under 20 degrees while dispensing a. You can install the button sticker after 24 hours. 

Step 4: Install the Button Sticker 

Add the graphic letters to the transparent tape. Put the tape into the button and tap on the button tape. At this point, you can use a hairdryer or heat gun to adjust the sticker properly. 

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How to Prevent BMW Interior Peeling? 

If you take care of the interior parts, then it can prevent peeling. Standard maintenance techniques can eliminate internal peeling problems for a long time. Such as, 

  • You must choose a chemical-free interior cleaner because it keeps your car interior safe and comfortable. Harsh chemicals can cause excessive peeling. 
  • Increase sun exposure; keep your car in the sun as much as possible. However, sun rays keep the leatherette coating in better condition. 
  • Skip eating or drinking in the car. Sometimes coffee spills or food can damage the car interior. Also, avoid smoking inside the vehicle. 
  • Take the car for servicing whenever you notice something unusual. It will secure your car’s exterior and interior as well. 


We hope you have understood the restoration process. Apart from these, we come up with the answer to some frequent questions that can help you to understand more about BMW’s interior.

Why Does BMW Use Leatherette On The Interior Surface? 

Leatherette is a plastic-based vinyl material. Moreover, it is absorbent and easy to clean. It is also pet-friendly and scratch resistant. You can easily maintain it by cleaning and wiping it. Thus, leatherette is more long-lasting than pure leather. 

How To Know The Interior Color Of A BMW?

You have to contact the authorized dealer and tell them your car model. Ask them about your car’s color code and name. They will contact the BMW company and give them your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). After getting the number, the BMW company will search with the VIN and find the color code. 

What Are BMW Interiors Made Of?

The BMW interiors are made of SensaTec upholstery fabrics. It is a standard synthetic leather. Most BMW models have these durable materials because it comes with more sustainable and low maintenance capacity. 

Why Is BMW’s Interior Peeling?

If the adhesive of the leatherette is damaged or deteriorated, then the BMW’s interior will start peeling. Whenever you notice peeling leather on the interior trim and other panels like the door handle, cup holder, or center console, repair it immediately.  


All in all, you can quickly fix the BMW interior peeling by following these techniques. Painting is a budget-friendly and quick fix to the interior peeling. 

It’s not sustainable enough to secure your car interior. Thus, it can also peel quickly. We suggest applying vinyl wrap on interior panels if you have a high budget. 

Yet, it’s more reliable than painting or adhesives. Experts recommend covering the car interior with vinyl wrap for better protection. That’s all for today. Good luck. 

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