BMW Parking Lamp Malfunction? (5 Reasons Why)

Let’s get real, we all love to see the parking lamp shining bright on a BMW, right? It makes the car look even more enticing. And, of course, it’s not just about the looks. They are very functional too. Thus, like us, it may spread bad feelings if your BMW parking lamp goes through a malfunction.

So, what causes BMW parking lamp to malfunction? Some common causes are dead bulbs, battery flaws, blown-out fuses, and corrosion in the wires. Even things like short circuits can cause this problem to happen with short circuits from the parking switch.

However, things will get much clearer once you get into the details of the causes. So, let’s get going with it to understand the issue a bit better.

BMW Parking Lamp Malfunction

5 Causes Of BMW Parking Lamp Malfunction

The good thing about BMW is that you will get a notification saying ‘parking lamp malfunction’ on your dashboard. Also, it’s an issue that should be pretty evident. 

You can easily see whether the parking lights are working properly or not. Now, let’s check out the reasons for this malfunction to occur –

1: Bulbs Dying Out

One of the most obvious and common causes of BMW parking lamp malfunction is the bulb dying out. This issue is just like any other bulb problem out there. 

It’s almost a certain issue when you notice one light is working, but the other isn’t. This situation means the light that’s not working has died. 

The solution for this one is simple. You have to swap out the dead bulb with a new one. The best part is that you can do it yourself. You must refer to the manual to find the bulb location and then replace it accordingly.

The prices of the bulbs greatly vary based on the BMW model. For most models, you can assume a price of $5 to $30.

2: Blown-out Fuse

A blown-out fuse sounds familiar, no? Fuses blowing out is a pretty common scenario for any household electricity lines. The same thing can happen in the case of your BMW car. 

The fuse of your car lights can blow out when the voltage passing through it exceeds a certain limit.

Fixing the issue is as simple as swapping out the bulb. You have to buy new fuses of the same specifications. Make sure to buy high-quality ones because you don’t want them to blow out again.

To solve the issue, refer back to the manual and look for the fuse locations for your parking lamps. 

Once you find that, you can replace the fuse without needing too many tools. The whole thing is similar to swapping out a fuse at your home.

Swapping out the fuses should cost you around $3 to $10 for the fuses.

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3: Corroded Wires

The BMW wiring connections to the parking lamps can corrode over time. The battery fumes are the culprits for corroding the wires over time. Corroded wires usually fail to function properly because of higher voltage resistance.

Upon close inspection, you can easily determine if there is corrosion in the wires or not. Corroded wires will have a green substance on the surface that is visible to the naked eye. The fix for that is also quite simple; you must replace them.

Wires aren’t too expensive, but we recommend getting professional help. Because the wiring can be tricky, you will have trouble with it if you don’t have experience. So, the cost will be around $90 to $120 for replacing the wires, including the labor cost.

4: Flaws With the Battery

A very rare case that can cause a BMW parking lamp to malfunction is problems with the battery. The specific issue here comes with the voltage. 

When your battery isn’t capable enough to fulfill the voltage requirement of your car, it will not send power to the parking lamps because the parking lamp isn’t a high-priority resource.

To test out the problem, take a multimeter and check your battery. If the battery isn’t supplying the required amount of voltage, then the battery can be a cause of the problem. 

The fix is pretty simple; you can either charge the battery or replace it completely.  

In case of replacement, the cost can be somewhere around $250 to $550. And yes, you can replace the battery yourself without any need for professional help. Refer to the manual to avoid any mistakes if you are too concerned.

5: Short Circuit

It would be best if you only worried about this cause after driving your BMW car in the rain for a long time. Because of the rain, there can be moisture build up on the parking switch. 

So, when you try to turn on the switch, you will notice a short circuit there. Another reason for a short circuit is loose wires.

You will get the parking lamp malfunction message on your dashboard for any short circuit. Solving the issue is quite easy. 

If the reason is moisture buildup, then take a dry cloth and clean the moisture from your parking switch. As for the loose wires, you can take a plier and tighten them accordingly.

None of the fixes will cost you a penny. So you don’t have to worry about any expenses.

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Still, have some questions in your mind? Well, then, we recommend checking out this section. Here, we will answer some common questions that many people ask about a lamp malfunction in a BMW.

How do I fix my BMW parking light malfunction?

First, you have to determine the cause of your parking light malfunction. The most common cause is a dead bulb. In that case, you have to replace the bulb with a new one, and that should fix it.

What does a parking lamp malfunction on a BMW mean?

A parking lamp malfunction message on the dashboard of your BMW means there is a problem with your parking lamp. The lamps can have dead bulbs, blown-out fuse, or short circuits on the switch. It just means your parking lamps aren’t functioning properly.

How Do You Change A BMW Parking Light?

To change a BMW parking light, remove the clip cover from the top first. There, you will see several lights. Parking lights are usually on the top part of the assembly. Remove the parking light, take out the bulb and replace it.

What Is A BMW Side Light?

BMW side lights are parking lights that you get on the sides of your primary headlights. The use of a parking light is for parking your car in low lighting or cloudy conditions.

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We don’t think there is anything else left for us to discuss regarding the parking lamp malfunction on a BMW. You already know all the possible causes, and you even know the fixes for each of them.

We can only add how you can troubleshoot your car to find the problem. It would be best if you went to the menu option from the console dashboard to do that. From there, you can know about your vehicle status, which tells you about any issues with your BMW.

If you still need help figuring out why then the best course is to go to a professional mechanic. That should be enough to fix your parking lamp malfunction problem.

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