How To Repair Sun-damaged Car Paint? Simple But Effective


Are you tirelessly looking for ways on how to repair sun-damaged car paint? You have just landed on the article. We have all solutions that you have ever wished to make your car look brand new again. We bring you good news today that the faded paint on your car can always get repaired to some point. Worry less! We’ve got you covered. All you need to do is continue scrolling down to master exciting ways to repair your oxidized paint.


Are you curious to know what causes your car paint to fade off? Car paint is invincible, and it is subject to a variety of aspects that causes it to peel, chip, and fade over time. If you are a car owner and aim to take good care of your vehicle, it is essential to know what causes fading and how to prevent it.

Below are a variety of factors that makes your car lose its shine.

  • Sunlight

The number one reason for faded car paint is sunlight. Harsh UV-rays significantly affect the pigment present in car paint. Similarly, the sun slowly breaks down paint compounds causing it to oxidize. As time goes by, the paint becomes visibly dull and rough. As a result, the paint flakes off in patches, eventually leading to a damaged surface.

  • Bird droppings

Believe it or not! Droppings from birds are highly acidic and destroy the paint on the surfaces of your car. If you leave the droppings for a long time, it can have extreme effects on your paint, causing irreversible damage. In all honesty, if you notice droppings on your car, it is best to act immediately.

  • Road salt

In your driving sprees, you will probably encounter salt on the road. Salt is often placed on roads to melt ice and snow. However, when salt accumulates on your vehicle’s surfaces for an extended period, it can destroy the paint. Hence, it causes the metal surfaces on your car to rust.

  • Lack of proper care

Do you spend time to take care of your vehicle? How you take care of your automobile will immensely contribute to whether your paint finish will fade or shine. Hence, those who wash or wax their cars daily have a better chance of staying in good condition.

  • Type of paint

Which type of paint is on the surfaces of your car? Beware that the type of paint applied on the surfaces of a car can make it susceptible to wear. In this regard, a single staged paint mixed with a clear coat and color has higher chances of damage than a surface painted with a clear and basecoat differently. A clear coat applied on top of a base coat protects against UV rays.

  • Brake fluid

If you are a frequent user of brake fluid that isn’t silicone-based, then this is the reason why the paint on your car surface is losing its shine. Remember that not all brake fluids are created equal. It is advisable to proceed with caution when using brake fluid near your automobile.

  • Bugs

Insects and bugs are a common cause of damaged paint on the surfaces of your vehicle. Like bird’s droppings, bug’s body fluids are highly acidic and dissolve the paint o your vehicle. Hence, if you notice insects on the surfaces, it is best to get rid of them and immediately clean the surface.

  • Gas

When filling up your tank in a petrol station, you need to get cautious of any gas leaking on your paint. At first, you won’t see any damage since gas tends to evaporate. However, the gas leaves behind stains that are hard to remove.

You don’t have to panic if gas leaks on your paint. All you need to do is run your vehicle through a car wash. You can also clean your automobile with soap and water as soon as possible.

  • Coffee and Soda

Do you enjoy taking coffee and soda next to your car? Get cautious not to drop your favorite drinks on your paint. Both soda and coffee have high acidity and can destroy the protective layer of your paint. In case you spill any of these drinks, wash it off with mild soap and water as soon as you can.

How To Repair Sun-damaged Car Paint? Simple But Effective


PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! Knowing the various factors that damage your car paint, it is fit to master how to prevent your vehicle from further damage. Taking crucial steps to care for your vehicle’s finish can save you substantially from costly repairs. Check them out below.

  • Pack your vehicle in a covered area

If possible, it is best to park your car in a well-covered area. As highlighted above, UV rays from the sun can get incredibly damaging to a vehicle’s paint. Always strive to find covered parking. You can pack your vehicle in a:

1. Carport

2. Garage

3. under a tree

However, if you pack under a tree, watch out for the bird’s droppings.

  • Wash your vehicle regularly

Have a daily wash schedule to protect your vehicle’s shine. Car owners who do not wash their cars will have a dirty automobile and accumulate dirt that destroys their vehicles’ surfaces. Hence, strive to ensure that your car is always clean.

  • Wax your car

Waxing is the best practice to add another layer of protection to your car’s paint. It will make your car look brand new once applied after washing. There are various available ways of waxing, such as:

1. Liquid

2. Spray

3. Paste

Whichever waxing method you choose, always follow instructions on the pack carefully, and you will get exciting results.


You now know the causes of car paint damage and useful ways to prevent your paint from fading. Do you have a severe case of sun-damaged car paint? If you have already damaged car paint, it is not the end of life! There is still hope on the surfaces of your car.

Below are exciting things you can do to bring your original shiny finish back to life. Keep on reading.

#1. Start by tidying up the paint

First things ought to come first. Start by thoroughly washing your car with a dish cleaning soap. Secondly, use a clay bar to get rid of bonded contamination and dead paint. Consequently, dead paint and grime that stick on your vehicle need to get removed.

#2.Polish off the paint

Polish the surfaces of your car in two different grades. First, use a cutting polish compound followed by a finishing polish. Remember to choose a cutting polish that uses a micro-abrasive technology to remove the top layer of damaged paint without scouring it.

It is a very crucial step, and you need to take off little paint as possible. Ensure that you select a chemical cleaner with a super-fine finish to get into the surface’s deep pores to bring up the shine.

CAUTION: When polishing plastic caps and mirrors, get cautious. Plastic surfaces oxidize faster than painted metal surfaces.

#3.Seal the paint

After you are done with polishing, do not forget to seal up the paint. Purchase a quality paint sealant. For better protection and deep shine, apply multiple coats. If you want to get better results, strive to choose a sealant with acrylic formula. With such a compound, the shine will noticeably deepen after applying two to three coats.


  • Can you fix sun-damaged paint?

The answer to this question is YES! It is possible to fix extremely damaged car paint on your car. All you have to do is to go through our guide to equip yourself with sure ways to return your previous car shine.

  • How much does it cost to fix sun-damaged paint?

If you want to know the cost of fixing sun-damaged paint on your vehicle, the type of car you have will largely determine the cost. There are several auto-body shops that you can visit to repair your paint at a little cost.

  • How does oxidized paint look?

Oxidized paint on your automobile has a dull look. As oxidation continues, your car paint begins to fade, creating a dull, chalky look.

  • How do you get rid of oxidation?

You can use polishing compounds to get rid of oxidation on your car’s surface. However, with heavy oxidation, you will need a rubbing compound.


Are you now satisfied? We have given you everything you’ve ever wanted on sun-damaged car paint. Read through our interesting article to master causes and ways to prevent sun-damaged car paint. It is also through this article that you will understand exciting ways on how to repair sun-damaged car paint.

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