BMW Timing Chain Replacement Cost & Guide (Explained)

BMW Timing Chain Replacement Cost & Guide. A BMW timing chain is a metal kit of a car’s engine that synchronizes the opening and closing of intake and exhaust valves. As per mileage, it gets damaged or worn out. So, sometimes, it needs to be replaced. 

On average, the BMW timing chain replacement cost is around $1250. The parts will cost between $567 and $667, while the labor costs will be around $750. But the replacement cost may vary from vehicle to vehicle. 

So, in this article, I’ll discuss different timing chain replacement costs for different models of BMW cars. This article will also highlight the symptoms of a bad timing chain and its possible repairs and costs. So, let’s get into it. 

What Indicates BMW Timing Chain Needs a Replacement? 

As the timing chain is a metal part of the engine, it tends to be broken, damaged or worn out with time. An unusual noise from under the hood is the most common symptom that tells the BMW timing chain needs a replacement. 

When the timing chain breaks, the car shows some warning signs to the car’s driver. Because, when it gets completely damaged, the engine may no longer be able to turn on. Here are some of the most common indications of that the BMW timing chain needs a replacement:

  • Check engine light comes on
  • Rattling sounds or unusual vibrations coming from the engine
  • Fuel leaks 
  • Low fuel level
  • The engine starts shaking, starting, or even misfiring
  • The car fails to get started

BMW timing chain replacement cost 

The cost of BMW timing chain replacement depends on the specific car’s model or year. Here is a list of average cost for timing chain replacement for different models of BMW car: 

Model Name Average Cost
BMW X1$1539-$1839
BMW X3$500-$1500
BMW i8$1624-$1879
BMW 528i$1803-$2196
BMW z4$409-$909
BMW 7 series $500-$1600
BMW n55$1136-$1377
BMW e30$1272-$1389
BMW 335i$997-$1100
BMW 3 series$829-$981
BMW x5$589-$678
BMW n20$600-$1100
BMW f30$500-$1500

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Can I Replace the BMW timing chain to reduce cost? 

If the warranty of a BMW is already outdated, it should be taken to a professional mechanic or dealers to replace the timing chain. But it will cost a large amount of money, where the 50% of total charge will be for the labor cost. 

So, you can replace your BMW timing chain yourself to reduce cost. But it will require a wealth of DIY knowledge and experience. Because, replacing a BMW timing chain is very difficult and risky. 

For example, if the chain accidentally skips a tooth, the valves will hit the pistones and it will damage the engine. And once the engine is destroyed, it will cost a vast amount of money to repair a damaged engine or replace it with a good one. 

The average cost of repairing a BMW engine is between $4000 and $7000. Here, the labor cost is around $200 per hour and the parts will cost $3000-$5000. If you need to replace the engine, it will cost anywhere more than $1300. 

Moreover, the process of replacing a bad timing chain requires a variety of specialty tools and experiences to get it done. So, it will be a risky task for the general users. 

However, if you do it yourself (DIY), it will cost you between $400 and $600. 

Can I Drive My BMW with a Broken Timing Chain? 

Yes, you may probably drive your BMW with a broken timing chain. But this is not a good idea. Driving a BMW with a broken timing chain is truly very unsafe. 

A bad timing chain will cause poor engine performance. It is also very dangerous because it can damage the engine completely.

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BMW timing chain replacement is very difficult to service. So, the owner must have enough knowledge about it. So, here are more information about BMW timing chain:

Is The BMW Timing Chain Worth Replacement? 

Yes, the BMW timing chain will be worth replacement. Though this will be an expensive fix, it will save the car and its engine from serious damages. The replacement of a bad timing chain will let the car run again. 

Does The BMW Timing Chain Have A Warranty? 

Yes, the BMW timing chain has a warranty. A BMW timing chain comes with a warranty of almost 7 years or 70,000 miles. 

How Many Miles Does A BMW Timing Chain Last?

In general, a BMW timing chain will last from 40,000 miles to 100,000 miles. But the timing chain interval will actually depend on the car’s model. So, it’s better to check the owner’s manual to see the recommended timing chain interval date.

Does The Check Engine Light Come On On My BMW For A Bad Timing Chain? 

Yes, the check engine light comes on on the BMW for a bad timing chain. A faulty timing chain directly affects the performance of the engine. So, like other damaged components of the engine, a bad timing chain will also trigger the check engine light on the dashboard. 

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Damaged BMW Timing Chain? 

It will take at least 5 hours to 11 hours to replace a damaged BMW timing chain. On average, most BMW car models take a minimum 8 hours to complete the process.

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A BMW timing chain replacement is a very expensive fix. But it is significant too. Timing chains are essential to control the camshafts. If the timing chain fails to control the camshaft, the engine won’t be able to run. 

So, check the BMW timing chain regularly after a minimum 40,000 miles of its running. If it is broken or old enough, it should be replaced. 

But don’t try to do it yourself. If any parts are not placed properly while running procedure, it can cause severe problems for the engine. So, bring the car to a dealer or auto repair shop to get it done.

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