BMW E90 Service Light Won’t Reset? Reasons And Solutions

BMW E90 is a perfect daily-driven sedan. Service light is for informing your car’s service time. When your car passes the due day of service, the E90 automatically sends you a service light signal.

After servicing, the E90 service light won’t automatically reset. You need to do it manually. In most cases, brakes, engine oil, and sensors are responsible for the service light won’t reset the problem.

In the article we are going to discuss the possible causes  of service light on issues. There will be the solution of the issues also. So continue reading to get more. 

5 reasons Why BMW E90 Service Light Won’t Reset

There can be multiple reasons for service light staying on.[1]  Though it can vary from model to model. Sometimes users forget to get the service, like brake fluid, engine oil, brake oil, air filter, brake paddles, etc. These services are the most common reason for the service light staying on.

#1- Brake sensors

Brakes have some sensors to measure the break level. In the BMW E90, the sensors also monitor the brake pads and the brake shoes. If the sensor breaks or becomes faulty, the service light starts to display.

Like, after resetting the service light, within some days, it starts to display again.  But you have a clear idea that your brakes are okay. In this case, the sensor problem can be the reason. If the sensor goes faulty, the service light will stay on and won’t reset. This thing works for both front and rear brakes.


Change the brake sensor by any expert. 

#2- Engine oil sensor

Oil pressure sensor monitors the engine oil level and viscosity. In ordinary cases, the engine oil signal light shows up when it’s on the due date.

But if the oil pressure sensor goes faulty, the service light will display. It won’t reset if the sensor won’t get fixed. In this case, a mechanic visit is a perfect decision. 


Change the engine oil sensor by expert.

#3- Brake fluid

Brake fluid is for controlling the break. It also makes the break quick and smooth. In BMW the car’s computer monitors the brake fluid’s level and viscosity.

If somehow you poured a wrong fluid in the system, it will cause the service light to stay on. A faulty brake fluid sensor can prevent the service light from resetting also.


  • Change the brake sensors.
  • Drain out faulty brake oil and refill with the required one.  

#4- Temperature and airflow sensor

You have a built-in system in your car to monitor the cabin’s airflow level and the engine’s airflow. If there’s some issues with the airflow, the engine will start to jerk. Or the ac won’t act well. So, the airflow sensor can make a service light signal on until it’s fixed.

#5- Wrong engine oil

BMW E90 needs 5w-30.  But if you pour the wrong engine oil into the engine, the sensor gets confused with the abnormal viscosity. And a wrong engine oil can damage your engine also.

In this type of situation the service light won’t reset until you drain the wrong oil and replace it with the required one. 

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What to do if the BMW e90 service light won’t reset?

If your BMW e90’s service light doesn’t reset, you can check some sensors and other things to get an idea about the source of the problem. Then replace that sensor or solve the problem.

Check for possible damage on the break sensor. If the brake sensor is faulty, replace that.

Check that the engine oil is the required one or not. If not, drain the contaminated oil and replace it with the required oil.

Check the engine oil pressure sensor. Replace if it’s needed. Sometimes it can get clogged by dirt and sticky substances. If that’s the cause, clean that clogging. 

Ordinarily, the service light comes when you pass a due date of a service and after the service, you can manage to reset the service light.

But if there’s an unwanted sudden problem, the service light can ignite. And if you don’t solve or replace the problem, the will stays on. 

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What happens if I ignore the service light on my BMW E90?

In BMW E90, most common services, such as brake fluid, brake pads, brake shoes, AC gas, etc have a due date of service.


Here, I will answer some most frequently asked questions on BMW E90 with the service light. The following answers will give you additional information on the BMW E90 service light.

Is It Safe To Drive My BMW E90 With The Service Light On?

No, it’s not safe. It’s not that you can’t drive a BMW E90 with a service light on. But a service light is for your safety.  So when the car starts to display the service light, you should look into it. Then solve the problem and hit the road.

Can A Faulty Sensor Cause The Service Light On My BMW E90 To Not Reset?

Yes, it can. It’s the most common reason that can prevent your BMW E90 from resetting the service light. So yes, faulty sensors can be the main culprit of BMW E90’s service light not resetting.

Is It Normal For The Service Light On My BMW E90 To Come On And Off?

Yes, it is normal. In this case, the sensors automatically check the status of that function. It can automatically turn off when it ensures that it’s a false alarm.

Can The Wrong Type Of Oil Cause The Service Light On My BMW E90 Not To Reset?

Yes, it can. When the sensor finds that the oil’s viscosity is not usual, it will show the service signal. If you put the wrong oil in the engine or brake, this can cause the service light of the BMW E90 not to reset.


The BMW E90 is a delightful car to use. But the service signal can suddenly freak you out if you are a new user. You need to reset the light after every service.

But sometimes, even after servicing, the service light reappears. It’s a matter of concern, then. Mostly faulty sensors are the reason. But faulty fluids can also be the reason for this.

So, if your BMW E90’s service light won’t reset, check the sensors, and it’ll be better to visit a mechanic.

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