What Causes BMW Navigation System Problem?Diagnosis & Fix

For BMW owners, navigational issues are common, but they can be a nightmare. I experienced it as well. The first time I faced a navigation issue, I could not find out why it happened! And that made me do some in-depth research on it.

The most common reasons, I find,  for the BMW Navigation system problem include a burned-out fuse, bad wiring, and corrosion build-up around the critical parts. Periodic software errors, a weak GPS battery, and a lack of updates may also be to blame.

Alongside the detailed reasons, I will share their quick fixes and the best ways to prevent such issues in the future. So this might be your lucky day!

What Causes BMW Navigation System Issues and How Do You Fix Them?

As promised, To help you out, I’ll walk you through in detail the common reasons behind the BMW navigation system issue, and I will also discuss some quick fixes that you might find helpful.

1. Technical Issues 

It is not a surprise to hear that technical causes can significantly impact your BMW’s navigation system. And there can be several spots where you can find issues, like –

  • Burnt-out Fuse: Sometimes, your BMW’s electronic components can supply more current than usual. And that’s when a fuse will burn out. Faulty wiring and damaged switches can also cause fuse burning. 
  • Poor Wiring: Loose connections and damaged wiring are the keys. Each should be fixed individually following experts’ instructions. Otherwise, issues with your BMW navigation system may not solve!
  • Corrosion Build-up: Some crucial components of your BMW might be seriously corroded over time. Thus, they will start malfunctioning and cause issues with the overall navigation system unless you eliminate corrosion immediately. 

2. Software Glitch

The bitter truth is that most software issues on the BMW occur for unknown reasons! However, I guess poor user participation, coding errors, and communication failures are some probable causes behind software glitches.

No matter what, I’d highly prefer consulting someone with plenty of knowledge in software. This way, he can sort out the problem with the BMW navigation system.

3. Insufficient Satellite

GPS devices require signals from a minimum of 8 satellites. Thus, the navigation system will be able to locate within a range of 10 meters. 

BMW’s navigation system will struggle to generate required location estimates if there are not enough satellites. 

Even if nothing is wrong with the technical, software, and stuff like that, you’ll find issues with your BMW navigation system. 

In such a case, the fixing isn’t under your thumb! All you need is to try navigating by changing your current location, especially if your BMW navigation system is causing trouble.

4. Low or Poor GPS Battery

GPS requires to have its own battery to run correctly. So, if there is anything wrong with the battery, like poor performance, low power, or inconsistency, rest assured that your BMW navigation system will stop working!

Sometimes, the battery loses its connection through your BMW’s other crucial component, so checking out the battery’s wiring is equally necessary. 

But in contrast, if the battery gets damaged, then I’d say there is nothing to do except replace it so that the navigation system starts working normally.  

5. Lack of Update

Many of us often neglect the necessity of updating our Road Map app. But guess what? If your BMW navigation system is still malfunctioning, even after trying all the nooks and crannies mentioned above, it’s due to the lack of update!

As per the view of Journal News, it’s worth updating your Map app once every 4-5 years, especially if you’re a frequent navigation system user. But sometimes, it’s common for your app to ask for several updates in a year. 

In that case, feel free to update the app so that it can’t create any further issues with your BMW navigation system. 

Best Ways to Prevent BMW Navigation System Problem

If you have better knowledge of the prevention of navigation system issues, it’ll be a breeze to overcome the worst situation. 

So let me give you a helping hand by sharing some handy tips and experts’ recommendations –

  • Always try to observe the crucial components of your BMW related to the navigation system (e.g. fuse, wiring, etc.)
  • GPS tends to suck lots of battery power. So when you aren’t using the navigation system, keep it off to avoid further battery usage. Thus, the battery won’t end up with low power issues.
  • Pay attention to whether the app is in need of an urgent update or not. If yes, do it as soon as possible to stop malfunctioning the navigation system. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Would you like to learn more about the BMW navigation system problem? Well, let me share some frequently asked questions to help you generate more ideas on the issue.

Should I reset the navigation system of my BMW if it’s causing problems?

Yes. Professionals recommend force rebooting your BMW navigation system if it’s causing issues more often. But before you do so, make sure to confirm whether the problem is anywhere else or not. 

What if my navigation system is losing its signal and causing issues?

Among different reasons, poor internet connection and insufficient satellites can cause losing the signal. To prevent it, you must stick with a strong connection. As for the insufficiency of the satellite, you can smoothly overcome the situation by slightly changing the location.

To fix the BMW navigation issue, should I update the GPS, or will it do it automatically? 

It depends and really varies from model to model. Some BMW cars’ navigation systems start updating automatically when needed. In contrast, others will take permission from the user to update or postpone it. 

Does a GPS battery replacement solve issues with the BMW navigation system? 

If the issue regarding the navigation system is for the low battery power, you might be getting better results with the replacement. But I’d prefer taking the manufacturer’s advice to confirm whether the battery-related issue is significant or easily fixable. 


Technical and software issues often cause malfunctioning of the BMW navigation system. So if you’re failing to detect your desired location or can’t hold the connection, give the fuse, wiring, and other tiny components a check. 

On top of that, there is no chance to avoid future updates of the Road Map App. Otherwise, malfunctioning will become a common scenario for your BMW car. And I guess most of us are too busy keeping our systems updated.

Lastly, I want to add that you should never force reboot the navigation system if you haven’t done it before. At least, you should learn the basic knowledge from the tutorial to do it safely. Otherwise, the entire system may get cracked!

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