Why Does BMW Comfort Access Not Working [Find out the Fixes]

BMW comfort access does not work if there is 

  • Faulty Comfort Access Module
  • Loose wire under the shift knob
  • Drained battery in the key fob
  • Blown fuse in the electrical system of the door

You can easily fix this by replacing a few components. To get a detailed idea of how you can fix the BMW comfort access not working issue, keep reading this article. 

What Causes The BMW Comfort Access Not Working?

The following table shows some of the reasons why the BMW comfort access may not work. 

Faulty Comfort Access ModuleReplace the Comfort Access Module
Loose Wire under the Shift KnobFix the Wiring under the Shift Knob
Drained Battery in the Key FobPut a New Key Fob Battery
Blown FuseReplace the Fuse
Failed AntennaReplace Antenna

Now let’s dive into the detailed explanation of some of these reasons for the BMW comfort access not working and how we can solve them. 

Faulty Comfort Access Module:

The BMW Comfort Access system might not work if there’s a problem with the Comfort Access module. This module is in charge of features like keyless entry, start/stop, and key proximity. 

If the module isn’t working right, you might notice problems like doors not unlocking, the start/stop button acting up now and then, or the whole system not working. Sometimes, one side of the car might have issues while the other side works fine. 

If you’re facing these problems, it’s a good idea to get the Comfort Access module checked by a professional. 

Solution: Replace the Comfort Access Module

Following are the steps for replacing the comfort access module

Replacing the Comfort Access module in a BMW might vary based on your car’s model and the specific issue. Still, here are some general steps that could help:

Step 1: To avoid any electrical shock or harm to the car’s electronics, start by disconnecting the battery.

Step 2: Remove the shift knob or gear selector to get to the Comfort Access module, usually located under the center console or near the gear shifter.

Step 3: Disconnect the wiring harness and any other connectors linked to the module.

Step 4: Take out the old module from its place and put in the new one.

Step 5: Reconnect the wiring harness and any other connectors to the new module.

Step 6: Put back the shift knob or gear selector and reconnect the battery.

Loose Wire Under the Shift Knob:

If there’s a loose wire under the shift knob in your BMW, it can cause problems with the Comfort Access system. This system needs sensors and wiring to work right. When a wire is loose, it can make the system act up now and then, or it might stop working altogether.

Loose Wire Under the Shift Knob
Source: Indiworkshop

Solution: Fix the Wiring under the Shift Knob

Check the wiring properly and find out if it’s in good condition or not. If you find it loose then replace it. However, if the wiring is not damaged, you need to check the connectivity of the wires. 

If the wires are loose then tighten them properly and ensure proper connection. 

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Drained Key Fob Battery:

Drained Key Fob Battery
Source: center-vera.com

The key fob that comes with the comfort access system uses a battery to work. This battery gets drained like any other battery in the market over time. A drained battery fails to provide enough voltage and current needed to operate. 

When the battery loses so much charge, the key fob fails to be detected by the sensors. As a result, the comfort access system stops working.

Solution: Put a New Key Fob Battery

The simplest way of solving this problem is to put in a new battery in the key fob. After installing a new battery, put the key in and out of the keyhole once. Then test the locks to sync up the system.

Check this video on how to change the key fob of the battery. 

Blown Fuse:

The fuse in the electrical system of the door handles acts as a protectant of the entire system. When a current that is more than the limited current goes through the fuse, it cuts off the current flow. 

As a result, the comfort access features stop working due to a lack of electrical flow. The fuse can be blown because of the damaged car door handle as a side effect too. 

Solution: Replace Fuses

Purchase new fuses with a 5A or 7.5A to replace the blown fuse. You will find the fuse in the glove compartment of the car. Replace the melted fuse with the new one inside the junction box.

Failed Antenna:

The antennas are present on both sides of the door handle individually, These antennas are inside the central console. The main function of these antennas is to intercept the signal to complete the comfort access signal process.

Problems in this antenna can lead to the antenna failing profusely. This failure can be due to corrosion within the antenna. 

Any broken parts in the antenna result in the same thing as well. Either of these can stop the antenna from transmitting the signals. 

Solution: Replace the Antenna

The only way to fix this issue is to replace the antennas. This might be a difficult fix for you to do on your own. So, you can take the BMW to a repair shop for this replacement. 

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How To Reset BMW Comfort Access?

To reset BMW Comfort Access, you can follow these steps:

Disconnect the battery: This helps avoid electrical shock or damage to the car’s electronics.

Press and hold the start/stop button: Hold down the start/stop button for 30 seconds to release any remaining power in the car’s electrical system.

Reconnect the battery: After disconnecting, reconnect the battery and wait for the car’s electrical system to reset.

Test the Comfort Access system: Once the electrical system is reset, check if the Comfort Access system works. Press the button on the key fob to see if it locks or unlocks the car and if the start/stop function operates correctly.

If resetting the Comfort Access system doesn’t fix the issue, it’s best to have a qualified mechanic or visit a BMW service center to identify and address the specific problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How To Program A New BMW Comfort Access Key?

To program the BMW comfort access, press down the unlock button of the BMW. Tap on the key fob of comfort access three times in a row. Release the previously held-down unlock button. Turn the ignition key on of the BMW to properly pair up the key fob.

Is The BMW Comfort Access Safe To Use?

As useful as the comfort access feature is, it is also pretty unsafe to use because of thievery. If someone else somehow gets access to your key fob or gets it within a 5-foot range of the door, they can unlock the car. Such circumstances can lessen the security of the BMW and increase the chances of someone breaking in. 

How Do I Know If I Have Comfort Access On My BMW?

If the BMW door handle has several designs or ridges along the handle, comfort access might be featured on the BMW. Along with that, look up the VIN of the BMW in the BMW VIN Decoder online. If your BMW VIN has the S322A option, it for sure features the comfort access on BMW. 


In conclusion, BMW comfort access might not work for reasons related to fuses, wiring, or sensors. You need to diagnose the problem and then fix it. In most cases, you can just get it done by replacing some of the components like fuses, antenna, and key fob battery. However, if you are not comfortable fixing the problem on your own then consult professionals.

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