How To Unlock A BMW with Keys Locked Inside? [Detailed Guide]

Have you locked your BMW keys inside the car? Locking your keys inside your BMW can be a frustrating experience. So. It’s necessary to know how to unlock a BMW with keys locked  inside? 

The easiest way to unlock a Bmw with locked keys is using a spare key. If it doesn’t work, a coat hanger, online app, or car’s antenna can also be helpful to do so. 

Fortunately there are also several methods for retrieving your keys without expensive repair. In this article, we will discuss all the possible ways to unlock a BMW which have locked keys inside. 

How to Unlock a BMW with Keys Locked Inside? 

As we said earlier, there are different ways to unlock a bmw with keys locked inside. Among them, the most possible methods are going to be described below: 

Use the spare key 

BMW cars usually come with a set of keys. So, once the first key gets locked inside the car, it’s better to try to find the second key to unlock your bmw. 

Unfortunately if you lost your spare key or couldn’t find it anymore. But don’t worry. Here  are more methods you can try to unlock a BMW with keys locked inside. 

Use the key fob

When you own a bmw, you’re probably enjoying a keyless entry system. So, if you have the key fob in your pocket or wallet, it will surely help to open the door.

To do so, press the ‘Unlock’ button of the keyfob until the door opens. But if the key fob doesn’t work or you have left at your residence, then the following tricks are available for you. 

Access the car’s online app 

With the blessings of technology, you can add a key to your compatible iPhone or Android mobile phone to lock, unlock, or start the BMWs. It even works without taking out the phone using the Ultra Wideband Technology. 

To unlock a bmw with keys locked inside, make sure that you are logged into your My BMW App. Now open the app and go to “Unlock and Drive” to unlock the car. 

Use a clothe’s hanger 

One of the most common ways to retrieve bmw keys is using a straightened wire coat hanger. This process has five simple steps. 

  • Find a coat hanger and straighten it out with a pair of pliers. But make sure that you leave the curved end in its original shape. 
  • Now insert the hanger between the car window.
  • Then grope for a small pin with the hanger. Move the hanger around in the gap until you feel a small pin. 
  • Now loop the curved end of the hanger around the pin and pull it back towards the rear of the car.
  • Remove the coat hanger from the door after successfully unlocking the door. 

Unlock the car’s door with a string 

This is one of the most popular ways to unlock a bmw with keys locked inside. According to these methods, you’ll need to have a shoelace, or a fishing line, or any type of string that is thick enough. 

So, have a shoelace or a string and make sure that it is long enough (at least 2 m) to cover the window diagonally. Now make a slip knot in the middle of the string. 

Then slide the string in through the top of the door and try to fit it over the knob. Once you put the loop over the lock mechanism, pull the string ends apart to tie the knot and pull up. Here you go the car is unlocked!

Try a long rod and a wedge 

Another important way to unlock a bmw is using a long rod, a wedge, and an airbag. You can also use a car’s antenna as an alternative to a rod. This method can be so tricky but not so difficult at all. 

First, pull out the door frame by pushing the wedge and pumping the airbag. Keep it doing until you can put your finger between the gaps. Now take the rod and insert it through the gap. Once your tools are inserted, push your car’s unlock button.

But if your bmw features the anti-theft system, this process is not gonna work. In this case, you can push the car’s door handle to unlock it with the same rod.    

Using a metal scale

A metal scale can also be a useful tool that can help you to unlock your bmw with a key. To do so, first you should have a metal scale. 

Then bend it from the end. Once you’re done, gently push the scale near the lock toggle. Keep pushing, until the door is open. 

Call a Locksmith 

Unfortunately if you don’t get any tools that can help you to unlock your bmw with keys locked inside, you will probably look for a locksmith. 

Online service providers such as AAA, OnStar, AARP, Carchex etc. have special lock tool kits and they are available everywhere to help you. 


We’ve discussed eight possible ways to unlock a bmw without a key. But still do you have more questions to know? Well, here we go:

Can I unlock a BMW if I don’t have the key code? 

Yes, you can still unlock a BMW if you don’t have the key code. You can do it by following some alternative ways such as using a coat hanger, long rod, wedge, etc. it can also be done with the help of a roadside assistant or a professional locksmith. 

Is it possible to unlock a BMW if the key fob is damaged? 

If the key fob is damaged, it is impossible to unlock a BMW remotely. But it is possible to unlock the car manually using the physical key. 

What should I do if I lose my BMW keys? 

You should buy a replacement key from the nearest BMW center if you lose your BMW keys. But it can be slightly expensive as it can cost up to $500. You may also have a spare key and you can use it as an alternate one. 

Can I unlock my BMW with OnStar or another roadside assistance service? 

Yes, you can unlock your BMW with onstar or another roadside assistance service. onStar and other roadside assistance such as AAA, Carchex, or AARP are available to serve people with emergency car issues 24 hours in a day. 

Can I unlock my BMW with a dead key fob? 

No, you cannot unlock your BMW with a dead key fob if you prefer keyless entry. But you can do it manually if you have got the physical key. 


Dealing with a bmw with a key locked inside the car is always a hassle and money and time consuming task. So, if you always have the bad luck to lock the key inside the car, it’s better to follow some precautions to avoid these types of hassles. 

For example, don’t forget to bring the spare key with yourself. You should also have a keyfob if you prefer keyless entry and make sure that it’s working. Besides, ensure that you have downloaded your car companion app on your phone  and you have an account on the online service provider’s sites. 

Fortunately, there is another way to unlock a BMW with keys locked inside.  Hold down the emergency button on the driver’s side door until it’s open. Sometimes it really does work.

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