Why Do BMW Mirrors Won’t Unfold & How To Fix Them?(Causes)

We all know how important our side view mirrors are when driving, but when BMW mirrors won’t unfold, this can lead to various problems. The biggest of them would be you won’t be able to see the cars behind you and this can lead to severe accidents. So, why doesn’t the mirror unfold?

There can be a few different reasons that can cause the mirrors not to unfold on your BMW, including blown fuse, damaged switch, faulty wirings, and more. Luckily, all these problems are solvable by following a few simple methods. 

Thus, if you cannot unfold the mirrors on your BMW, you are in the correct place. Today we will discuss all the reasons that can cause this and how you can fix them.

What Type are BMW Side View Power Mirrors? 

Manual BMW mirrors do not have problems getting stuck as they are manually controlled by hand, and very old car models still use them. But all the latest BMW cars use power mirrors which are automatically controlled from inside the vehicle using a switch.

It is crucial for you to understand how these mirrors work so you can easily detect the source of the problem. Power-folding mirrors instantly fold inward as you park, preventing unintentional damage. Power mirrors are designed to fold out automatically as you open the door.

The button on the inside of the driver’s door also allows you to adjust these side mirrors electrically. These mirrors are powered by motors that rotate the mirror up, downwards, and left or right from a hinge concealed by a power mirror casing. 

These motors are responsible for moving the mirror in response to the driver’s commands on the power mirror controls.

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Why Do BMW Mirrors Won’t Unfold? [With Solutions]

Blown fuse, damaged switch and many other reasons can cause BMW mirror not unfolding issue. So, to fix this problem you will need to find out how to troubleshoot. Keep on reading to know more. 

1. Blown Fuse

An electric motor hooked up to the vehicle’s battery drives the power mirror operation. Because the rear mirror is powered by electricity, the system has a fuse to avoid current overload that might harm other parts.

So, the fuse can be blown out when excessive current flows through the circuit and this happens mainly due to a short circuit. When this occurs your BMW mirrors won’t unfold or fold back. 

Different years and models of the car can have the fuse in different positions. So, you will need to find out the fuse and you can refer to your car’s user manual to find the fuse and check if it is blown. 

In case of a blown fuse, you will need to change the fuse with a new one. The replacement can cost between $3-$100, depending on whether you do it yourself or by a mechanic. 

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2. Damaged Switch

One of the most common reasons for your BMW mirrors not unfolding is a damaged switch. The mirror control switch, which is frequently found close to the driver’s side of the dashboard, may occasionally cease functioning.

The mirror control switch is probably broken if it cannot move any mirror glass. Moreover, the mirrors cannot be adjusted up, downwards, left, or right when the switch is troublesome. 

When the mirror switch is malfunctioning, you can first try to open up the switch and clean the terminals for any dirt. If the switch still doesn’t work, you will need to replace the switch asap. 

The cost of a new switch might vary from $80 to $300 depending on how many functions it does.

3. Faulty Wirings

Power side mirrors in BMW are complicated systems that consist of both mechanical and electrical systems. These systems work together to make sure that the mirror folds and unfolds perfectly. 

A motor attached to the automobile battery to draw electricity is one of several components that make up the electrical system and it consists of a lot of wiring. 

So when there is faulty wiring in the system it can cause problems for the mirror to properly unfold as the system cannot draw power properly. Poor wiring often occurs as a result of overload. 

It is not easy to fix electrical wiring issues on your BMW as the system contains many working parts. So, when this happens, the best option is to hire a mechanic to look at the complete electrical systems and fix any potential issues inside them.

4. Ice formation

Ice formation is not a common issue, and it only happens in areas where heavy snowfall occurs. So, when ice forms on your BMW mirror, it can jam the mirror moving mechanism, which can lead to problems when unfolding them. 

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do while ice forms on the BMW mirrors; wait for the ice to melt down. However, if you are in a hurry, pour some boiling hot water over the mirror, and the ice will go away. 

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This section is all about the Faqs related to today’s discussion of the BMW mirror unfolding issue. Keep on reading to know more about these questions and answers. 

How Do You Fold A BMW Side Mirror?

By pushing the folding switch on the driver’s door or pushing and holding the lock button on the key fob, you may fold the driver’s mirrors on your BMW. The rearview mirror may also be simply moved manually by hand into the proper spot.

Is It Possible To Manually Unfold Power Folding Mirrors?

These mirrors may be manually moved by unfolding using the button on the driver’s side and gently pressing. As a result, it’s simple to fold and unfold these mirrors physically. However, the best option is to use the auto switch to operate these mirrors.

Can I Push Electric Wing Mirrors?

By using one of the mirror control switches, you can fold them in while you’re moving, but they typically only retract after the car is locked. The majority of them are folded and unfolded by hand.

How Long Does It Take To Replace An Electric Wing Mirror 

Replacing a door or wing mirror typically takes an hour, but it might take a shorter or longer time. In the end, how long the task will require will vary based on a variety of variables, including the year, make, and model of your car.


Side mirrors are one of the most important things that you will need when driving your BMW. So, when this malfunctions and doesn’t open up, it can lead to serious accidents. Thus it is important to fix the mirrors as early as possible.

We believe by now you already know the reasons causing this issue and how you can fix them. Fixing side view mirrors requires a bit of skill as the process is a bit complicated, and you can damage it further while trying to fix it.

So, if you are not well adapted to your car’s internals, the best choice is to visit a mechanic to fix the mirrors for you.

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