The best materials for a subwoofer; you can use for better output

A subwoofer box can build from different materials. But the fact is each of these materials has some advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a perfect material helps the user enjoy a special subwoofer box that can work greater than others.

Therefore, we suggest our customers know more than two or three such of these materials. Then deal with the most popular one. However, we have included several types of subwoofer box building materials in our today’s session-

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF):

Medium Density Fiberboard

MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is the most popular material to build up the subwoofer. It is not a piece or layer of wood. This is one kind of specially manufactured wood that is thicker, dense, etc. The denser and ticker feature of this manufactured wood brings the best sound quality from the subwoofer.
The most adventurous matter about MDF is, it never distorts the music quality on any calamitic change. In hot summer, cold weather, or humid weather, a thinner wood may subject for warping but MDF is free from any expansion, warping in any weather change. This reason makes MDF on-the-go materials to make a subwoofer box.

Standard Woods:
Pine wood could be a second option for MDF. Pine board increases a smoother appearance with a smoother finishing. Users even don’t need to wrap the subwoofer box again with any piece of carpet. Warping is the major reason why people want to avoid other wood boards instead of MDF.

Maximum thinner wood is prone to warping which is alternatives for long-lasting materials. However still, you can make an effective, friendly, and nice subwoofer box using pine. Plain wood is affordable and available everywhere. If it is too thin, it could resonate to the point (to producing distortion). So choose a thinner and denser standard wood for making the subwoofer box.

Plywood is perfect than plain wood. Plywood is lighter than MDF or fiberglass. This material might not be denser like other ideal materials for subwoofer box, but it is sturdy and durable enough. Furthermore, you have option to go for the laminated plywood to get a good job from your subwoofer.

But before you manufacture your subwoofer box from a plywood board, be sure it doesn’t have any defects portion. A defective plywood board can distort the quality of sound by raffling the subwoofer box. Birch Plywood is most commonly used to make the subwoofer box, and till now, its feedback is also very good. Rather more, it can easily drill if you need any hole over it.

Fiberglass also could be a great alternative for MDF to make the subwoofer box. Basically, for a high-customizable and high-end installation subwoofer box, this material is perfect. Undoubtedly it is one of the top-notch materials for subwoofer boxes; lighter, sturdy, easily cleanable, etc. Besides this, fiberglass can protect itself from any temperature or weather-related potential change. Though fiberglass is durable for a long time, the challenges with fiberglass are that a larger single panel cannot be made.

Marble is also another unique type of material used to produce the subwoofer box. Though it is little bit challenging to cut a hole inside a marble sheet, you will get a wonderful subwoofer box that will make boom-busting music quality for you once you drill the hole carefully.

Constructing a subwoofer box does not involve only the frame or its body. To make the whole subwoofer box, there are sub other materials supposed to be best for purpose. Glue, screw, caulk should also be from a standard supplier so that various parts of a box also can put together very firmly. You can use the nail to construct your subwoofer, but the fact is as your box has to pass through vibration, so nails have a chance of becoming loose after a while.

However, the braces used to construct the subwoofer also need to be of high quality. A high-quality brace could be enough to reduce the vibration (creates from the subwoofer). The construction of a cylindrical subwoofer needs to use a sonotube. A sonotube is like a thicker, sturdy cardboard tube type structure. If you want better efficacy, you can use an MDF disc on the top of this cylinder. And in the bottom of this cylinder, you can use Plywood or MDF. The only reason to make a cylinder subwoofer box is, it can produce a better-quality sound.

Advantage and Disadvantage of MDF:

MDF is now the most widely using building materials for any subwoofer box. However, let’s know the advantage and disadvantage of MDF in details-

Advantage of MDF:

  • Cheaper and inexpensive
  • MDF can recycle. So huge trees can save, therefore.
  • MDF can be colored easily.
  • MDF is free from any Knots or Kinks, so easily a smoother surface can obtain.
  • As MDF is passed through some chemical treatment, therefore it is insecticide-resistant.
  • MDF also could be used to depict any design which is favorable for the user.
  • It can laminate easily.
  • MDF is thicker, denser, and sturdy.
  • AS MDF is not a natural product, it can easily cut down. Users can also drill it easily.

The disadvantage of MDF:

  • Compared with natural wood, MDF is weaker relatively.
  • Under any extreme condition, MDF can easily break down or spilled down easily.
  • MDF has a natural tendency to absorb water. Therefore it can swell in humid weather.
  • MDF can easily go through a fraction at the time of nailing, drilling, or screwing.
  • MDF contains some chemicals like VOC, Urea Formaldehyde, which is harmful to the human body’s lungs or other internal organs.
  • MDF manufacturing also produces dust or fiber, which creates the inhalation problem severely.


What is the standard thickness of a subwoofer box supposed to be?

You already might know, the thicker the subwoofer, the better it is. Therefore, an enclosure is supposed to be denser and thicker. However, for an 8 inches enclosure, we suggest using 19mm or 12.5 mm MDF. MDF or Medite both are thicker and denser, therefore perfect for making a subwoofer.

What are the best materials for the subwoofer box?

MDF, any standard wood (Pinewood, Plywood), fiberglass, etc., are good materials for a subwoofer box. However, you can also use plain wood, marble to make the subwoofer.

Final verdict

To sum it up, MDF is worldwide famous as the best material for a subwoofer box. Yes, you can consider other materials to make a cheap subwoofer box. But the fact is, MDF will give you a gold standard subwoofer box compared with any other materials available near you.
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