What Are BMW Footwell Module Failure Symptoms | What To Do

The footwell module (FRM) is one of the many control units used in BMW and mini vehicles. It appears as an extension of the body control module and can control the electrical and locking functions of the car. Unfortunately, failure of this module can be caused by undertaking relatively basic service procedures.

One of the most common bmw footwell module failure symptoms is the appearance of different fault codes (497F, A3B4, A3C1, E72B, E72C) on the dashboard. The headlights and power windows can also start malfunctioning once the FRM is faulty. 

In this article, we’ll figure out the other common symptoms of a faulty footwell module. We’ll also know how to protect a BMW footwell from being faulty. So, let’s get into it.     

What are the common symptoms of a failed BMW footwell module?

When the BMW footwell module gets faulty, it affects different functions of the car, and various symptoms will appear. The possible symptoms of a BMW footwell module failure are the following: 

1. Malfunctioning of the power windows 

The most common symptom of a BMW footwell module failure is malfunctioning power windows. If the power window regulator gets damaged, the footwell module fails to control the power windows. 

It can also happen due to a bad wiring connection. So, replace the faulty power regulator or the wiring to fix this FRM issue. 

2. Interior lighting failure

The footwell module on a BMW is attached to an advanced crash control module through the K-CAN. This module sends signals to the passenger seat when it is occupied and helps the interior lights work.  

So, if this K-CAN or the crash control unit becomes damaged, the interior lights will malfunction. In this case, replace the crash control module if possible or change the whole FRM.   

3. Headlights don’t turn on or off 

The high-beam assistance sends the switch-on or switch-off message to the footwell module. Once the FRM gets the message, it turns on or off the headlights as recommended. 

If somehow the footwell module (FRM) fails to get the signal from the high-beam assistance, the headlights fail to function properly. To solve this problem, you may need to reprogram the FRM or replace it with a new one.  

4. The service light is illuminated 

The footwell module is usually connected with the MRS control unit through the K-CAN. This unit lets the FRM control the service light. 

If the unit doesn’t work properly, the footwell can’t control the system properly and let the service light be illuminated. 

5. The brake lights are not turning on or off 

One of the most common symptoms of a failed footwell module is brake lights that don’t turn on/off properly. It happens when the footwell module fails to connect with the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). 

This problem can also occur because of a bad headlight or some electrical issues with the car. So, make sure that the electrical system of the car is working well. If it is working fine, you can go to the footwell module to check. 

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How to prevent the BMW footwell module from failing?

As a faulty BMW footwell module causes many difficulties, it’s necessary to prevent the FRM from failing. Before knowing how to do it, we must know what causes the footwell to fail. 

Generally, a BMW footwell module fails if the car’s battery has been changed or disconnected. It may also happen if the car has been jump-started or the module gets too much voltage directly . 

So, make sure that the voltage supply has been properly done and the sensors related to the FRM are working accurately. You can also displace the FRM before changing the battery and replace it once you are done. 

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Now we know the possible symptoms of a failed footwell module. But do you need to know more about BMW footwell module failure? Well, here are more details about a faulty footwell module and its functions: 

Can I Drive My Car If The Footwell Module Has Failed?

Typically, you can drive your car if the footwell module has failed, but this is not recommended. Because, a faulty footwell module can damage the body functions such as headlights, power windows, indicators, exterior mirrors, and so on. So, the failure of these functions can affect your driving. 

Is It Expensive To Replace A Failed BMW Footwell Module?

Yes, it is slightly expensive to replace a failed BMW footwell module. The overall cost of replacing a FRM is up to $1400. Here, the labor cost will be between $350 and $550, and the parts will cost around $900. 

Can I Repair The Footwell Module Myself?

You can’t repair the footwell module yourself unless you are a professional car mechanic. Because, once the footwell module is replaced, it should be reprogrammed. So, you must take it to the dealerships to replace it.

Does Footwell Module Malfunction Without Triggering Any Error Codes Or Warning Lights?

Yes, it is possible for the footwell module to malfunction without triggering any error codes or warning lights. It is possible when the ECU ( Electronic Control Unit) or the dashboard of the car is bad or malfunctioning. 

Can A Failed Footwell Module Cause Damage To Other Parts Of My BMW?

The simplest answer to this question is yes. A faulty footwell module can cause damage to other parts of your BMW. These parts will include the ECU, and the body functions such as headlights, fog lights, tail lights, power windows, indicators, exterior mirrors, and lighting. 

Is It Normal For The Footwell Module To Need Replacement Over Time?

Yes. It is quite normal for the footwell module to need replacement over time.  Because, this is just like the other body parts of the car that tend to be damaged due to being used for so long. 

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If you get the symptoms we’ve discussed earlier, it’s worth replacing the footwell module with a new one. But before doing this, you must check the battery to see if it is fully charged or functions accurately. These symptoms can also appear when the battery is dead.

However, replacing a FRM can be costly when you hand over the job to the dealerships. Because they will order a brand-new FRM unit from the manufacturer and record it for your car. So, it’s better to buy an alternative to make the job cheaper. 

In this article, we have covered up the symptoms and the fixes of a failed bmw footwell module. So, we hope that this article has helped you to get the answers to your questions.

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