6 Common BMW Fuel Pump Control Module Failure Symptoms

It’s an emergency, and you must go to the scene as quickly as possible, but your BMW won’t start. As a result of your investigation, you discover that the fuel pump control module has malfunctioned. However, what went wrong to cause this? 

Obviously, you need to get a new one, but you also need to understand how the current one broke. The fuel pump control module is vulnerable to dirt and other pollutants because of its location in the gas tank. Also, it can fail due to overheating.

These are the common causes of fuel pump control module failure. Now let’s talk about symptoms and precautions in more detail so that you can get a clear idea about it. Read further for more information. 

What are the common BMW fuel pump control module failure symptoms? 

It’s a lot of fun to drive a BMW. However, the fun quickly becomes a nightmare when the fuel pump control module fails. To avoid unnecessary risks, you should be aware of the symptoms of the fuel pump control module failing in your BMW.

Below, we will discuss some noticeable signs that your BMW’s fuel pump control module is failing.

1. Hard idling / sputtering engine

If your BMW’s fuel pump control module is malfunctioning, you may experience sputtering or hard idling. 

The engine’s inability to idle smoothly or sputtering are symptoms of a faulty fuel pump control module, among other potential causes. 

If you have this symptom, you should check your fuel control module. Remember this warning sign, as BMW repairs can be costly, and you would want to avoid driving an expensive vehicle with a broken system.

When you notice these signs, Replace your fuel filter and clean your fuel injection system. If it doesn’t fix your car, service your car.

2. The engine turns over but won’t start

People fear when the engine turns over but won’t start in their BMW because it is such a prestigious brand. Don’t freak out; instead, try to gain a handle on the matter. 

A faulty fuel pump control module may be to blame when there is no movement in the engine because fuel is not getting to the engine. It’s possible that the fuel pump failed or the fuel injectors are clogged.

We advise cleaning the fuel injector first, but if it doesn’t help, a new fuel pump should be tried.

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3. Performance won’t reach the expectation 

BMW has a stellar reputation for performance. Buyers typically focus on the vehicle’s performance specs when considering a BMW. 

Your car’s performance will suffer if the fuel pump control module is malfunctioning.

In this case, the engine will not receive the proper amount of fuel or fuel pressure, and your BMW will not perform to your expectations. 

When you experience performance issues, check the fuel pump driver module and diagnose it.

4. Producing heavy smoke

When you start the engine, you will see that your vehicle emits a lot of smoke. The fuel pump issue causes this problem. 

If you continue to ignore this problem, the severity of the consequences for your vehicle will continue to worsen, and it will also harm the environment. 

In order to solve this issue, you will first need to diagnose it. Changing fuel injector is another option for resolving this problem.

5. Power loss

A defective fuel filter module causes a loss of power. In other words, it’s as if you were trying to accelerate a car but the car wasn’t receiving the full force of your acceleration. 

Several clogged auto parts brought it on, but fuel pump problems are the most common ones. Don’t ignore it if it happens to your car; the problem will only worsen with time.

First, you’ll need to find the fuel filter so you can fix the issue on your own. If your fuel filter is clogged, you can replace it or take your car to a mechanic.

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6. Engine surging

If you take your leg off the paddle while reversing, you’ll feel like you’ve gone a little further than you have. A malfunctioning module system may be to blame. 

Paying attention to this problem could be life-saving since it could save your life. If your car’s module system is malfunctioning, it will slowly but surely cause visible wear and tear over time.

Changing your fuel pump is something we recommend if you ever find yourself in such a situation. 

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Some Causes Of BMW Fuel Pump Control Module Failure

Because BMW parts and repairs are so expensive, everyone dreams of operating a BMW without encountering difficulties. You can eliminate the risk by taking preventative measures, freeing you from worrying about the issues we covered in the previous section.

Low fuel in the tank 

It’s common for people to continue driving even after significantly reducing their fuel supply. If there isn’t enough fuel in the tank, the good part of the tank will get too hot and start to deteriorate. 

Also, the weight of fuel is vital in transferring it from the tank to the engine. Therefore we advise you to stop before your fuel tank becomes critically low and fill it up.

Change the oil frequently

Since symptoms aren’t immediately visible, many individuals delay oil changes. Insufficient oil changes will degrade your fuel pump. 

Friction from insufficient oil levels damages the fuel pump, requiring maintenance. Reduced oil lubrication causes rising heat, leading to fuel pump motor resistance and system failure.

Dirty fuel 

Dirty fuel could damage your BMW’s fuel pump. Even if there is a filter to remove dirt and pollutants, some of it will still make its way into the fuel pump. 

If foreign matter gets into the fuel pump, it will malfunction. Maintaining a clean filter will reduce the amount of wear and tear caused by dirty fuel.

Quality fuel 

The quality of the fuel you put into your car matters incredibly to its longevity. Better fuel means less wear and tear on your engine and other vital components and better performance. 

The incorrect fuel could damage the fuel pump in your car. Filling up your BMW with premium fuel that contains detergent is the finest tip we can give you.

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To the best of our abilities, we’re addressing inquiries about the below information. We hope you find the solutions you need.

How Can I Tell If My BMW Fuel Pump Control Module Is Faulty?

When the fuel pump control module fails, you may experience issues such as the car not starting or a cranky sensation when driving. While some people may experience a rough idle, others may have performance issues, excessive black smoke, surge, or insufficient power.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Faulty Fuel Pump Control Module?

We strongly advise against driving your car if you know the fuel pump is not functioning correctly. If you do so, you risk experiencing a sudden loss of power or potentially the vehicle coming to a complete stop.

Can A Faulty Fuel Pump Control Module Cause The Engine To Stall?

An unexpected loss of engine power may indicate a problem with the fuel pump relay. If the fuel pump relay fails while driving, it will cut power to the pump, preventing the engine from starting. That means the engine will stall. 

Can A Faulty Fuel Pump Control Module Be Diagnosed With A Diagnostic Tool?

Yes, it’s possible to detect faulty fuel pump control modules with a diagnostic tool. By doing this, you can get the diagnosis more accurately.

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You now know when to replace the fuel pump control module and how to check it. Identifying this problem is as simple as keeping an eye out for a few obvious signs, and you already know what to do if it does crop up. 

Using high-quality fuel, changing the oil periodically, and keeping a sufficient fuel supply will keep your BMW operating smoothly. 

Suppose you replace unclean filters and clean gasoline injectors. Then, you can lessen module damage. These procedures will prevent BMW repairs.

You can handle most of the tasks here on your own, but if you’d rather not or are unable to, you can always hire a technician.

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