What Happens If You Put The Wrong Size Battery In Your Car?

What Happens If You Put The Wrong Size Battery In Your
Car? Fact over-sized and under-sized batteries
Yes, the over-sized or under-sized both sized batteries are
equally severely effects on your car’s efficiency. So it is a
must to you to know the destructive impact of over-sized and
under-sized batteries on your automobile. It helps you to
avoid all these to have a longer life span of your favorite car.
Check out our article and know them in detail.


Most car owners look for batteries that they can depend on and ones that last longer than usual. But do they need specific battery types to operate their vehicles? It is a critical question that automobile owners ought to know the truth about battery sizes. Placing the wrong battery size to your car might cause irreversible problems. That is why we are here to help you get the facts you need to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Do you want to know what would happen if you put an oversized battery in your car? Check it out below, and you will take precautions every time you visit your local store to purchase one.

  • Impact on the alternator

An alternator is an essential aspect of your vehicle’s battery system. It generates sufficient amperage to charge your battery while the car runs. Therefore, installing a larger battery will drain a more significant amount of amps during the car’s operations. As a result, it will cause your alternator to wear out sooner.

  • Damage on the fuse panel

It is frustrating to realize that your fuse panel is damaged. You wouldn’t want to incur extra costs on something that you could avoid. Installing an over-sized battery in your car would create changes in the flow of currents. As a result, it could lead to spikes and surges that would permanently damage your fuse panel. Once your on-board computer is destroyed, your car fails to function normally.

  • Damage on the electrical system

If you value your car electronics such as amplifiers and radios, you will avoid installing a more extensive battery like a plague. A larger battery in your vehicle causes electric currents produced to fluctuate. As a result, your regulator that connects to the electronics in your car gets damaged.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the right battery that fits your car to avoid unnecessary problems and costs.


Does a smaller battery affect the performance of your vehicle? Using the wrong size of a cell would affect the performance and efficiency of your car. If you are using a small battery not meant for your vehicle, expect issues to arise.

To help you understand more about under-sized batteries, we have listed problems that you are likely to face with a small-sized battery.

1.Shorter life-span

If you use an undersized battery, it means that it won’t last for a long time. Moreover, having a small cell in your car would need frequent charging. You will only go for short trips before your battery is dead.

2.Loss of power

A small battery size in your vehicle may eventually lead to loss of power. You won’t use your accessories comfortably because the power supply is not enough. Unfortunately, your headlights may fail to function normally due to an insufficient amount of energy.

3.Weak cranking power

We all need reliable batteries, especially during extreme worse weather conditions like winter. Small cells are weak. They have a fragile cranking power. During winter, small-sized batteries may fail to crank up the engine for a fast start. You won’t want such a disappointment to happen, especially if you’re going to rush to work on a freezing morning.

4.Damage of the alternator

Using a small battery will force your car to use a lot of energy on the first ignition. Starting your vehicle regularly using an under-sized cell will wear your alternator quickly. You might end up buying a new alternator for your car. Avoid incurring extra costs by purchasing the right battery size for your automobile.

5.Blowing of the fuses

If you use a small battery to run your vehicle, fuses connected to your cell would quickly get damaged. Beware that if you use anything lower than the recommended voltage for your car, it would have adverse effects. Besides, your electrical systems would also get destroyed.

What Happens If You Put The Wrong Size Battery In Your Car?


Although car batteries are the most overlooked components of a car, they play a critical role in the vehicle’s system. Choosing the right battery leads to a smooth and hiccup-free driving experience. There are essential factors to consider when purchasing a suitable car battery. To have more insight into these crucial things, take a look at the following points.

1. Battery size

Batteries come in different makes and sizes. You must choose the right size of your cell that snugly fits in the battery tray.  To identify the correct cell size, you need to check the manual of your battery. Beware that if you pick the wrong one, no matter the specifications in your car or how durable it is, it won’t perform as required. Hence, as you choose the correct battery size for your vehicle, pay attention to the aspects below:

  • Voltage
  • Number of cells
  • Location of the terminals
  • Cold-cranking power
  • Type of terminal -Japanese, standard or side terminal posts

2. Warranty

It is crucial to prioritize the warranty of your battery before you purchase one. Select a cell that has a long time of free replacement.

3. Battery capacity

If you use maximum power, you need to choose a battery with a maximum capacity. However, this is o9nly possible if it matches the model and size of your battery tray. Batteries with maximum capacities are believed to run for a longer time. Cells with maximum power:

  • Recharge faster
  • Give more output
  • No dipping charge
  • Expensive

4. Battery storage

Every car is different. The type of vehicle determines the storage capacity of a battery. Hence, based on the type of cell recommended by your manufacturer, the storage capacity of your automobile differs. Interestingly, storage capacities are measured by Ampere-hour. If the Ah is the higher, it means that your car’s storage capacity is more significant. As a result, ensure that you choose the correct Ah for your vehicle.

5. Battery brand

There are many battery brands in the market. Most are fabricated brands that offer low-quality products. You wouldn’t wish to fall victim to a fake battery brand. Ideally, it is advisable to buy from a battery brand specified in the manufacturer’s manual.

Ensure that you choose batteries with specifications that meet the requirements highlighted in the manual. Remember that CHEAP IS EXPENSIVE! Stay away from cheap batteries in the market. Such cells are characterized by poor performance and are full of defects.

6. Cold-cranking Amps capacity

It defines the amount of energy required for your battery cell. Therefore, if you frequently use your battery during the cold season, choose a cell with a cranking capacity. Visit reputable stores to find high-quality batteries with cold cranking Amps to make your battery ignite fast irrespective of weather.

7. Battery terminals

As you choose a battery from the stores, ensure that the terminals’ position matches your vehicle’s model. The location of the pier plays a vital role in the car. It is the place into which it gets contact with the metal part of the wiring. Wrong positioning of these terminals might result in a short circuit. As a result, it would damage the electronic systems in the vehicle. Make sure that the positions in the battery you buy, match the type of your automobile.

8. Battery maintenance

When it comes to battery maintenance, you need to understand that there are two types of batteries. Hence, there is one that needs support regularly and one that doesn’t need maintenance. A battery that requires maintenance after every six months is quite fragile. If you do not use service, it can result in a dead battery. Although batteries that do not require maintenance are expensive, it is better to incur a cost worth the sacrifice. Therefore, choose a durable battery made up of a sealed liquid electrolyte that does not need maintenance until its life ends.



Summarily, batteries are an essential component in a car that shouldn’t get overlooked. However, to get maximum performance, you need to choose the right size that matches your vehicle’s model. Read through this article to get surprising insights into picking the right battery for your automobile. We have given interesting facts about what will happen if you put the wrong size battery in your car and solutions to finding the correct battery.

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