What To Do If You Lose Your BMW Keys And Have No Spare?

I frequently find myself stating, “I lost my car keys,” and, to be completely honest, it is a terrifying situation. It can get worse when we do not have any spare keys. What would you do then?

At first, what you need to do when you lose your BMW key is to look around because in most cases it is found nearby. If you cannot find it there then you must call the police and report it to prevent theft. Finally, you can go to a BMW service center to get a new key.

There are a few possible ways, such as getting a spare key from an authorized BMW customer center or calling a locksmith. to learn more about what to do in this situation, keep reading. 

What To Do If Your BMW Keys Are Lost, And You Don’t Have A Spare Key? 

BMW has different models which come with different security features. For example, some BMW cars will let you enter the vehicle with an old key but won’t let you start the engine. Also, some don’t let you do any of those.

It is essential to find an alternative to this problem. That is why I will discuss what you can do if you lose your BMW keys and don’t have the spare one with you.

Look Around

Try to remember where you last saw your BMW key. It won’t be far, and people put it somewhere important. Look around your room or key basket. You may find it there.

One mistake everybody needs to remember is to look around the car. A survey has revealed that almost 20 million people lose their car keys every year. 

Most of them lose it around their car because it fell out of pocket unnoticed. So look around your car, and you may find it lying there.

Call An Auto Locksmith To Make A Spare Key

When you can’t find your BMW key anywhere and don’t have a spare one, you should call a nearby locksmith. They will come and unlock your car.

A locksmith can either make a duplicate of your key or get a new third-party key fob and program it with your BMW so you can unlock and start it.

Although you need to get new paperwork and register that key from the BMW customer service center.

Get A New Key Fob From Service Center

Once you have tried everything and can’t start your car because your car only starts with a key fob, the only way left is to get a new key fob. 

Who Can Make And Program A Spare BMW Key? 

A locksmith can get you a new key from their workshop. You can tell them to program it or you can program it by yourself by following these steps:

  • Step 01: Make sure all the doors are locked.
  • Step 02: Put your new key in the key slot and turn one time and turn back and remove the key within 5 seconds.
  • Step 03: Hold the lock button then press the BMW button three times 

(2 second break after each press).

You will hear a lock-unlock sound which indicates you are done.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace A BMW Spare Key?

There are two types of BMW keys. One is remote keys, and the other is non-remote. The remote key fob has different variations because of technological advancements. 

Now, I will give you an idea about the price of different BMW keys, which will give you an idea of how much you may need to spend.

Types Of Key/ Key FobPrice
Switchblade Key ( Fob with Key)$125
Transponder Key (Non-Remote)$220-$250
Smart Key ( Keyless )$300-$320
Remote Fob with Integrated Key$175

Note: Before you look into the pricing of different key fobs for your BMW, you must remember that they won’t be the same. Because the pricing below is a general idea of average pricing. Key fob prices can go up to $1000 for luxurious BMW cars.

How To Start A BMW If The Key Is Lost And You Don’t Have A Spare One?

I have talked about three different types of BMW keys above. If you have a BMW key without a remote system, you can unlock and start the engine by making a spare one for a locksmith.

An exception appears when your BMW unlocks and starts with a Key fob. Here is what you can do when you don’t have a spare key fob

  • Step 01: Deactivate the old key fob to prevent theft. Call BMW or another third-party workshop, who will ask for some details and deactivate the old key fob.
  • Step 02: Order a new BMW Key fob. Service centers will suggest themselves.
  • Step 03: Hold the BMW start/stop button and program the new key fob with your BMW.
  • Step 04: Activate the new key fob.

Note: Do not try to program the old key if you find it later because it will cause an unlocking issue.


Car keys are sensitive accessories that can easily give access to a person to the car. Unfortunately, the same goes for BMW owners, so they bring many questions when they lose the only key.

Is It Possible To Make A Spare BMW Key With A Self Key Making Machine?

BMW’s key patterns are very complex, which makes them hard to replicate. But, a professional locksmith’s workshop or even some BMW center keeps a self-key-making machine that can make a physical key. 

Do Hardware Stores Make Spare BMW Keys Without the Original?

It is only possible to make a spare key with an original. But, if you have the patterns recorded somewhere, they can be made. Although to legally own that, you need some paperwork and registration.

Does Insurance Company Give Insurance For A BMW Key?

Insurance companies do not include BMW keys as a part of the insurance policy as it is a personal asset. So, the insurance company won’t take any responsibility if it is stolen. 

Is It Possible To Locate A Smart BMW Key With Mobile?

Old BMW car models with classic car keys don’t have this feature. But newer models can be accessed by the My BMW app. In this app, if you had your key connected before losing it, you can locate it using GPS.

Should I Immediately Call The Police After Losing My BMW Key?

If you are concerned that someone might have stolen your BMW key, you should call the police in case of an accident. The person who has access to the key also has access to your BMW car, so it is wise to file a report.

Final Thoughts 

Losing a BMW key or any car key is very frustrating, and people panic too much in this situation. But you have to understand that panicking will only make the situation worse. 

So, you need to calm down and think about where you last kept it, as it is the easiest and immediate solution. I have mentioned some primary things you can do in an emergency. 

However, there is another process for getting a new key which an official from BMW will guide. So, don’t panic, drive safely, and don’t lose your BMW key again or else you gotta take a lot of hassle.

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