How Much Does BMW Head Gasket Replacement Cost? [Explained]

The total cost of replacing the BMW head gasket depends on various factors. There is no exact answer. The only price ranges are low and high, depending on various factors. The estimated cost may be something you’re interested in knowing.

The estimated cost of replacing the BMW head gasket could vary from at least $2000 to a maximum of $4000. The labor cost makes up the largest percentage ( around 70%) of the total cost. On the other hand, the cost of parts can be anywhere between $800 and $1500.

This is just a quick response to your query; in this blog, you will find a detailed discussion of gasket replacement costs along with suggestions for lowering them.

What exactly is a head gasket, and what does it do?

The BMW head gasket is a small but essential part of the engine.  It is located between the cylinder head and the engine block. 

Cylinder head houses valves, spark plugs, and other elements, in which the valves ensure the flow of air and fuel. 

On the other hand, the engine block has a piston and a cylinder. Head Gasket works as a seal between the cylinder head and engine block.

While each component from the cylinder head and the engine block is essential for creating engine power, gaskets effortlessly maintain engine power by keeping vital fluids from leaking and preventing debris from entering the engine.

Even though it has nothing to do with how the vehicle runs, it plays a crucial role in keeping the internal combustion smooth, preventing fuel from leaking, therefore, ensuring appropriate compression.

BMW Popular Model Head Gasket Price

BMW head gasket replacement cost consists of the cost of labor and parts. The cost of parts includes the cost of purchasing a head gasket. And the cost of a head gasket lies in the number of gaskets you need, the quality of the gasket, and many other factors. 

Most modern cars require different types of gaskets. I don’t know, but you may have to buy gaskets for each cylinder. Thus, it might affect the total cost. 

The cost of each gasket varies from $70 to $150, and the total cost of the parts for a BMW head gasket replacement can go beyond $1000. Look at the table below to get a precise idea.

BMW Head Gasket Set Price
Dnj HGS860 MLS Head Gasket Set for 2006-2007 / BMW / 325i, 325xi, and others    $161
BMW N20 B20 Cylinder Head Gasket Set for $158$158
BMW Cosmetic Head Gasket Set$300
Dnj HGS855 Head Gasket Set For 99-00 BMW 323Ci, and others$160
N46 Old Cylinder Head Gasket Set for BMW$170

How Much is the Labor cost of replacing the BMW head Gasket

The cost of labor for replacing the BMW head gasket is the major cost you have to bear. 

Consumers who have already made a replacement and experts agree that labor costs make up 70% of the overall cost. 

Thus if the cost of parts is around $1000, then the total cost of replacing the head gasket will be around $3000. 

This is just an estimation. It may change in either direction: either more than $3000 or less than that.

Why is the labor price to replace a head gasket higher?

BMW is a premium brand in the market. Compared to other brands, BMW is unique in every possible way: unique components, foreign-made parts, and unique design. 

The men or women who fix several issues of BMW are uniquely skilled and specially certified mechanics.

The more complex the repair is, the more money you have to pay for the extra hour mechanic spends.  

For example,  some engines are 12v, while others have 6 cylinders. So changing the gasket for two different engines will not be the same. 

Can you Do It on Your Own?

As I have just mentioned, fixing any BMW issue requires mechanical knowledge and expertise. Despite the fact that replacing the Gasket on your own can be a great way to save money, there may be unavoidable consequences.

Thus, It is a good way that you must consult with an expert to fix the issue. Expert is better suited for the job because he has the required equipment and a wealth of prior experience. But if you think you are confident, you can try.

Various BMW model head gasket replacement costs (Labor + Parts)

Let’s combine the two basic costs together to find out the total cost of replacing the head gasket. Every BMW model is obviously unique compared to the others. 

Because of this, the complexity of fixing one model will differ from that of another, causing overall changes in the price. The table below shows the estimated replacement cost of the BMW Head gasket.

BMW ModelsHead Gasket Replacement Cost
BMW X1 – X7$3000
BMW 3 Series$3200
BMW M5$3300
BMW XM$3500
BMW iX$3500
BMW i4$3400

Symptoms of a Bad BMW Head Gasket 

The most common symptoms of a bad gasket include engine overheating and contaminated oil. A faulty gasket can cause coolant to leak into the oil reservoir and contaminate the oil. The other symptoms may include the following:

  • You might notice white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe because the coolant might get to the engine and the heat from the engine produces smoke.
  • Fluid may leak from the head gasket and spread to the engine’s other components.
  • A bad gasket can cause an engine to knock to some extent.

How to reduce Head Gasket Replacement Cost?

You can reduce the cost of replacing the head gasket by following a few tips. Here are a few tips you can follow:

Checking the options available before choosing a mechanic 

As I have already stated, the major cost is the cost of labor. So make sure to find someone who has the expertise and charges less. Just check all the available options.

Checking available options while selecting a gasket

You can also check all the available options while buying a head gasket set. 

Go to the mechanic before things get more severe

If you can detect the issue before the problem gets more severe, the replacement cost will be less. 


What is the BMW head gasket replacement cost? Hopefully, by now, you have got the answer. Here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to know.

How Often Does A Head Gasket Need Replacement?

Not very often. Usually, BMW head gaskets are strong, and they last for at least 10 to 15 years or around 100000 miles.

Is it absolutely necessary to replace the Head Gasket?

It depends on the severity of the issue. If the gasket is completely blown and the coolant leaks into the oil ports, you must replace the head gasket immediately

What happens if you don’t replace your head gasket?

If you do not replace the head gasket after it has blown, the engine is more likely to overheat, increase coolant consumption, and in more severe cases, compression gets severely affected


That’s all I have to say; let me now offer you some sage advice. The lack of expert mechanics and parts makes replacing any BMW problem very expensive. But the cost will decrease significantly if you can look over every option when looking for an expert mechanic.

Additionally, after the head gasket blows, do not wait too long to replace it because doing so will severely damage the other parts and increase the cost of subsequent repairs. If the gasket appears to have suffered severe damage, you must also refrain from starting the car.

Finally, When it comes to replacing the gasket, you can obviously try it yourself, but it is best to find a qualified mechanic.

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