BMW Wireless Charger Not Working: Causes & Fixes

What to do if your BMW Wireless Charger Doesn’t Work? BMW has the special advantage of charging your phone wirelessly through a wireless charging tray or pocket. This feature allows you to simply put your phone down in the tray and charge it within 15-30 minutes. But when you place your phone down to charge and realize it is not working, it is very frustrating.

BMW wireless charger not working can be due to interference of the phone case or the cables. Misalignment of the phone and wrong sized charging tray can lead to this problem too. Any bug in the iPhone or issue in the BMW are also reasons for this trouble.

In this article, I have discussed all the ways which you can use to fix up the wireless charging problem in your BMW. You’ll get to know about the causes of this issue as well. 

Why does the wireless charger not work in BMW?

Most of the time, the wireless charger does not work in BMW because of some manual and structural error. 

It is highly unlikely that the reason is a bad wireless charger. I have found out some of the most common reasons for the BMW wireless charger not working.

  • Misalignment of the phone on the charging tray
  • Phone case interferes with the charging 
  • The iPhone requires an adapter to charge
  • Malfunction in the phone
  • Your phone model doesn’t support wireless charging
  • Issue with the cable
  • BMW charger not supporting wireless charging

How To Fix The Bmw Wireless Charger Not Working?

Since most of the reasons for the BMW charger not working are pretty simple ones, you can fix them yourself. 

I have acquired and discussed all of the ways which you can follow in order to fix the BMW wireless charging.

Align the phone correctly

Knowing how to position your phone on the charging pad or tray is one of the most important parts of wireless charging. You will find a specific mark on the charging tray indicating the transmitter. 

This transmitter sends electrical signals to the receiver of the phone and charges up the device. 

Similarly, the receiver of the phone is usually at the middle of the phone’s back side. In order to charge wirelessly, this receiver needs to be aligned perfectly with the transmitter mark on the charging tray. 

This alignment ensures that the two components are touching and as a result, charging is occurring. 

So, always make sure to place the phone’s receiver right on top of the mark indicating the transmitter.

Take off the phone case

Since the receiver of the phone is embedded into the back of it, a phone case will certainly get in the way. 

The materials used for making a phone case usually don’t perform well to transmit the electromagnetic signals required for wireless charging.

Therefore, you should take off the phone case every time before placing the phone on the wireless charging pad or tray.

Enable fast wireless charging option on phone

At times, the wireless charging does happen, but at a very slow pace for you to realize. This kind of extremely slow charging is not beneficial at all. 

For this situation, there is an option to turn on fast wireless charging on your phone. Here’s how you can do it on your android phone:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Battery and Device Care option.
  • Choose Battery from the next menu.
  • Tap on More Battery Settings from the options.
  • You will find a Fast Wireless Charging option. Turn on the toggle switch beside it.

Use an adapter

To connect the wireless charger to a power source, you will need a compatible adapter. Some of the BMW models come with this adapter from the start. 

In case your car does not sport an adapter, you will need to purchase an adapter which enables fast wireless charging. Make sure that the adapter can provide at least 18W.

Change the cable or the wireless charger

Attach a fast charging cable with the power outlet to ensure smooth and fast wireless charging. Usually, the cable comes with the package. If it doesn’t find one of the best cables from the market and connect it.

BMW models built after the year of 2019 don’t come with a QI wireless charger. If you own one of these cars, buy a QI certified wireless charger which is also compatible with the BMW.

Reset the system

If nothing else works, maybe all you need is a reset of the charging system. It might reactivate the charging process once again. To reset this system, firstly make sure that the BMW is parked safely. 

Don’t turn the engine on, just power on the BMW.  Press the volume button and hold it down for a minimum of 30 seconds to reset the system. 

Next, click this same button once more to reactivate the system. The wireless charging system should start working once again.


In this section, I have added the answers to the most asked questions about this topic we are discussing. You will find the answers to some of your unasked questions here.

Can I Charge Non Compatible Phones With The Wireless Charger In BMW?

Yes, you can charge non compatible phones with the wireless charger in BMW. Since BMW is built to be compatible with android phones, you will need an extra accessory to charge your iPhone with this. Get a compatible adapter or Latitude to charge your iPhone wirelessly with the BMW charger.

Can I Wirelessly Charge Two Devices On A BMW At The Same Time?

Yes, you can wirelessly charge two devices on a BMW at the same time. The BMW 7 series and onwards has the privilege of charging two devices simultaneously. There are two separate USB ports available where you can easily charge up two android devices within the same time frame.

What Phones Work With BMW Wireless Charging?

All the QI certified phone models work with BMW wireless charging. All the android devices work with this feature except for larger sized phones such as the Samsung 8 plus. On the other hand, the larger iPhone 8 plus and similar sized iPhones also won’t fit into the charging tray. iPhone 8 and iPhone X work without an adapter on this charger.

How Do I Test If A BMW Wireless Charger Is Working?

To test if a BMW wireless charger is working, connect the charger to your phone. A connecting sound will be heard at this moment. The phone battery will showcase the charging icon indicating that the charger is working. 

Is BMW Wireless Charging Automatically Enabled?

If you are using a fast charging wireless charger, the charging will be enabled automatically. If it is not enabled automatically, go to Settings of your phone. Maneuver to Device care and choose to go into Battery. Enable fast charging from there so that the next time BMW wireless charging is automatically enabled. 


This BMW wireless charging is an excellent feature for charging your phone. Especially when you are traveling for hours and your phone is prone to running out of charge within that time period. 

In such circumstances, this BMW wireless charging feature is a life saving thing to come across. Following this article should solve any of your charging issues on BMW instantly. 

Keep in mind that you should keep your apps up to date on your phone and BMW features. Additionally, check for bugs and malfunctions in both devices periodically. 

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