Battery Discharge Increased In BMW? (7 Reasons Why)

Battery Discharge Increased In BMW? If you own a Luxury 7 Series Sedan or any other BMW model, you have probably seen the Battery Discharged message on the Dash. It can show up any time the ignition is turned on and is very annoying, especially if you see it before a long trip. 

There are many reasons that cause the increased battery discharge. The most frequent causes include, but are not limited to, an outdated battery, frequent short-distance driving, leaving the light on, and many others.

Increased battery discharge is a serious problem that could leave you stranded on the road. Fortunately, you can follow a few strategies to prevent this inconvenience. Keep reading to find out more.

Battery Discharge Increased In BMW
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Symptoms of Battery Discharge Increased In BMW

There are a few symptoms. Early detection of these symptoms enables you to make the necessary preparations to deal with the problem and find a solution before any further harm is done. You might experience one of the following problems regarding battery discharge issues.

  • The battery discharge error message is the first warning sign you will find
  • Difficulty in starting the engine or refusing to crank
  • In cold weather, the vehicle might require a jump start 
  • There could be several electrical problems.
  • Check engine light 

7 Reasons For Battery Discharge Increased In BMW

Earlier we have briefly mentioned the reasons behind increased battery discharge; in this part, we will elaborate on each point.

1: Old Battery 

A BMW battery typically lasts 5-8 years if properly maintained. The battery is considered old if it has already passed more than 5 years. Old batteries are less able to hold a charge and discharge more quickly. 

2: Driving Short distances More often 

When it’s cold outside, people prefer to use their cars, even for short trips. For instance, they drive even though it is only a short walk to the grocery store or department store, significantly draining the battery.

3: Auto Start-Stop Feature 

Recent BMW vehicles include an engine Start/Stop feature. While this feature saves gas, it also has the drawback of not turning off any other accessories when the engine is turned off.

4: More  Accessories 

The heating system, heated steering, and heated seats are just a few of the accessories that draw power from the battery. These accessories or battery consumers are responsible for a significant amount of battery power.

5: Using the Cigarette Outlet for High Power Device

The cigarette outlet of the car is often used to power up the small part, such as the dash cam, but if the outlet is used for a high-power electrical device, then the device uses up more power and causes battery drain.

6: Leave the Light On 

Sometimes you might forget to put the light off, which causes the battery to drain. If the light stays on for the whole night, you might have a dead battery in the morning.

7: Loose connection 

This is one more factor contributing to increased battery discharge. The battery will take long to charge fully if the connections are corroded or loose. Additionally, the battery may drain as a result of the corroded connections.

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How To Fix Battery Discharge Increased In BMW?

Fixing the battery discharge issue relies on recognizing and solving the reason behind the problem. Here are some common fixing strategies that you can follow.

Use a few accessory Features

A few accessory features, such as a heated seat or steering wheel, might significantly reduce the battery drain. More importantly, turn off everything after turning off the ignition. 

Replacing the Old Battery 

A healthy BMW battery can last up to five years. It is preferable to get a new battery if the old one is older than five years. 

However, if the issue persists and the discharge message reappears after the battery has been replaced, you might have to conduct additional troubleshooting.

EDC Module and Cigarette Outlet

If connected, the EDC module might draw excessive current, triggering increased discharge messages. Disconnect the EDC module to avoid an excessive draw. 

On the other hand, unplug any high-power charger if it is plugged into a cigarette outlet. Plugging the high-power charger into the cigarette outlet reduces battery power if it stays connected for a long time.

Faulty IBS Sensor

The IBS sensor in the battery’s negative terminal occasionally malfunctions and causes the parasitic draw.

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Helpful Tips and Guidelines Before Replacing BMW Battery 

Unfortunately, if you have to replace the battery, these guidelines will help you successfully replace the battery. At least you know what to do. 

Battery Must have the same physical Dimension 

When you have to replace the battery, the first point to consider is the size of the battery. This is important because the equipment that holds the battery in place is made to hold the battery of a particular size. 

If the size of a new battery is not the same as that of the faulty battery, the equipment that holds the battery might not hold it tight. Therefore, the battery is more likely to move and vibrate, causing internal damage to the battery and decreasing the battery life.

Replace the Battery with the same CCA

CCA stands for the battery’s electrical capacity. The replacement battery should be of the same size in terms of CCA. The vehicle’s electrical system will malfunction if a battery with a lower CCA is installed, which will reduce battery life.

Type of the Battery 

Here is yet another point to consider. When replacing the battery make sure to stick to the factory battery type. The white one indicates the typical lead acid battery, and the black battery is an AGM.

FAQs: Battery Discharge Increased In BMW

While explaining why battery discharge increased in BMW, we attempted to address several pertinent issues. Here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to know.

What is the lifespan of a BMW battery?

On average, a BMW Battery will last at least 3 to 7 years. Of course, regular maintenance like cleaning or checking the battery’s health will increase the battery’s life span.

How Much Does a BMW Battery Cost?

On average, the cost of replacing the BMWs battery is somewhere between $300 and $500, including labor and parts. However, it depends on several other factors, such as the type of battery or difficulty in replacing the battery.

How often should you inspect the BMW Battery?

You should inspect your BMW battery at least once a year, but the best practice is to check it twice a year. 

Can I replace the BMW battery myself?

Yes, you can replace the battery of your BMW by yourself. However, if you do not have any previous experience, we suggest you take help from an expert.

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Conclusion: Battery Discharge Increased In BMW

Now that you know why battery discharge increased in BMW. When you have a battery discharge issue, look for the exact reason behind the issue. Once you have the cause, find the best solution. 

Before replacing the battery in your BMW, you should also complete the registration process, review the warranty details, and, last but not least, get a quality replacement to ensure the battery lasts as long as possible.

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