BMW X3 Windshield Replacement Cost: Model Wise All Possible Costs

The BMW X3 is one of the most luxurious compact SUVs available in the market. With excellent performance, it also offers superior durability. However, the maintenance of this car is not as cheap as other similar models. If the windshield of your X3 gets damaged for any reason, you will need to replace it. So, what is the BMW X3 windshield replacement cost?

Several variables determine the price of replacing the windshield on your BMW X3. You’ll see that the price varies but generally ranges from $200 at the lowest end and $1000 at the most, depending on the model and your location.

Thus, if your BMW X3 windshield needs replacement and you are confused about the total cost, we are here to guide you with everything you need to know. 

Model Wise BMW X3 windshield Replacement Cost

Different years of X3 came with different specifications and offered more features than its previous generations. As a result, the overall cost of windshield replacement can also vary. 

Down below, we will discuss the glass replacement cost of a few of the most popular models of X3 out there.

ModelCost of PartsMechanic Cost
BMW X3 2003$294-$355$250
BMW X3 2006$300-$377$255
BMW X3 2007$327-$380$200-$300
BMW X3 2017$500-$650$300
BMW X3 2020$705-$850$360
BMW X3 2022$700-$900$360

BMW X3 – 2003

The 2003 model is the first year of X3; hence the windshield replacement cost is less than other models. Parts will cost around $294-$355, and you will need to pay around $250 for the mechanic cost.

BMW X3 – 2006

Next popular model of the BMW X3 is the 2006 model, and the windshield replacement cost is nearly the same as the 2003 model. The parts cost around $300-$377, and the mechanic cost is around $255.

BMW X3 – 2007

The 2007 X3 has a similar windshield change cost to its earlier models. You will find a replacement windshield for around $327-$380, and the mechanic cost is between $200-$300.

BMW X3 – 2017

The 2017 BMW X3 has a higher windshield replacement cost as the new generations come with many sensors, and the installation process is also quite complicated. The replacement parts are between $500-$650, and mechanics cost around $300.

BMW X3 – 2020/2022

The BMW X 3 2020 and 2022 model uses the same kind of windshield with similar sensors, so the replacement cost is also quite the same for both models. You will find a new windshield for between $700-$900, and the mechanics’ cost will be $360.

How much does the repair shop charge to replace the x3 windshield? 

Replacing the windshield in your BMW X3 by yourself is a challenging task. So, the best practice is to visit a repair shop. 

Now, all repair shops won’t charge you the same, and there will be a difference in the pricing. 

Thus, to make your life easier, we have decided to list down a few of the most popular repair shops’ pay rates.

Shop NameState Parts CostReplacement Cost
Safelite AutoglassFresno, CA$294-$700$250
Glass AmericaAustin, Tx$290-$650$220
A Plus Windshield Repair & Headlight RestorationSmyrna, GA$400-$900$300
Executive Glass LLCEast Hartford, CT$295-$695$250
Auto Glass On The MoveSan Mateo, CA$280-$600$250
Glass Doctor of ClevelandCleveland, OH$280-$700$400-$500

When Should you replace a BMW X3 windshield? 

Sometimes, you can get away with a simple repair on your X3 windshield. For example, if small leaks or molds come off, you can get away with repairs that will cost much less than replacement. But, If there is bigger damage, then replacement is a must.

Big Cracks on the Windshield

Although a little fracture in the windshield, approximately three inches long, may be readily mended, it is still not unsafe to drive with it. However, clearly broken glass should be changed as soon as possible since it not only impairs visibility during driving but also offers less protection.

Cracks weaken the windshield’s whole structure. The next time you get into an accident, no matter how slight, you face the chance of entirely shattering or separating your windshield, which might cause injury to those within.

Multiple chips in the Windshield

A replacement is required if a rock chucks and punches a hole in your windshield or if it develops many chips, occasionally covering the entire surface. 

Remember that the windshield is the most durable window in your automobile. In the event of damage, it is crucial to repair this sandwiched layer as soon as possible since it holds the entire structure together.

Factors Affect BMW x3 windshield Replacement Pricing

There are basically three factors that will affect the overall windshield replacement pricing for your BMW X3. Down below, we will talk about all of them. 

Model of your car

The first factor that emphasizes the total cost of windshield replacement in your BMW X3 is the exact model of your car. Every model of the X3, depending on its manufacturing year, requires a different type of windshield; hence the price also varies according to that.


Another key factor that decides the pricing is your location. Different locations can have different sets of pricing for windshield replacement. For example, you can expect to pay less for the repair in Texas compared to the repair cost paid in NY.

Type of part

The last factor which determines the replacement price is the type of replacement part you are getting. 

Your choice of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket components required for the repair also affects the overall cost. 

You’ll observe a substantial pricing difference between aftermarket components.


This section is all about FAQs related to today’s discussion, which will further clear all your confusion.

Is it better to replace or repair a cracked windshield?

Longer cracks can occasionally be fixed, but in most cases, those that are bigger than a dollar bill need to be replaced. Likewise to this, a windshield replacement is necessary if a chip is wider than a quarter.

Do windshields fall under the BMW warranty?

If the fracture resulted from a manufacturer’s error, the warranty would be valid no matter the situation. However, if the windshield is damaged due to your negligence, it will only be covered if you buy Windshield Security as part of an extended warranty.

How long can I drive around with a cracked windshield?

The period of time that a cracked windshield may be driven safely is not predetermined. When a break is small and uncertain to develop, it may be feasible to continue driving for several days, weeks, or even months without suffering further harm.

Is there a way to stop a windshield crack from spreading?

Filling the chip with cyanoacrylate glue, which is sometimes sold as Superglue, is an inexpensive approach to prevent a windshield fracture from expanding without making a hole in the glass. This quick patch should keep the crack together for a week or two.


Driving your BMW X3 with a broken windshield can be annoying. It can prevent a clear view of the road, causing accidents. Additionally, it can make the aesthetic of your car less appealing. So, you will need to replace it asap.

As the replacement cost varies depending on many factors, you can become confused about the exact price. You must properly know the exact model of your BMW X3 and the serial of the windshield. 

Aftermarket windshields can come at low prices, but the best option is to get the exact same one from the manufacturer. This will ensure that you have a good quality product that should last for many years.

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