BMW Vehicle Key Battery Empty: Why & How To Deal With It? 

Just imagine; you took your meal and planned to have a long drive with your mate by leaving your sweat residence. Once you press the switch of your BMW key fob to open the door, you notice the battery has turned empty! What was that?

The problem regarding “BMW vehicle key battery empty” occurs when the battery gets drained or tends to start dying. And note that improper uses and poor charging are the common culprits behind frequent battery drainage.  

Let’s find out the details and more about the signs right here in today’s write-up!

Reasons behind BMW Vehicle Key Battery Empty and Effective Ways to Fix Them

Indeed, battery drainage is known to be the one and only probable reason behind BMW vehicle batteries turning empty. 

In this case, you shouldn’t get worried about why it occurs because over 97% of BMW users have been claiming to deal with the battery empty problem being drained!

So, what’s the solution? I’d say you need to consult the manufacturer to get further instructions. In most cases, they’ll refer to going for the replacement of the battery if it turns completely empty. 

In contrast, if the key fob has ended up with any technical issues, they’ll guide you through a fix so that you can continue running the BMW vehicle key without any bummer. 

What’s the Reason behind BMW Vehicle Key Battery Drainage? 

Issues with overheating, improper use, and poor charging system are some of the common reasons behind vehicle key battery drainage. Apart from these typical reasons, I’d say aging is often responsible for the draining issues!

As an estimated duration, almost every BMW key battery lasts up to 3 years, depending on the daily uses. Sometimes, it may go on for not more than 6 months due to heavy drainage. And it only happens for the poor using. 

In my personal view, there are no strict causes behind BMW car key battery drainage. 

All you need is to take manufacturer’s support in case the key fob’s battery gets empty quite often and often. Because that’s not an issue that you can take lightly!

What are the Common Signs of BMW Vehicle Key Battery Drainage?

As you have got to learn, battery drainage is the main culprit behind getting it empty, so it’s better to know the signs of it. And that’s what I’m going to discuss right away –

1. Lack of Reaching Distance

As a rule of thumb, a regular BMW key fob is able to work within a distance of 50 ft. So if you notice you can’t reach your car in that limit, then rest assured that the battery is going to be drained pretty soon. 

Stay prepared for the replacement if your fob can’t reach more than 20 ft. of physical distance. 

2. Button Requires Frequent Presses

Generally, a BMW key fob has been made in such a way that it works in “one smooth touch.” Meaning, once you press the button, the door will immediately close or turn on. 

But if you notice the door isn’t closing or opening in a single press, then the battery of your vehicle key battery is probably empty or dying.  

3. Inconsistent Flashing 

If you pay attention to the BMW key fob, you may notice a tiny LED light on top of it, although it’s not common among every model. Once the user presses the key, the light flashes instantly. 

But if you notice inconsistent flashing, or let’s say the flashing isn’t that bright, the problem must be related to the battery. In most cases, it happens when the battery begins dying gradually.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Along with getting empty, a BMW vehicle key battery may end up with a few complications regarding charging or technical stuff. So I’d like to give some random answers about these right here –

Can I recharge my BMW car key battery if it turns empty?

Some old models of BMW key fobs did have the option to recharge the battery. But the latest variants have been incorporating replaceable batteries instead of rechargeable, meaning you can’t recharge the battery if it gets low or empty!

Is there any way to know whether my BMW vehicle key battery is rechargeable or not?

After paying attention to your BMW key fob, you can observe a side indent on some specific models. It indicates that your vehicle key comes in a rechargeable facility.
If included, you aren’t allowed to turn on the battery case being rechargeable instead of replaceable. 

Should I consult the BMW dealer or a specialized repair shop to overcome the issues with the BMW key battery being empty? 

It all comes down to your personal preferences. If you’re looking for the most reliable way, then I’d prefer consulting the BMW dealer, which will cost you a pretty penny!
In contrast, a repair shop may charge less than the BMW dealer for the exchange.  

What’s the replacement cost of the BMW vehicle key battery if I do it myself?

Doing it yourself is the cheapest way to replace the BMW vehicle key battery. For that, you’ll require not more than 2 dollars to buy it from a department store. But you must be well-experienced in terms of installing it, or else, take expert help. 

Wrapping Up 

The BMW vehicle key fob might be a tiny component. Nonetheless, it plays a crucial role in giving you additional support in terms of shutting your premium BMW’s door opened or closed remotely. 

So you really have to be well aware of its current condition, especially when you find the battery empty.

The battery turns empty doesn’t mean you should jump right into the replacement! Rather, consult any of the local repair stores to detect the real causes behind the issue. 

But if they still fail to do so, consult the official BMW dealer to get the most reliable suggestions possible. Wish you good luck!

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