BMW Frontal Collision Warning: Know BMW’s Advanced Safety Technology!

The frontal collision warning is an effective BMW safety feature added in the latest models of BMW. This special feature greatly minimizes risks due to collision and provides a safe ride at any point of time.

BMW frontal collision warning analyzes the traffic around you and automatically applies brakes to the BMW accordingly. Thus, this feature helps avoid collisions with any moving or stationary vehicle. This warning also comes into action for any kind of obstacles.

I have thoroughly discussed how the BMW frontal collision warning works in this article for your better understanding. You can also learn how to activate this feature on your BMW.

What is the BMW frontal collision warning?

The BMW frontal collision warning is developed using high end technology that prevents collision with other vehicles. This technology alerts you whenever there is an obstacle in front of the car in the form of lights and sounds. 

In addition to notifying, the warning also causes the car to stop on its own initiative. The frontal collision warning technology constantly keeps track of the vehicles, their speed and possible routes in front of the BMW. 

When the driver does not make a concise decision timely, the system activates and slows down the BMW. It can also stop the BMW completely in order to prevent collisions accordingly. 

This system uses cameras, radars, and sensors to operate smoothly. The cameras and sensors at the front take data and provide a quick reaction to stop or slow down.

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How does the BMW frontal collision warning work?

BMW frontal collision warning uses the mixture of a few high end technological wonders. It includes radar systems, different types of sensors and advanced braking technologies. I have gathered the different components with which this system works below:

Using radar based systems

In order to monitor the traffic all around the BMW, the collision warning widely depends upon radar based systems. BMW sports a radar with a short range at the front bumper of the car. 

There is also a camera included in this system. This radar continuously scans the surroundings of the BMW and calculates any potential collisions.

This short range radar is set with a specific distance. If any object or vehicle enters within this range, the collision warning goes off. 

The radar waves hit the object at the front and reflect back to the BMW. Then, the frontal collision warning is activated and slows down the car.

Distance sensors

Distance sensors are also an important part of the radar system. These sensors keep a close eye on the distance of every object around the BMW. 

Once this sensor detects any vehicle moving or getting too close to the front of the BMW, it sends a signal to the warning system.

After that, a warning message will show up on your dashboard, letting you know about the close range. It will not stop beeping and setting off warning sounds unless you increase the distance between the vehicle and BMW. 

Speed sensors

Speed sensors are another incredible feature of the frontal collision warning system. This sensor calculates the BMW speed and the speed of the vehicles in front of it. With that acquired data, it anticipates all the possible collisions. 

If the speed sensor detects the speed you are going with can result in a collision, it rings the emergency alerts. 

At the same time, it displays a warning symbol on the dashboard so that the driver can slow down significantly. If he does not, the next step is activated.

Automatic emergency braking

Automatic emergency braking is the last step of the frontal collision warning system. Once the radars and sensors warn you but you still fail to control the BMW accordingly, this emergency braking comes into the light. 

The braking is done automatically so that you can take over and fully hit the brakes at first.

However, if you fail to apply the brakes on time, automatic emergency braking will do that for you. This feature urgently triggers the brakes in order to avoid colliding with the car at front. 

It is still recommended to press the brakes on your own instead of fully depending on the automatic emergency braking.

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How to Activate the BMW frontal collision warning?

If your BMW already features the frontal collision warning, there is a big chance it is automatically activated. I have found more ways to activate the warning on BMW.

In some models of BMW, there will be a forward collision warning button on the dashboard. You can simply press on it to activate or deactivate the system. 

Additionally, you can turn on the frontal collision warning from the display screen of the BMW. Go to Settings and select the frontal collision warning option to activate it.

When you are driving at a speed more than 10 mph, the BMW frontal collision warning auto activates. Same happens when you cross the boundary distance with any vehicle.


I have tried my best to include all the rest of the questions there could be regarding the BMW frontal collision warning. After completing this section, there will be no confusion left in your mind about this topic.

Can I turn off the forward collision warning on BMW?

Yes, you can turn off the forward collision warning on BMW. Find the frontal collision warning button on the BMW dashboard. Press it to deactivate the system once again. You can also access the Settings from the display screen and then turn off the warning from there. But doing so is not recommended at all.

Why is my BMW frontal collision warning light on?

If your BMW frontal collision warning light is on, it means that the distance with the vehicle at the front is too less. Moreover, it can also mean that the speed of the BMW is likely to collide with another vehicle. The warning light is on your BMW to alert you of it and take action accordingly.

Why does the BMW frontal collision warning error appear?

If your BMW shows a frontal collision warning system inactive message, it means the system is turned off. Due to software issues and extreme weather conditions, this error can occur. As a result, the system won’t be able to detect any plausible frontal collisions. 

What does the BMW frontal collision light look like?

The BMW frontal collision light looks like a symbol with two cars crashing by the front. This light will turn yellow when it detects a vehicle to analyze closeby. It turns into a red light once you cross the boundary speed and distance to warn you immediately. 


BMW frontal collision warning can be a literal life saver feature with plenty of advantages. It makes up for the lack of skill of the driver who is unable to make the brakes correctly. 

So, being aware of this light and reacting to the warnings can ensure a safe ride in your beloved BMW. Always make sure to maintain a safe amount of distance from any vehicle ahead of you. 

Pay attention to the frontal collision warning light at all times. The moment it flashes red, make sure to either steer away to a safer direction or press down the brakes. 

Keep in mind that this feature cannot completely prevent a crash without the driver’s help. So, the frontal collision warning is just a helping hand to minimize the chances of an accident. 

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