5 Reasons Why BMW ConnectedDrive Send to Car Not Working

We know how frustrating it is for BMW owners to see a BMW ConnectedDrive fail to send a destination to the car. A good number of our audience share their experience regarding the issue. The best way to approach the problem is to find out the root cause of the issue.

The most common reasons why BMW connecteddrive is not working include the end of a ConnectedDrive subscription, a problem with the ConnectedDrive mobile app, issues with the server, improper Idrive configurations, etc.

This article will discuss these issues in detail while other relevant aspects will also be taken into account. So, let’s get rid of this irritating issue. 

What is BMW ConnectDrive?

ConnectedDrive is one of the key technologies used in the BMW X5. The main purpose of this exclusive system is to keep the car and the car’s owner in touch via software. 

With the help of the BMW ConnectedDrive, you can make your journey smoother as you can control your car with a mobile device. In order to access this exciting technology, there is a SIM which you need to install and activate on your BMW. 

And the installed and activated SIM card will create the connection between you and your car. 

Additionally, you need to have a BMW ID as well. There are plenty of features you can access through the system. Sending your desired destination from your apple or android phone is one of them.

What Causes Bmw ConnectedDrive Send to Car Not Working?

You’ve already known the possible factors why the BMW ConnectedDrive sending a destination to the vehicle can’t work. In this section we will describe them in detail. 

Cause 1: BMW ConnectedDrive Ended the Subscription

First, you need to subscribe to the BMW ConnectedDrive service to enable it on your BMW. And, in most cases, you will not be able to access some features of ConnectedDrive if the subscription period is over. 

We have seen many car owners who once faced the issue of BMW ConnectedDrive not sending a destination from mobile to BMW car due to the end of the subscription.

But, sometimes, you might still get a few based on your subscription plan. 

Nonetheless, you can access the features of BMW ConnectedDrive for the first three years after creating the account. But you must pay once the period is over.

Solution: You might have figured out the solution to this issue already. You should check your subscription status and renew your subscription if the subscription is ended. 

Note: Sometimes, the BMW ConnectedDrive sent to your car must not be fixed even if your subscription is valid. That’s why you need to check the other issues as well. 

Cause 2: Issues with the ConnectedDrive Mobile App

People facing issues with their BMW ConnectedDrive system often avoid checking issues with the ConnectedDrive mobile app. We don’t know why, but how can someone send a destination to the car if the ConnectedDrive mobile app starts malfunctioning? 

Due to issues related to the software or your phone, the ConnectedDrive app isn’t capable enough to send a destination to your car.

Solution: First, restart your mobile phone. Next, uninstall and install the ‘My BMW’ app. We hope it might fix the issue, as many BMW owners claim.

Note: You should also check whether you can send the destination from the BMW ConnectedDrive portal

Cause 3: SIM Card Fault the TCB

The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card fault on the BMW vehicle is a problem with the TCB (Telematics Control Unit) component. The TCB is responsible for the communication between the car and networks, such as the mobile phone system. 

A fault in the SIM card can cause communication issues with the TCB, resulting in a variety of problems with the vehicle. And the issue of BMW ConnectedDrive ‘send destination to the vehicle’ is one of them. 

In most cases, the dealer of your BMW can determine the fault. 

Solution: To get rid of the issue of SIM card faults on the TCB, you need to take your car to the dealer. The dealer can then clear the fault and reprogram your car. And therefore, the problem can be fixed. 

Cause 4: Issues with BMW Idrive Settings

According to many BMW geniuses, if there is an issue with the BMW Idrive setting, the problem we have discussed can occur. 

Some BMW owners avoid checking their Idrive settings and find other ways to fix BMW ConnectedDrive’s’ destination send to vehicle’ not responding. 

You should check the setting because car owners might often change the setting while performing other tasks with the help of Idrive. 

Solution: As you are dealing with issues with BMW ConnectedDrive, checking the Idrive setting is essential. For this, you need to follow some simple steps given below.

Go to your vehicle > My vehicle > iDrive settings> getting started> paired with my phone via Bluetooth> tried to send a destination message to my car. 

You should then disconnect your phone’s Bluetooth so your mobile can send a destination message to your car. Additionally, you might need to send the destination message quite a few times.

We hope you find the destination message on your car after doing this, as per some BMW owners’ experience.

Cause 5: Problems with BMW ConnectedDrive Server

BMW owners have frustration with the BMW ConnectedDrive server. And in most cases, the system can’t send vehicle destinations from mobile to car due to excessive traffic on the server. 

The server can’t take the load when too many users try to access the BMW ConnectedDrive service simultaneously. In addition, the BMW ConnectedDrive service still has some bugging issues.

And the issue of unexpected bugging or server downtime (as it is connected to the internet) causes the BMW ConnectedDrive destination signal to be unable to work.

Solution: The best thing you can do here is keep enough patience until the server downtime issue is resolved. You don’t have anything to do except this. In addition, remember to restart your app once the problem is fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

BMW owners often ask some questions when dealing with the issue of BMW ConnectedDrive’ ‘destination sent to vehicle’ not working. You might have asked the same questions. Let’s see.

Do You Need to Re-Install the BMW ConnectedDrive Mobile App Frequently?

If you’re facing issues regarding BMW ConnectedDrive ‘send destination to vehicle’ not working, it might help if you reinstall your ‘My BMW’ app. Doing this often helps many users eliminate many issues related to BMW ConnectedDrive.

Whom Do You Contact if There Is Any Issue Regarding ConnectedDrive Sent to BMW Not Working?

You should immediately contact a BMW dealer no matter what issues you face regarding the BMW ConnectedDrive system. However, some owners claim that contacting the dealers sometimes becomes useless, so they prefer to contact the BMW headquarters (based on your area) in some cases.

How Much Does Fixing a BMW ConnectedDrive Sent to the Car Not Working Cost?

The majority of technical issues are involved when it comes to the BMW ConnectedDrive problem. That’s why, in most cases, you only need to spend money once your ConnectedDrive subscription ends. Other than that, you are supposed to fix the issue without any cost.

How Long Can the BMW ConnectedDrive Server Issue Take Place?

Server issue has always been a concern for most BMW ConnectedDrive users. It may take too long to fix server issues. Additionally, sometimes it might take a few hours to solve issues related to BMW ConnectedDrive when the server’s workload exceeds its capacity. 

How Long Is BMW ConnectedDrive Subscription Free?

You can access BMW ConnectedDrive free for the first three years of opening the account. Once this free-access period ends, you should buy a subscription to enjoy and access the full features of BMW ConnectedDrive.  Moreover, BMW owners asked to pay manually to get the service. 

Final Words

No matter how careful you are with your BMW, the issue of BMW ConnectedDrive send to car not working can occur anytime. So, don’t panic. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed automatically; you don’t need to do anything. 

However, whenever you notice the issue, check the causes mentioned above. Contacting the dealer and BMW headquarter in your area is also something you shouldn’t avoid doing. They will let you know if there is any issue related to the server.

The BMW ConnectedDrive system is fantastic. You should continue making the most out of it. Considering the fact, it might create a bit of hustle once in a while.

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