BMW Remote Key Not Detected | Here’s How To Fix The Issue

The majority of the most recent BMW vehicles are made to operate keyless, and a remote key is used to start the engine. Your routine might be entirely disrupted by a faulty key fob. Therefore, you could ask what is causing the BMW remote key not detected when the key starts to fail.

Low key fob batteries, damaged car batteries, and problematic transmitters are a few of the common reasons that can cause issues with Key detection. There can also be a few other minor issues. However, the good news is all of these problems are easily solvable.

Thus, if you are having trouble starting your BMW with a remote key, you are in the correct place. Today we will discuss all the reasons causing this and how to solve it.

What is the Remote Key FOB in your BMW?

The remote control for a remote keyless entry system is a tiny portable device called a key fob. This unique remote control key includes a short-range radio transmitter/RFID chip and antenna.

It communicates with the vehicle’s receiver unit using radio frequencies to convey a specific coded signal. An RFID tag, which is information storage, is also present on this receiver. 

Your BMW engine will therefore start as soon as the information is received in the vehicle.

What causes the BMW remote key not to be detected?

If your BMW’s remote key stops working, the first thing to do is to figure out what’s wrong. 

This will help you decide if the key fob can be repaired or whether it has to be replaced entirely. Below, we will discuss all the reasons that can cause key detection problems.

1. Low Key Battery

One of the common reasons for your BMW not being able to detect the remote key is a low key battery. 

Your key fob’s battery is either dead or too low. As a result, it is unable to provide a powerful signal to the keyless entry system. Consequently, your automobile is unable to detect the key.

You will need to replace the key fob battery. Just follow your car’s user manual and replace the battery and a new battery is fairly cheap and available between $2-$5.

2. Problematic Transmitter

When a user presses a button on the automobile key fob, a short-range radio transmitter inside communicates a unique binary code to a receiver unit in your BMW car. 

Consequently, based on the model of your automobile, the doors are either opened, locked, or even the engine is started.

As a result, if your remote is damaged, it won’t be able to communicate with the transmitter. This often happens after significant damage of a certain type due to shock or water contact.

The fix to this problem isn’t that easy, and you will need to reset the key fob, but if it still doesn’t work, then you will need to consult a mechanic. 

3. Damaged Car Battery

The battery in your BMW is in charge of keeping all the electrical systems, including the remote key mechanism, operational. Therefore, a broken or partially depleted battery might prohibit the immobilizer unit from functioning.

Batteries in almost all cars need to be maintained properly, and they usually last between 3 to 5 years.

Before replacing the batteries, you can try to charge them using a donor battery. If the remote key still doesn’t work, you will need to replace the battery, which will cost between $300-$500.

4. Deprogramming Issue

To function properly, your remote key control must be connected to your car’s receiver. If this is damaged, the key will become unprogrammable, and the key fob won’t work correctly.

A car remote that stops operating after a battery change may have been deprogrammed. This indicates that the car’s onboard computer has received a formal order to delete all current keys from its list of authorized users.

When your BMW remote key has been deprogrammed, you will need to reprogram the key, and it can be a bit complicated. The whole reprogramming of your car key can cost you between $35-$95.

5. Broken Key

The key fob may have already broken on its own. Even though the majority of remote controllers are shock-resistant, there are rare situations when the internal components of the device might be damaged.

Additionally, the outside might potentially sustain damage. Damage could be evident in some circumstances, but not every time. 

If your remote suddenly stops working after suffering some form of stress, it is highly probable that the internal components have been damaged.

If your key is damaged, you will probably need to replace it as, most times, it can’t be fixed. It can cost you anywhere between $200-$500.


Down below, we will talk about all the faqs that are related to our discussion today’s discussion. Read below to learn more about the faqs.

How can my BMW key fob be reset?

Take the BMW key fob you want to configure, press and hold the unlock button, and then firmly press the BMW logo three times. The doors should lock and open again, and this should reset your BMW key fob.

Can I fix a damaged BMW Key Fob?

It depends on the condition of the key and how much damage is done. If the damage is less, the key Fob can be repaired with the help of a technician. However, if the damage is beyond repair, you will need to buy a new one.

Where should I store the key fob safely?

You need to keep your key fob in such a way that the signal is destroyed. So, the best option is to put it inside a metal container, and this will ensure that the signal is distorted and safe from thieves. 


When your BMW doesn’t detect the remote key, you can be in trouble, mainly if your car uses a keyless system. There can be many reasons leading to it, and we believe you already know all the reasons by now. 

Fixing a BMW key remote is a bit complicated, and you will need to hire a professional technician to do the work for you. But you must keep the key always safe and avoid causing any wear and tear on it.

Additionally, you should always check the battery of your key fob and your BMW before checking other things.

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