What battery do I need for my car key? Know the details

The battery you will choose for your car’s key, supposed to be manufactured by a good brand, should be compatible with your car’s model & capacity and should also feature a good quality with a good shelf life.

A modern car key features an electronic chip that transmits signals when the user presses the key button to open/lock the car door. And to run these electronic chips, the car key needs a battery. Generally, a car key battery lasts for a few years. Most of the keys batteries are not rechargeable. So if one gets down suddenly, there is no option to replace the older one.

While you have decided to replace the older car key or are rarely satisfied with your existing battery, you may want to switch on a perfect battery for your car key. Let’s find an in-depth explanation of what battery do I need for my car audio-

Feature of a car key you need for your car:

Before knowing what battery you need for your car key, know the features, you need to ensure on your car key’s battery.
A car key battery is a simple coin-like thing which has no particular design or feature. However, look at the below features before you are purchasing a battery for your car key-

Types of the key:

All cars are not the same. They have a different design, different functions, and various capacities. So see your car’s user manual and know which model of the key batteries will compatible with your vehicle’s key. If you did not find the user manual, take an expert opinion. Without taking an expert opinion or info from the user manual, don’t ever insert a battery on the key. Wrong installation of the key battery will make your car key useless forever.

The capacity of the battery:

See the voltage of the battery. It is supposed to be written on the battery pack. However, make sure your car key battery has enough power to command the car.

Brand value:

It is a prevalent issue nowadays; many fraud entrepreneurs duplicate branded batteries and sell them cleverly. So it would help if you become very careful to select the battery brand. A duplicate battery will make your key useless.


Though car key batteries are small and powerless accessories, they deliver power to command your car wireless. A low-quality battery is never going to give you a good end-of. So choose a branded battery with a warranty. If somehow your batteries disagree to work on your command, it will not be a more significant issue for you to return it.

Expiry date:

A battery can exert its effectiveness only within its original shelf life. So the expiry period is a critical concern always. Though key batteries are tiny, never forget to see the expiry date before purchasing those.

Five best car keys:

1. USARemote Battery CR2032 3V for the car key

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Don’t need any Re-Programming
  • Packaged in blister packs.
  • Pack size:5’s
  • Also, it can use for a watch, calculator, etc.

2. DURACELL 2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery

key Features

  • Well Trusted Brand
  • Blister Pack
  • Long-Lasting Power
  • Ten years guaranty( in storage condition)
  • Non-Toxic and Bitter Coated to protect any accidental swallowing

3. LiCB CR 2025 3V Lithium Battery

Key Features

  • Three years Shelf-life
  • Durable and safe
  • Contain full three voltage power
  • Efficiently leakage proof
  • Powerful enough

4. Panasonic CR 2025-10 3V Lithium Coin Battery

Key Features

  • Battery from a worldwide recognized brand
  • 3.0 Nominal Voltage
  • Lithium Manganese-Dioxide Battery
  • Huge capacity (165mAh)
  • Perfect for some other smart electronics as well

5. Energizer ECR2025BP 3 Volt Lithium battery

key Features

  • Multi-drain technology
  • Especial brand
  • 3-volt nominal voltage
  • Made from Lithium
  • Powerful and durable


How can I replace my car key battery by myself?

It is not anymore a difficult task. Carefully read the safety guidelines and the user manual. You will find all details here. Moreover, there are plenty of YouTube videos available on YouTube; you can see anyone from them. The steps are-
Open the key using a flat screwdriver (Small flat/ Phillips Screwdriver).
Remove the older battery.
Replace the newer one. (carefully follow the + marks on the battery)
Close the key.

How can I realize my key battery already get down?

If the key doesn’t illuminate the LED light despite a repeatedly pressing on the key button that means the time has arrived to replace your crucial battery as soon as possible. However, before removing the older battery, it also makes sure there was no displacement of the battery connection for which it had stopped working.

Does a dead battery show the same voltage as the new one?

No. A dead battery (or bad battery) never shows the same voltage as a new battery. You can check the voltage of your battery; the voltage range is written on your battery. If you find your battery voltage is below the original range, it is going to die very soon.

Final verdict

Car keys cannot run without a suitable battery inserted inside the keys.
However, never expect too much service from these keys battery. These batteries are not going to give you a lifetime service. Simply replace the dead battery when your key demands it.

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