How To Hook up a Subwoofer in a Car – Quick Guide

Your car audio music needs a subwoofer when you want to do something special with it. They greatly improve sound performance and bass frequencies quality to deliver an incredible music experience. So, what’s the problem then? Alright! Suppose you’ve owned a subwoofer; it could be the most popular 12-inch one.

Thereafter, you’re struggling with its installation process in your car. You might hire a professional for that, but it would cost you extra money. Therefore, our sound system experts tell us how to hook up a subwoofer in a car with simple basic steps and guides. All you need the patience and some basic knowledge.

Why Do You Need To Hook Up A Car Subwoofer

The subwoofers are the loudspeakers that reproduce low-frequency bass audio sound. You’ll get an optimal bass sound output if the stereo system has a subwoofer system and appropriately installed an ideal amplifier in your car.

Why Do You Need To Hook Up A Car Subwoofer

They’re more potent than other stereotype speakers for delivering a high quality of bass sound and low-frequency spectrum.  You’ll find two types of subwoofers, including active subwoofers and passive subwoofers, along with verities of enclosers.  We’ll know more about them a bit ahead.

Tools And Materials Need To Hook Up A Car Subwoofer

You need some tools and materials to install a subwoofer in your car appropriately. Here are they:

Tools And Materials Need To Hook Up A Car Subwoofer

  1. Subwoofer box and speaker, you can get a 12-inch subwoofer under 100 as a readymade and or separately.
  2. Caulk or sealer, a caulk tube helps you to seal any gaps in the structure
  3. Subwoofer amplifier for car
  4. Utility knife and blade
  5. Wire cutters and strippers
  6. A flashlight
  7. Electrical scotch tape
  8. Basic tools set
  9. Ground wire
  10. Inline fuse system, 50 amp or higher is preferable
  11. Solder iron
  12. Wiring kits
  13. Flathead and philips screwdrivers
  14. 4 to 6 small size screws
  15. RCA cable and jacks (min. length: 15 feet), you may need 1-2 additional red and write ones. And so on.

Before hooking up one, you’ve to decide the type of subwoofer to select for your car audio system. The passive subs need to have an additional amplifier to produce a lower bass rate from the speaker.

However, a powered subwoofer system has a dependent power source to deliver audio output. No separate amplifier is needed. They already have a built-in amplifier with the perfect speaker to produce optimal audio quality.

Although, you can also connect another amplifier for a better data transmission rate.

How To Hook Up 12 Inch Subwoofer – In Your Car

Our sound system experts develop some simple methods to hook up a subwoofer in your car. You’ve to follow the procedures very carefully to get an optimal result. Otherwise, you could end up with the whole process and installation process.

How To Hook Up 12 Inch Subwoofer

1. Select a perfect place

The location matters. It’s crucial to choose an ideal spot to install the subwoofer box for getting a pepper sound quality. The most popular way is a car trunk system.

You’ll find lots of benefits along with some drawbacks as well. Let our team explain everything about this matter.

The first thing you’ll about it’s hidden from the eye side even the passengers can’t see where the music comes from. This is only possible because of its back or truck setup decor. Besides, it’s safe from thieves and snatchers, and they can’t steal it from your car.

In addition, you can ensure physical safety as it remains in the truck, so speakers are safe from being punctured.

However, you can’t put any weighty materials on the truck. It may leak or damage your speakers and body as they’re very soft. That’s it. Otherwise, there are no other drawbacks. You’ve another option to install in your car cabin. This location helps to get better sound bass output.

2. Wiring The Cables

You’re ready for the next spet. What’s that? To run and power up the external amplifier from the battery. The cables line from the engine section will connect the firewall. You may find the firewall under the hood or close to the windshield from your card.

There is another firewall option inside your car. You can also connect the cables using a glove box compartment from behind.  Now, connect the inline fuse near the battery from your car. Don’t forget to cut the wire to the battery connection at the end. We suggest keeping the fuse holder close to the battery to minimize engine noise with the amplifier.

The most important thing you should remember is to disconnect the wire from the battery to avoid electric shock. Therefore, be sure that you tape each power joint connection point. Otherwise, there’s a chance of being grounded.

You can run the extra cable wairing under the car carpets. However, make sure the cable distance covers the length from the engine to the trunk compartment. The subwoofer RCA cables are also going aside from the power cable. Further, check whether the wires are correctly run to ensure interrupted audio operation.

Remember to leave some extra cable to loosen the coupling connection for better hook procedures. It’s time to run audio cables. You’ve to pull out the default stereo system from the deck console. It has red and white RCA input and output on its backside.

You might convert the connector cables into rear speaker wires then plug them into the outputs. It’s better to have an extra set of RCA audio cables.

3. Installation of Subwoofers

Before this, make sure the subwoofer(s) is attached from inside with a portable box. Of cause with the mountain brackets as well.

Although, most of them come with a built-in subwoofer enclosure and a pre-mount facility. Don’t worry! All you have to do is place the sub in your car trunk in the desired position. After that, you complete the wiring of the amplifier.

You also have nothing to worry about the amplifier because they come with a wiring kit. Now, you have to connect the power cable with the battery. Then, plug in the amplifier jack called ‘power.’

Now, it’s time to establish a robust connection between the stereo system and the amp wire. But how? Wait! You have to connect the remote wire with the ‘Remote’ or amplifier terminal from your stereo plug. Afterward, you need to connect the RCA wires into amp inputs.

Make a connection between the amp’s outputs and the subwoofer outputs. It is also necessary to connect the ground-wire end to a bolt-on car’s body.

4. Power Cable Connection

This is the last step. Here, we’ll tell you how to hook up a subwoofer in a car and connect the power wires. To do this, first, find the ring terminals from the battery. There is a blue wire negative terminal and a positive bare metal connector.

After that, unplug the positive terminal and connect the power cable to the terminal. You can simply connect the power wire with a single twist. Now. Take back the connector from the ring terminal safely.

Our experts recommend using a crimp ring terminal to establish a secure connection. That it! Now, you have to start the car and stereo set whether it works. We hope you enjoyed it works finally.


A subwoofer can change your car music system and bass quality to another level. Besides, you’ll enjoy a louder and thumping bass experience all the time. We hope our car audio specialist provided a complete guide and instruction on how to hook up a subwoofer in a car with minimal knowledge and effort.

They’ve tried to cover proper setup location, wiring the ables, installing subwoofer, and power connection. The information about the useful tools and materials is also stated above.

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