The Exact Amount Of Money That A Luxury Car Salesman Makes

How much does a luxury car salesman make? Car selling deals has proven to be an exciting and profitable job to do across the globe.  If you are curious to know the exact amount of money that a car salesperson makes, this is your lucky day. We will provide you with reliable info on the amount of cash that Porsche automobile salespersons make in the car industry. All you have to engage in is to continue reading this fantastic masterpiece.


Are you wondering about the exact job description of a salesman? You don’t have to worry; a salesperson is an individual whose main job is to sell cars. However, in doing this, other responsibilities come with selling vehicles. The failure or the success of a car salesperson is determined by the number of automobiles sold.

Generally, in the process of selling vehicles, a car salesperson performs the following duties:

  • Helping customers to decide on the best models

Depending on the customers’ needs and budget, car salespersons discuss with clients what is best for them in terms of features.

  • Negotiating sales

Car salespeople have the responsibility to negotiate the sale of cars with customers. They ensure that clients are satisfied with the price they are paying for a vehicle.

  • Explaining after-purchase features

Vehicle salespersons also explain to clients the service warranties available in the company, repair services, and trim versions of car models that customers can purchase.

  • Preparing paperwork

Car salespersons also prepare paperwork related to the sale and lease of a car. Besides, they also ensure that before they make a sale, they have complete approval of the manager and the finance department.

luxury car salesman makes


Do you wish for a tremendous amount of money? If you aspire to earn good money as a car salesperson, here are steps you can take to increase your income.

  • Enroll for higher education

Although many car sales clerks are not required to have a college degree, it is beneficial to have one. If you want to increase your basic salary as a salesperson, it is advisable to enroll for a degree in business administration and communication. Beware that many dealerships today, offer leadership and management positions to qualified salespersons in the company.

  • Boost  your sales techniques

If you want to make a good living selling cars, it is essential to cultivate your skills as a salesperson. Find out your customer needs and work towards showing them how your product will effectively meet that need. Cultivate your communication skills as you will have to talk to your customers well, asking them what they are looking for in a car.

  • Always keep your eyes on the job market.

Some car dealers are always ready to offer high commissions and basic salaries than other dealers. Check for job listings regularly to find a suitable car sales job that would increase your annual income. Although changing jobs frequently is not advisable, taking up a higher paying job in the same industry is an excellent opportunity to advance your career.

  • Learn from experienced salespersons

If you wish to make a higher sale from cars, observe your co-workers. Please pay attention to successful car sellers and interact with their customers. Besides, you can genuinely also ask them how they make their sales, and they might willingly share tricks of the vehicle sales trade.


Do you want to know the amount that a car salesman earns? The amount of cash that a luxury car salesperson makes varies from one car dealer to another since there are various car companies across the employer landscape. Averagely, car salespeople in the US earn an annual salary of $66700.However, on a broader perspective, a car salesperson’s salaries depend on several exciting factors such as the car salesman’s:

  • Geographical location
  • Education level
  • Amount of car salesperson’s experience

Car Salesperson’s Salaries

Knowing the factors that affect the car salesperson’s salaries, here are fantastic ways for salesmen and women to earn their cash.

1. Basic salary

Most car salespersons that work for luxury car dealers today are given a fixed amount as their basic salary with basic allowances that cover their medical and insurance covers. However, the basic salaries that most car dealers offer are much lower than the commissions that car salespersons make.

2. Commissions

The majority of car salespersons who sell luxury cars make a vast bulk of money through commission. Before we proceed, commission refers to the functional price of a vehicle sold and the dealer’s profit margin got from the sale of the car. Surprisingly, it is from this that a car salesperson makes 25% to 30% of the dealer’s gross profit on the sale of the automobile.

3. Incentives

Car salespeople also make good money through incentives provided by car dealers. It is through this technique that car sales individuals are incentivized to sell cars with high margin add-ons. Cars with high margin add-ons are those with extended warranties and high-end features that cost a lot of money.

4. Dealership

Apart from incentives, car salespersons can earn a large amount of money through dealerships. In this case, manufacturers may offer specific incentives to dealers to sell specific car models with high-end features. Dealers will then offer high compensation deals to their salespersons to entice them into selling specific models to customers.

5. Luxury vehicles

The amount that car salespersons earn also depends on the kind of vehicles they sell. Salespersons who are lucky to sell expensive Porsche cars may have higher commissions earned per sale for the salesperson.


Are you now happy? Car selling trade, like any other profession, requires some expertise to earn the right amount of money. With our instructions, we have provided you with what you need to know about the amount a car salesman and woman earn and the factors that affect their earning. If you are interested in becoming a prosperous car salesperson and want to know how much luxury car salesman makes, this article is meant for you.

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