BMW Spark Plug Replacement Cost (All Model Included)

BMW is a century-old car brand with customer satisfaction reigning in the motor industry. However, it has a vast collection of cars made with simple parts with complex technology.  Consequently, the vehicle’s performance decreases due to damaged parts, especially the spark plugs costing more. So, what’s the BMW spark plug replacement cost?

The spark plug replacement cost depends on the model of the BMW. For example, changing the M4’s spark plugs costs around $700 to $ 4825. On the other hand, BMW X3’s spark plug will cost you $200 to $310. Some factors, like your BMW model and the repair shop’s location, significantly affect the spark plug installation cost.

You must be aware of the cost of spark plugs replacement cost. Otherwise, it’s elementary to confuse it with other vehicle parts fixing prices.

Factors Affecting BMW Spark Plug Replacement Cost

Various factors affect the replacement cost of a BMW. If you’ve bought a BMW recently and there’s something wrong with the spark plug, you must be aware of these essential facts.

BMW Model

Your BMW model is one of the most crucial factors in fixing the spark plug replacement cost. If you own an older model, changing the spark plug might cost you more than average since the parts are rare. On the other hand, installing new spark plugs in your new BMW costs more because of using complex parts.

Repair Shop’s Location

If the mechanic’s shop is quite far from your house and you can’t start the car, towing is the last option. The same goes for on-road incidents. So, you must be prepared if the spark plug fails while driving.

Model-wise BMW Spark Plug Replacement Cost:

As we’ve said, BMW has a wide range of cars. Also, the engineers at the BMW manufacturing site innovate new technology to improve their car’s performance. So, you can guess that replacing a BMW’s spark plug with a new one isn’t cheap.

If you want to know deeply about a BMW vehicle’s spark plug replacement cost, follow this analysis.

BMW 2 Series

The famous BMW 2 Series has a simple spark plug. Replacing the faulty one with a new spark plug will cost you $290 to $450, whereas labor costs $230 to $290. So a new spark plug costs $60 to $160 for a BMW 2 series car. 

BMW 3 Series

You must pay $215 to $350 to install a new spark plug in your BMW 3 Series car. In addition, the mechanic charges $150 to $190 as a labor fee and $65 to $160 for new parts.

BMW 4 Series

A mechanic charges $235 to $365 overall to change the damaged spark plug of your BMW 4 series vehicle. Generally, popular repair shops charge $165 to $210 as a mechanic fee and $70 to $160 for new spark plugs.

BMW 5 Series

The labor fee to replace the BMW 5 series spark plug is around $160 to $200. A new spark plug will cost you $65 to $150. So, the total cost is about $225 to $355.

BMW 7 Series

It’ll cost you $300 to $500 to change a 7-series spark plug. However, you must pay $200 to $260 as a labor fee and $100 to $250 for new spark plugs.


Replacing a BMW M3’s spark plug costs around $370 to $480. Mechanics charge $230 to $295 to change the spark plug. So a new BMW M3 spark plug will cost you $145 to $185.


Installing new spark plugs in an M4 is the most expensive among BMW cars. Consequently, repair shops charge $700 to $825 where, $480 to $610 as a mechanic’s fee, and $215 for new spark plugs.


New spark plugs of a BMW M5 costs around $225 to $255. Mechanics charge approximately $215 to $275 to install new spark plugs. So, the cost sums up to $440 to $530.


You must pay around $580 to $680 to change your M8’s spark plugs. In addition, the labor fee ranges between $360 to $460. As for the parts, you must spend $220.

BMW X2 Series

A new spark plug for an X2 series BMW costs around $100 to $110. In addition, the labor fee is $150 to $170. So, the total sums up to $240 to $310.


Popular repair shops charge 200 to 310 bucks to install new spark plugs. The labor cost, $125 to $160, and the parts price, which is 80 to 150 dollars fall into this total cost.


You don’t have to pay much to change your X4’s spark plugs. Generally, a repair shop charges $100 to $130 as a mechanic’s charge and $100 to $130 for new parts.


The total cost of installing new spark plugs on a BMW X5 is $270 to $385. New sparks cost 90 to 170 bucks, whereas the labor charge is around $170 to $220.


If you own a BMW X6 series vehicle, you must pay $275 to $410 to change broken spark plugs. Repair shops charge $190 to $240 as labor fees on average. In addition, you must spend 90 to 170 bucks for new spark plugs.

BMW Model-wise Comparison Chart Of Spark Plug Replacement Cost

You might have a meeting or an important event with your friends and family. In that case, it’ll be tough to thoroughly explain the spark plug replacement cost. So, we’ve built this comparison chart so you can understand it easily. Without silly-sally, have a look at this table for a better understanding.

BMW ModelSpark Plug PriceLabor CostTotal Cost
BMW 2 Series$60 to $ 160$230 to $290$290 to $450
BMW 3 Series$65 to $160$150 to $190$215 to $350
BMW 4 Series$70 to $160$165 to $210$235 to $365
BMW 5 Series$65 to $150$160 to $200$225 to $355
BMW 7 Series$100 to $250$200 to $260$300 to $500
BMW 8 Series$200 to $260$170 to $190$350 to $450
BMW M3$145 to $185$230 to $295$370 to $480
BMW M4$215$480 to $610$700 to $825
BMW M5$225 to $255$215 to $275$440 to $530
BMW M8$220$360 to $460$580 to $680
BMW X2 Series$100 to $110$150 to $170$240 to $310
BMW X3$80 to $150$125 to $160$200 to $310
BMW X4$90 to $140$100 to $130$190 to $270
BMW X5$90 to $170$170 to $220$270 to $385
BMW X6$90 to $170$190 to $240$275 to $410
BMW X7 Series$175$170 to $225$350 to $395
BMW Z4$70 to $160$110 to $135$175 to $300

Final Words

BMW has been making famous cars for over a century. These cars can last longer than their lifespan if appropriately taken care of. However, rough driving and irregular maintenance can hamper a BMW’s overall performance.

We hope the discussion on the BMW spark plug replacement cost has provided you with the information.

Do your research before contacting a repair shop. Otherwise, they might take advantage of the issue and charge you extra. Follow your BMW’s manual if you want to DIY the spark plug.

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