BMW Windshield Replacement Cost: All Models & Years Included

Want to know about BMW windshield replacement costs according to models and years? BMW is a famous brand among drivers for its unique features and durability. In addition, the brand has made a name for its compatible car parts and lifespan. However, like other brands, BMW’s windshields are not indestructible.

Replacing a BMW’s damaged windshield costs approximately $200 to $500. For higher models, the price can reach up to 700 bucks. For example, the X6 series will cost you $1000 to replace its windshield. In contrast, replacing a 750Li model’s windshield costs around 260 bucks.

Some models come with extra accessories with the windshield. Thus, the price goes up for the latest models. However, the replacement cost for the older BMW model stays low even with additional parts.

BMW Windshield Replacement Cost

BMW Windshield Replacement Cost According To Model And Year

It’s common for fresh drivers not to know their BMW vehicles’ exact windshield fixing price. A repair shop will charge you depending on your BMW model and year. 

However, you’ll discover the windshield’s average fixing price with place and time. Also, some windshields come with extra parts, while some don’t.

Check out the BMW windshield replacement cost according to your model and year.


The BMW X3 was released in 2016. Its windshield comes with a rain sensor and a head-up display. So, it’ll cost you around $370.


The next-generation BMW X5 went into the market in 2017. But the windshield doesn’t have any additional accessories. But the price is still higher than an X3 costing you $380.


BMW X6 is a third-generation car released on the market in 2019. Unfortunately, it’ll cost around $1000 if you want to replace the X6’s windshield.

BMW 750Li

A BMW 750Li, released in 2007, has extra accessories like a heated wiper with a windscreen. However, if you want to install an authentic 750Li windshield, you must pay $260.


BMW Z3, also known as the BMW roadster, was launched in 2001. It’ll cost you $210 to replace the windshield without any extra accessories.

BMW 760Li

The 760Li door sedan came into the market in 2012. It’s a bit pricey to replace the windshield of this fantastic car costing $460.


This was launched in the market in 2015. However, you must spend around $480 to install a new windshield in your BMW M6.

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BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 series made its debut in early 2022. So, if you want to replace the damaged windshield, please pay $850.

Look at this table to understand and compare the replacement prices of different BMW variants.

YearBMW ModelWindshield Replacement Cost
20227 Series850$

Why Are BMW Windshields Expensive?

Well, BMW itself is a famous brand delivering exclusive cars over time. So it’s normal for this prominent brand to install expensive windshields. However, the manufacturing materials are the game changer that makes BMW windshields expensive.

Gobain Sekurit makes windshields for BMW. This organization follows the same process to produce glass-like parts for cars. But the windshields undergo several inspections and examinations before being installed in a BMW vehicle.

Generally, Gobain Sekurit uses the basic raw materials used in making glasses. But, like other companies, they also use silica, soda ash, sodium, and calcium oxide to produce a glass windshield.

But the windshield goes through hardcore tempering and quenching, making it ready for a clear vision for the driver. After all these processes and quality control inspections, they won’t certify it if it fails the tests. This is why the lowest price of a BMW windshield is around $340.

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Should You Replace Or Repair Your BMW Windshield?

Answering this question is a bit tricky. It depends on your budget and your BMW windshield’s condition. According to expert mechanics, you should repair the BMW windshield since it’s cheaper than replacing it.

Without any silly sally, find out the facts and solve your doubts from the discussion below.


First, let’s discuss your budget before you decide to replace or repair your BMW windshield. You’ll have to spend approximately $150 to fix the windshield. If you want to install a new windshield in your BMW, you must pay $200 to $500 for the average BMW vehicle.

The replacement price can exceed 700 bucks when the BMW is the latest model. So, if you’ve got a higher budget, go for a replacement. Repair the windshield if your budget is limited. 


The condition of your BMW windshield is a prime factor in deciding your decision. It’s not a severe issue to drive your BMW with a minor crack on the windshield. But, consider replacing the windshield when the damage is visible to the naked eye.

Experts claim you should replace the windshield if you notice a crack over three inches. If you accidentally damage the windscreen, making it tough to drive, replace it without hesitation.

Available Aftermarket Parts

This is the best choice for tight-budget drivers. We recommend you replace the BMW windshield if you’ve after-market windshields available near your car dealer shops. 

But remember to check the dimensions carefully. Otherwise, it’ll be a total waste of money.

Then comes the scarcity of after-market windshields. If you don’t find any second-hand windshields and your budget is limited, repairing them is a better option.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some questions may arise while you take your BMW to the repair shop to fix its windshields. But first, you should know your BMW’s sensitive details and some essential facts. So, we’ve gathered some crucial answers to your questions.

Can you DIY the windshield replacement?

We don’t recommend you DIY your BMW’s windshield, especially if you’re a fresh driver. Since you’re a newbie, you don’t know about proper dimensions and how to use the tools properly. So instead, it would help if you took your BMW to the nearest mechanic shop to fix the damaged windshield.

Should I replace my BMW’s cracked windshield?

No, you shouldn’t replace the windshield if it’s a minor crack. For example, you can drive a BMW vehicle with a cracked windshield under three inches.

However, expert mechanics and popular repair shops advise changing the damaged windshield as soon as possible. 

Are after-market windshields better replacements?

After-market windshields are a better option when you have a limited budget. Abstain from buying these windshields if you lack experience. Repairing a windshield costs lower than a replacement. You should install a new windshield in your BMW if you have the budget. 

Do I’ve to change the window along with the windshield?

You don’t have to change the window unless both the window and the windshield get damaged. But then, the window is not related to the windshield. So, don’t worry about changing new windows when the windshield is seriously damaged.

Final Words

BMW cars are made of solid and light materials that increase their durability. This is the same for a BMW windshield. However, changing the windshield can be costly for some drivers. But repairing is also possible with a limited budget.

We hope the discourse on BMW windshield replacement cost according to its model and year has provided you with the required info. Check out the latest market price before you install a new windshield. If you want to reduce the cost, go for an after-market windshield.

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