How Reliable is BMW X3 Adaptive Cruise Control? Explained!

The adaptive cruise control is one of the most advanced features on modern vehicles at the present. The latest models of BMW x3 series have produced each of their cars with the adaptive cruise control feature built in them. These are considered as one of the most reliable cruise controls in the market right now.

BMW X3 adaptive cruise control has incredible features such as the distance maintenance, lane control, stop and brake technology, steering assistance. It has the high end radar and ultrasonic sensors and an emergency stop assist too. 

I have explained in detail how the driver assistance system of the BMW x3 works in this article. Keep reading to know more about the adaptive cruise control privilege on your BMW x3.

What Is The BMW x3 Adaptive Cruise Control?

Adaptive cruise control is basically a driver assistance system for the BMW. It can be used on other car models as well. But the BMW x3 has gained recognition all over the world for its advanced system in this case.

This adaptive cruise control can adjust the speed of the BMW x3 according to the traffic surrounding the car. It doesn’t give the entire driving control to the car but allows just enough to ease up the driver’s work. 

The system analyzes the surrounding traffic with the help of lasers or radars. Afterwards, it speeds up or slows down in tandem with the other cars on that road.

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BMW X3 Adaptive Cruise Control Features

Undoubtedly, the features and privileges that come with the adaptive cruise control are different for every model of cars. 

The BMW x3 features the most advanced features out of them all that the adaptive cruise control has to offer. I have mentioned the best features that BMW x3 has to offer below:

Radar And Ultrasonic Sensors

One of the most eye-catching parts of the BMW x3 is the sensors it uses in its adaptive cruise control. 

The sensors are of either radar technology or ultrasonic technology. These highly efficient sensors will instantly scan the area for a recommended amount of speed. 

If the vehicles in the front stop moving, the sensor will notify that to the system prematurely. Therefore, the BMW will be slowing down from beforehand. 

Similarly, if the traffic is free in the front, the speed adjusts to a certain limit and applies it onto the accelerator. All of this can happen so efficiently because of the highly functioning sensors.

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Stop and Go Brake Technology

This technology is perfect for the BMW while driving in an extensive traffic jam. 

In such traffic where the car moves periodically very slowly, the car needs to be stopped over and over again. The adaptive cruise control takes this matter into hands.

It starts the engine and pulls the car forward when it is time to move. Otherwise, when the system detects that it needs to stop, it pulls over quickly and smoothly. 

This technology greatly helps prevent collision of the cars without the driver’s assistance. 

Lane Control 

BMW has specific lanes on the road that it can use. Sometimes while driving, it becomes necessary to switch lanes and drive forward. 

The adaptive cruise control automatically detects an empty lane to move to and makes this switch. 

The lane control also ensures that you stay in the middle of your own lane all the time. 

Thus, it maintains peaceful traffic and driving rules. The whole process is built into the system and it is really helpful for new drivers of the BMW.

Steering Assistance

This is another feature which will greatly help out beginner drivers of the BMW. The steering wheel of the car can move on its own accord if it becomes necessary. 

All you have to do is keep your hands on the steering wheel and the system will guide you. 

This steering assistance becomes a very useful safety net while making dangerous turns in the road.

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Distance Control

The distance control is for always maintaining a safe distance away from the car in front of you. 

You need to add a specific distance you want to be between the cars in the system. You can use the +/- buttons later on to increase or decrease this distance.  

Once set, the BMW will regulate the speed when there is that minimum distance between your BMW and the vehicle at the front. 

It will make sure to always maintain this gap even if the car needs to come to a stop for it.

Emergency Stop Assist

For any automotive vehicles, an emergency stop is needed more often than ever. Adaptive cruise control makes this extremely easy. All you have to do is touch the brakes with your feet. 

It will turn off the cruise control on the BMW and transfer the control to you. When there is any chance of collision, the system instantly comes to a stop on its own. 

If the sensors detect your BMW getting too close to another vehicle, it will show warning signals first. Then the BMW will stop at a safe distance using this emergency stop assist function. 

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In this section, I have answered some questions that might creep up in your mind after reading this. Hopefully, this clears up all the doubts you have regarding the amazing adaptive cruise control.

Does All The BMW X3 Have Adaptive Cruise Control?

All the BMW X3 models that have been released after the spring of 2022, have adaptive cruise control. The models manufactured previously do not feature this adaptive version of the system. Those models only feature the standard version of the cruise control.

How Do I Turn On Adaptive Cruise Control On BMW X3?

On the steering wheel of the BMW X3, you will see an option that says cruise control ON/OFF. Press the ON button and you can see a white icon appear. It is the adaptive cruise control icon that shows up in your display screen when it is turned on.

What Is The Difference Between Active Cruise Control And Adaptive Cruise Control?

The active cruise control can only detect and maintain a steady speed for the vehicle. It does not differ from the speed that you previously set. On the other hand, the adaptive cruise control can adjust the speed according to the vehicles around you. It can increase or decrease the speed upon scanning the perimeter so it is more efficient.

Does Adaptive Cruise Control Drain The BMW X3 Battery?

No, the adaptive cruise control does not drain the battery. It is not a part of the electrical components of the car. So, it does not need the BMW battery to operate. This system is just a mode of driving for the BMW so no need to worry about this draining your battery.

What Is The Cost Of BMW X3 Adaptive Cruise Control?

A BMW X3 adaptive cruise control can be installed after purchase. It comes along with a package consisting of the driver assistance system. This will cost you between $2000-$2500. It is a very expensive addition indeed but it is worth it to ensure your safety.

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There is no doubt when I say that adaptive cruise control is a really helpful piece of technological wonder for cars. Since the BMW X3 is the most famous in this category, it has also earned the name for being the most reliable one. 

Apart from in crucial weathers, adaptive cruise control has always performed at its best and won everyone’s approval. As great as this feature is, remember to always be careful while driving. 

Since the system does not take full control of the car, the driver needs to be aware of everything happening around. This way, you can touch the brake or accelerator at any given moment and take the control back to your own hands.

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