How To Use a Car Battery For Power Source

How can you use a car battery for power? It is a common question that lingers in the minds of many. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We understand that surviving without electrical power is disastrous, especially if you have electrical appliances that depend on ability. Local power grids in our areas can sometimes fail. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to live without electricity. You can still improvise power. We have devised fascinating steps that will allow you to master ways to get an alternative power source from a car battery. All you have to do is to keep scrolling down this exciting masterpiece.


If you would like to make your car battery into an essential power supply, you will need a few items to do it safely. Below are pieces of technology that will help you create a constant electricity supply from a car battery. Keep on reading.

DC to AC Power Inverter:
Car batteries are known to use Direct Currents (DC). Therefore, you will need a power inverter device to convert Direct currents from the battery to an Alternating Current (AC). Beware that most electronics use AC. Look for a 12V DC to AC 2000 inverter that comes with the right quality cables that you can clamp to your battery.

Smart charger:
It’s not possible to push electricity into a car battery to charge it. Besides, you will have to get cautious not to overcharge the battery or charge it wrongly. Hence, you will need to buy a smart charger that matches your battery needs.

Labeled Link cables:
Do you wish to link several car batteries? If you have more than one battery, you will need to link them up together into a bank. Ensure that you adopt a parallel connection to ensure even distribution of charges and usage from the batteries. We recommend using enough connector cables and label them clearly to avoid confusion.

Consider the wattage:
All household appliances in your house have different wattage ratings. Hence, you will need to ensure that your inverter is up to the task to power the devices you want to use. For instance, a phone charger, radio or floodlights are low power consumers, and the inverter will work just fine.

On the contrary, devices with motors such as electric food coolers and heaters considerably draw more wattage. As a result, the inverter won’t work unless you purchase one with 500 to 1000 watts.


Do you believe that you can still use your dead or workable car battery? A common belief among people is that car batteries die. That is a lie! Although “dead” batteries might not start an automobile, they still have enough watts to keep emergency gadgets and lighting in your home up and running. Hence, instead of letting your battery collect dust in the garage, you can put it in fair use when a power cuts occur in your hood.
Here are is a step-by-step process to use your battery for power.

Charge your car battery
To charge your battery, use a compatible smart charger. Ensure that you set your battery either outdoors or in a garage a little far from your house. It is to avoid incidences of fire in case the battery overcharges and explodes. Follow safety measures to the latter to reduce the risks of explosion.

Connect your battery to the inverter
Once your battery gets charged, you can now connect it to a compatible inverter that transforms 12V Direct Currents to 110/120V AC Currents. However, if you have appliances with higher watts, consider using an inverter with 1000 watts to cater for your power needs.
With your inverter switched OFF, connect the negative clamp usually black in colour to the battery’s negative post. After this gets done, click the positive clamp coloured red to the positive post on the battery.

Connect the inverter to a power plug
Connect a power plug into the inverter. Consequently, the pin can get connected to a DVD player or any other electric appliance.

Switch ON the inverter
Switch ON the inverter and allow it to charge for up to three seconds. Then connect it to your desired appliance in the house. The power from the inverter can get used to light up your home or charge your accessories. Luckily, some inverters today come with USB ports to allow your charge a phone, tablet, or any electronic device that uses a USB connection.


Can I use a car battery to power my appliances?

Yes, why not! During a power outage and blackouts, you can use your battery to charge your phone, watch some TV channels or keep your electric heaters and coolers running. Grab a car cell today, and when a power emergency strikes, you’re all set.

How big is a car battery needed to power my house?

It entirely depends on your house’s size and the type of appliances that you need to get powered. Hence, I recommend having a bigger battery of 1000 watts to power your home for an extended period.

How long can a car battery power a fan?

Depending on the type of fan and the amount of charge available, a car battery can power a typical fan for up to 6 hours and still start your car. Hence a car battery is a powerful tool with electric currents that can power your accessories when fully charged.


Are you now happy? You don’t have to get stressed with frequent power outages anymore. Your car battery is an essential asset to provide you with the power you need during emergencies. To get an insightful understanding of using a car battery for power, go through our exciting article. You will, for sure, find everything you have ever needed to know about car battery power.

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