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Have you ever heard of a car battery heater? There is nothing more frustrating than jumping into the driver’s seat on a frosty morning to realize that the car engine can’t roar to life. Frigid weather can cause lots of trouble for your car battery. Luckily, buying a car warmer can solve all your problems, especially if you drive to work on chilly mornings. Most drivers do not understand why their vehicles fail to start on cold days, but getting the facts can help avoid having to wake up to dead batteries on cold months. Continue reading to get the right information on why you should have a car battery warmer.


Before you get to know how a car battery warmer works, it is crucial to know little about car cells. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! The more you know about your car’s battery, the less you get stuck and stranded with a dead battery. Therefore, a car battery is a device that provides electric currents necessary to power up your vehicle.

Do you want to know how that works? We will show you how your brand new machine works.

  • Chemical reaction

A chemical reaction in your battery makes your car power up to action. Your cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy that starts up your vehicle. It precisely delivers voltage into your vehicle’s starter.

  • Current steadiness

Your battery keeps the electric currents flowing steadily. It is the main reason why your car keeps moving as you drive. Not only does your battery start the vehicle, but it also ensures a stable voltage movement to keep your engine running.

However, during cold months, your battery may fail to start, and this is when you need to purchase a suitable battery warmer.  Read on to see what a battery heater does.


Cold weather wreaks massive havoc on car batteries because they slow the chemical reaction inside the cell. Therefore, a car battery heater is a device that is wrapped around your car battery to keep the cells inside the battery warm enough to start your car on the first ignition. You can decide to leave it covered on your battery throughout winter to keep your cells functioning appropriately.

Have you ever seen a car battery warmer? If you have never come across one, it usually sticks on the ends of your battery. Besides, it has an electric plug that can get inserted onto an extension cord in your house. Interestingly, you plug in the heater and leave it on your cell overnight to wake up to a well-functioning battery in the morning.


Before you get to know more about a car battery blanket, you must understand the main components of a battery warmer. That is why we will show you two significant parts of a car battery blanket to help you know what to consider when buying one.

  • Cord and Plug

Car battery warmer has a power cord with a plug that you can insert in any electric extension cord in your house if you do not have one in your garage.

  • Velcro tapes

The warmer also has Velcro tapes on the ends of the device to wrap up the battery tightly.


Depending on your car’s budget and model, there are many warmers you can decide to buy. Choose one today that is appropriate for your vehicle to keep it warm throughout the cold season. You don’t deserve to get stressed over a car that fails to start every morning. Here are three major types of heaters you can select.

  1. Silicone Battery Pad Warmers

It is a device placed underneath your car battery. The warmer is made of silicone material that is resistant to battery acid. Besides, it has a cord that can get plugged into an electric socket. Surprisingly, even on the coldest days, your car is always ready to move. The heaters are available in multiple sizes. What you only need to do is to find one that matches the model of your battery.

Importantly, silicone blanket warmers are fit for the following types of vehicles:

  • Work trucks
  • Automatic, heavy-duty vehicles
  • School buses
  • Off-road vehicles

CAUTION: Silicone heaters are not fit to get used with lithium-ion batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. The silicone material might react with such kinds of cells.

  1. Battery Box Heater

It is a car warmer with a metal outer shell designed to fit inside the battery box and tray. Besides, such kind of blanket has a pre-set thermostat that maintains constant 27 degrees battery warmth. Consequently, it is suitable for small auto cars with less activity. Importantly, it is not recommended for lithium-ion and cadmium nickel batteries.

  1. Series Battery Warmer

It is a blanket device that circulates warmth from the heater to stainless steel tubes to keep the car battery at optimal temperature. Interestingly, the warmer can get fitted with a by-pass thermostat that tends to manage air temperature inside the cell all year round. Purchase one for your car today to have stress free months of driving.


Are you having trouble over the installation of your brand new battery warmer? Worry no more! We have your back in this. It is a simple task to install a car battery blanket on your cells. All you need t do is use your hand to wrap the battery heater on your car cell every time you want to use it. Moreover, you can decide to route the wire on the back of your car’s bumper using zip ties to keep your batteries working.

However, before you purchase a car heater, ensure that it fits your car cell and has some space. Such an incredible feature will help to prevent the warmer from damaging the plastic battery cover. As you know, a car battery’s contents usually are inside a plastic material and need protection against external damage.Interesting Benefits Of Owning A Car Battery Heater


Are you facing a hard time igniting your car when it gets cold? Winter and cold days brutally punish your car battery a great deal, and you need to do something about it. If you have lived in areas with shallow temperatures, we are on the same page. You truly understand how hard it is to ignite a car on freezing days. Having a vehicle warmer is essential.

We will give you valid reasons for why you should strive to have one for yourself. Check them out below.

#1.Protects car battery

Installing a battery warmer boosts the functionality of your vehicle’s cell and protects your battery from cold. It will help your battery function for long hours on end. Have a warmer today, and you will forget the long stressful days during cold weather.

#2.Efficient discharge of currents

When the temperature in your hood drops to zero degrees, your car battery may lose 60% of its starting power. Hence having a warmer in place will ensure enough discharge of currents to your car battery. It will make starting your vehicle an easy task in the mornings of winter.

#3.Maintains quick cranking and starting power

Do you want your automobile to start without fail every morning during winter? Owning a battery blanket ensures that you have a quick cranking of your car, especially if you wake up late, and you need your vehicle to start fast. Days are always different, and having a car battery warmer is God sent on lazy days when you find yourself late for a meeting or work.

#4.Provides continuous heat

During winter, the fluids inside your car battery tend to thicken up or even freezes. As a result, freezing slows the critical process of generating a moving current that starts your car. Luckily, having a battery heater ensures that there is a continuous flow of heat to the battery. Hence, battery contents remain in a fluid state, making your vehicle move with ease irrespective of the temperatures surrounding you.

#5.Prolongs car battery

Having a battery warmer ensures that your car battery life is lengthened. As a result, there is less battery wear, leading to making your car consume less fuel. Surprisingly, using a battery blanket insulates your car engine from damage caused by cold weather.


Driving in extreme conditions requires dependable solutions and answers. Give your engine the boost that it deserves to start in the coldest months by purchasing a car battery warmer. We have given you enough reasons to need a suitable car battery heater to have quiet mornings during cold days.

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