How Much Does a BMW Oil Pan Gasket Replacement Cost?

Engine oil is essential to ensure smoothness in engine operations. It’s crucial because it saves the engine from overheating and maintains performance. But what if the engine oil leaks through the oil pan? Well, in that case, you have to replace the gasket. 

The cost of replacing the BMW oil pan gasket is $550 – $5000. It includes both parts and labor costs. However, the cost may vary depending on the BMW model and other factors.

You don’t have to be concerned. In this article, I’ll be telling you about the cost you will incur in replacing the BMW oil pan gasket. Therefore, stay with me right to the end of this blog.

Factors affecting BMW oil pan gasket replacement pricing

The costs breakdown for oil pan gaskets for all vehicles aren’t similar at all. There are a few factors that come into significant consideration. Some of those factors are listed below:

Vehicle Model

The Vehicle models highly impact the change in cost structure for the BMW oil pan gasket replacement. The latest models come with higher replacement costs.

In addition, the vehicle type also plays a big part in this regard. For instance, there is a noticeable difference in the cost of BMW models from the 3 series and the 7 series. The latter being the latest and most luxurious versions has higher costs.

Apart from this, the model year also impacts the replacement costs to a great extent. 

Labor Costs

The labor costs cover a significant part of the replacement of the BMW oil pan gasket. For most of the models, it accounts up to 70-75% of the replacement cost. However, the labor cost will vary depending on where you want to repair it. 

Not all states have a similar average wage rate, so labor costs will be higher in some states than others. In contrast, the cost of the parts will be somewhat similar in all the states.

Motor Oil 

The cost of motor oil depends entirely on the engine and vehicle type. Not all BMW vehicles would need similar motor oil, which is where the cost difference is.

Since you’ll be replacing the oil pan gasket, you will require motor oil. The total replacement cost would depend on it.

Model Wise BMW Oil pan gasket replacement cost

The cost of replacing a leaky or faulty oil pan in a BMW vehicle varies by model. Usually, gaskets aren’t that expensive, but the labor cost largely varies. Look at the table below to get an idea of oil pan gasket replacement costs of various BMW models.

ModelLabor CostParts Cost
BMW X5$1150-1400$160-180
BMW 335i$800-1000$160-180
BMW 325i$500-600$180-190
BMW 330i$550-600$150-170
BMW 528i$900-1150$150-160


The BMW X5 is an SUV with good handling, potent engines, and high-end features. It promises a lot when it comes to functionality and balanced output. It offers top-notch performance that can give most sports cars a run for their money.

Replacing the oil pan gasket in the BMW X5 will cost around $1200-1600. Here, the major part will be covered by the labor costs, ranging between $1150 and $ 1400. At the same time, the cost of the components is around $160-180.

BMW 335i 

It is one of the finest cars to possess when considering the luxury models of BMW. This car is considered very well-balanced and offers much-improved performance than its previous iteration. In addition, this sedan from BMW 3 series can accelerate way faster and reach 100 Km/h in under 6 seconds. 

Replacing the oil pan gasket will cost you between $970 and $ 1200. Here, the cost of the parts will be around $160-180, which is similar to the cost for most other modes. But the labor cost will range from about $800-1000.

BMW 325i 

The BMW 325i is a super comfortable sedan from the BMW 3 series of luxurious cars.

It has elegant styling but higher maintenance costs to some extent as a luxury model. That said, the BMW 325i is widely popular as it delivers as per expectations.

In the case of a BMW 325i, replacing the oil pan gasket will range around $690-900. The labor cost will be the significant part, which is $500-600. On the other hand, the interest costs around $180-190.

BMW 330i

The BMW 330i is one of the fastest and most futuristic sedans from the BMW 3 series. It has a top speed of 250 Km/h, and most users consider it a sports sedan. But that doesn’t make it free from oil pan leaks.

If you need to replace the oil pan gasket in the BMW 330i, it will cost you around $700-900. Like every other BMW model, the part cost will be almost similar here. However, the labor cost will range from $550-600.

BMW 528i

The last BMW model on my list is the BMW 528i from the BMW 5 series. This model is a class apart and is the epitome of luxury blended with reliability. It has superb fuel economy and is fun to drive on long rides.

Feature-wise, it is one of the best from the BMW 5 series. Now, when it is about replacing the faulty oil gasket in this vehicle, you will incur about $1000-1300. The labor cost for this vehicle would be $900-1150, and the parts cost $150-160.

How much does the repair shop charge to replace the BMW oil pan gasket?

You already have a rough idea about the replacement costs for BMW oil pan gaskets for different BMW models. But there might be a few variations in prices depending on the location. The overview of costings of repair shops in other states are as follows:

State Replacement Cost Parts Cost 
California $600-2000$0140-190
New York$500-4000$150-1200

When should you replace the BMW oil pan gasket?

The need for replacement for any vehicle parts becomes crucial when you notice specific symptoms. For the oil pan gasket replacement, there are a few things you should identify as the reason for the replacement.

Oil Leak

It is the most prevalent issue for oil pan gasket replacement. The reason behind car leaks is that the oil pan gasket can often get overtightened. 

The oil pan and engine block are primarily divided by a seal, the oil pan gasket. Therefore, when it gets faulty or leaky, the oil spills outside. Hence, replacement becomes inevitable for this part.

Oil low light beeping

The oil low light or warning light will beep whenever it notices a low quantity of oil. In the case of the oil pan gasket, normal leaks will enable the beeping of the light.

However, the oil leaks reaching exhaust pipes can also cause a similar scenario. In both cases, the BMW oil pan gasket would require a replacement.

Engine Overheating

Primary function of the oil pan gasket is to hold the engine oil. When the oil pan leaks and the oil level drops, it will result in serious distress.

The engine oil mainly reduces the friction in the engine and keeps it safe from overheating. When the oil level is low, there are chances that your BMW engine can heat exceedingly, resulting in severe damage.

Engine Smoke

Smoke coming out of the engine isn’t that prevalent, but chances are there of such a situation due to oil leaks. It can be a combination of oil leaks and overheating. Also, if oil somehow gets into the exhaust manifold, such issues are more prevalent.


Differences in the breakdown costs in BMW oil pan gasket replacement may confuse you. For your convenience, I have added some of the most common queries that solve most of your confusion.

Does the BMW oil pan gasket wear out?

The oil pan gasket fails after you use it for a long time without proper maintenance. It wears out, which means drying and cracking. Oil leaks will be the first common symptom when the oil pan gasket fails.

Is it easy to replace a BMW oil pan gasket? 

Replacing the BMW oil pan gasket may seem a simple task. But you have to take proper measures while changing it. There are chances of bending or cracking the oil pan that you need to avoid.

Is replacing the BMW oil pan gasket expensive? 

The cost of replacing a BMW oil pan gasket can range Between $500-5000. It entirely depends on the BMW model and the average wage cost of the labor in the location you replace it.

Final Thoughts

When you notice that the oil pan gasket is leaking in your BMW, there is no other alternative to replacement. Here, the major costs you will incur are the labor and the parts.

But the cost structure will highly vary depending on the location you want the oil pan gasket. I have included the costings and information on some of the most common BMW models.

For instance, if you change the Oil pan gasket, you’ll save 70% of the costs mentioned. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the model accurately and the cost breakdown.

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