How To Fix A Melting BMW Door Handle?(Causes Explained)

Last summer, I faced an odd problem with my BMW door handle. It felt very sticky like it was melting. Additionally, when I have to touch my BMW every time I get in or out, it makes my hand filthy and uncomfortable.

So, to get rid of this stickiness, I removed the old melted cover of my BMW door handles and then stitched it with a new handle cover. I used a carbon fiber cover, but materials like leather or fabrics can be used. It depends on your choice.

Sticky door handles catch dust and specks of dirt very quickly. So, if you are hygienic, you will find it very uncomfortable and irritating. Stick with me to learn more about how you can fix melting BMW door handles.

Why Does Your BMW Door Handle Become Sticky?

BMW manufactures most of its car door handles with plastic, and the cover is made of rexine for lower-end models, and high-end cars use genuine leather for door handle covers.

But as a matter of fact, even genuine leather melts in certain situations. Anyway, there are some reasons for the BMW door handle to melt, and those are given below.

Extreme Sunlight

If you live somewhere like Florida or UAE, where half of the year is summer, you have likely seen direct sunlight in your BMW.

The rubber coating starts to melt when your BMW is facing that sunlight for a long time; the rubber coating starts to melt.

Heater On

Sometimes we keep the heater on before getting in our BMW or after getting out to keep it warm. But, when it becomes too long for that heater to work, the rubber coating melts and becomes sticky.

Too Old

The rubber coating is supposed to last for a while. After a few years, even with reasonable care, it will be worn and become sticky. If your BMW has a metallic coating, then you are safe. But, rubber coating will start to fade.

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How To Get Rid Of Sticky BMW Interior Door Handles?

Getting rid of sticky BMW interior door handles is very important as it is irritating, uncomfortable, and sometimes unhealthy because it catches dirt and bacteria easily.

BMW uses a rubberized coating over the aluminum handle to give it a more premium look. But after extended usage and heat, these rubber coated melt and become sticky. 

Some minor and easy fixes will eliminate the stickiness of BMW door handles. You don’t have to be professional; you just need a little guidance which I will provide here.

1. Remove The Rubberised Coating

Use an anti-cutter blade to remove the worn and melted rubber layer as much as possible. You don’t have to go deep, as it can damage the surface underneath it.

2. Use Sandpaper To Smooth

After cutting the rubbers, use sandpaper to brush off the remaining and smooth the door handles. Scratch until you think it’s smooth enough for you.

3. Use Goof Off To Clean

Once you are done using sandpaper, pour Goo Off lubricant into a cup and use a brush to apply it on the BMW door surface.

Wait a few minutes. You will see the remaining rubbers are melting. Bring a fabric cloth and wipe it. Now, it’s all clean, and the stickiness is gone.

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How Much Will It Cost To Repair Sticky BMW Door Handles?

An authorized BMW door handle costs between $15 and $400 if you want a new door handle to eliminate the melted stickiness.

Removing the method I mentioned above will remove the upper layer of BMW door handles, so it is not a permanent fix. Rather than that, it is a straightforward fix and doesn’t cost much.

A list of stuff you will need and their prices are included below:

  • An anti-cutter blade ($5)
  • Sandpaper ($3.99)
  • Goof Off/ Isopropyl alcohol ($12.50)
  • New BMW Interior Door Handle Cover (Depending on Material)

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How Can You Prevent BMW Door Handle Melting?

You can follow prevention methods to help your BMW interior door handles not become sticky. The most helpful process is to wrap the handles with a cover that will also give your BMW a new look.

Here’s how you can prevent your BMW interior door handle from melting and becoming sticky:

  • Search online or go to a nearby car auto parts showroom where they sell different accessories and get a new door handle cover as you like.
  • If you use a carbon fiber wrap or another sticker wrap, you will need an adhesive gun to wrap it. Tell the seller they will do it for you if you don’t have it on.
  • If you are buying a leather cover, they need stitching. If you can, you should do it, or else the seller will charge extra, as it takes some time.

Note: If you have a budget, you can install tinted windows that prevent sunlight from entering your BMW and keep the heat out. Also, don’t forget to turn off the heater after using it.

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BMW mostly makes luxurious cars, so people ask many questions when it comes to irritating stuff about this type of car. Here are some of their answers:

Can I Use Superglue To Get Rid Of Sticky BMW Door Handles?

There are better things to use for getting rid of the stickiness of BMW door handles than super glue. It will work as superglue hardens once they are dry, but it will melt the surface below, which will cause severe damage.

Does Lubricant Help To Remove Stickiness From BMW Door Handles?

Many companies make “Silicon Spray” that smoothens the sticky surface of a BMW door handle. It is wise not to use uncertified lubricant or oil to eliminate that melted rubber. It can be fixed temporarily, but later the condition may worsen.

Who Can Repair A BMW Sticky Door Handle?

The process of fixing the sticky door handle of a BMW is straightforward, and you can do it yourself if you can spare some time. If it is impossible, bring your BMW to any nearby car workshop or garage. They will do it instantly.

What Are The Best Lubricants To Use For Getting Rid Of BMW Door Handles Stickiness?

“Goof Off” most professionals use adhesive remover. But if you don’t like this one, there is an alternative named “Goo Gone.” These two are the most useful and are not very costly. However, the water and soap combination is also very effective.


Imagine sitting inside your BMW and seeing a leather handle on your left. Doesn’t it make your car feel a little more premium? Indeed it does, and that is why we prefer that you get a genuine leather cover for your BMW door handle to prevent it from melting. 

However, it will melt sometime in the future. You can also use Car sun protectors as they are cheap and foldable. They help to reflect sunlight and lower the temperature inside the BMW. 

As a result, the old door handle coating doesn’t melt. Now that you know everything about this, get rid of that irritating stickiness.

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