6 Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation System

You have your car, which means you are in a more convincing way that nobody can describe in a justice way. It’s a sort of own experience which the user only can feel.

However, as a car is only meant for your transportation, you can make it a separate pack by adding some items. Best double din head unit with navigation system is one of such items installing which can offer you some progressive strides efficiently.

Today we have a technology-based world, which is full of numerous new technologies. Double din head unit with navigation system also such technology, can entertain or help the riders if it is set with proper other components.

Today we will discuss the most capable double din head unit, which you can use for navigation purposes as well.

Let’s move on-

At a glance: Our Recommended 6 best double din head unit with navigation system

  • Jensen VX7020NBest budget double din head unit with navigation: Firstly, it has 7 Inches LED/LCD Touch Screen further to help you for Push to Talk Voice Assistant. Jensen also becomes worthy of having USB Charging, Backup Camera Input, Super Slim Mount Design (2.3inch), and so on.
  • Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEXBest value double din head unit with navigation: The Built-in Wi-Fi module, Remote Control, Five Display Color, and Android Auto compatible made Pioneer most competitor among others. It also has Wireless Screen Monitoring, a nearly 7 inches monitor, and Built-in Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Garmin Drive 50Best double din head unit with GPS and Bluetooth: Driver Alert, Lifetime Maps, Spoken Turn-By-Turn Directions, Free Lifetime Traffic, Preloaded Data from Foursquare, etc. are some awesome features, makes Garmin perfect and unique.
  • BOSS Audio Systems 870DBIBest double din head unit compatible with the Rear camera: The Bluetooth Audio Streaming is amazing with the Boss Double head unit. Moreover, you will also like the SD Memory Card Port, True Double DIN, and 80 Watts 4 Max Power from this wonderful device.
  • Kenwood eXcelon DNX995S : Kenwood is expectable because it features- Apple CarPlay Compatibility, YouTube And Yelp Access, Pandora Control, Siri Eyes Free Control (Selected iPhone), etc. The 13-Band Graphic EQ, Bass Boost & Loudness Control included in this device perfectly delivers high bass music without any distortion.
  • Sony XAV-AX100 6.4″ : What makes Sony so awesome? The Ergonomic Rotary Dial, Compatibility with Rear View Camera, Voice control by Apple Car Play and Android Auto, etc. You can rarely deny other features like- Virtual Speakers, Dynamic Stage Organizer, Bluetooth Connectivity, 10-Band Equalizer, and Three Pre-outs from this device.

Why do you need a Double din Head Unit with Navigation System?

Good double din head units with navigation system offer you enjoying two functions at a time. Firstly it offers you a safe journey by providing all situational awareness with an encouraging driver alert. Secondly, it is a multimedia device which solely controls the Infotainment system and offers you enjoying music at a good volume.

Double din Head Unit with Navigation System

Warning you may get from this device are-Sharp curves, Railroad Crossings, Animal Crossings. This device also can sense traffic lights and lighting comes from buildings. If you are attempting to drive on the wrong way or wrong side, it can send you alerts or warnings. Any nearby schools, big malls, restaurants, super shops, airports, or every great deal-this device can give you a pre-alert by saying about those.

When you are on a long drive, the up ahead features included on this device help you milestone you with the navigating system with a piece of superb music delivering. The music quality also is very impressive, with good bass even in a high volume. More ever, you can hook this device along with your smart phone for hands-free phone operations. This entire double din head unit also has BlueTooth connectivity by which it can hook with other smart devices.

Some of these devices feature playing music from SD card, Smart Phone, MP3, CD player, etc. Generally, these entire devices are full of hundreds of features, which just cannot explain one or two Para. Let’s read the full article. Hopefully, you will know some useful info regarding the ideal double din head unit with navigation.

6 Best Double din Head Unit with Navigation System Reviews:

Best Double din Head Unit with Navigation

Technology has so upgraded, just bind two fantastic devices into one. Yes, these two are-double din head unit and the remaining is a navigator. When you are driving, you need a navigator or a GPS tracker. It is due to finding your road destination in front of your eyes and knows about the real-time traffic, nearby targeted place, and so on. Even some such devices can also tell you whether you are on the right track or driving the wrong side.

And secondly, the music system from your head unit! This device perfectly helps you hear music with the best quality, either from the radio or from your smart phone, SD card, MP3, CD player, and any other options. In the meanwhile, when this device has BlueTooth connectivity, you can command it by your voice. So it is going to be pretty easy to hands-free phone operating too.

Both the features we are getting from one device only, so let’s find the best 6 alike among the mess of others competitors.
Here we go-

1.Garmin Drive 50 – Best double din head unit with GPS and Bluetooth

6 Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation System

Specifications of Garmin Drive 50

  • Brand: Garmin  
  • Color: Black
  • Batteries: Included
  • Battery Life: 1 Hour
  • Screen Size: 5 Inches
  • Voice Command: Touch screen
  • Item Dimension: 5.5 x 0.8 x 3.3 inches
  • Map Type: City Tour, North-America, Street

A double DIN head unit with a navigator like Garmin is full of extraordinary characteristics like Lifetime Maps, Spoken Turn-By-Turn Directions, Direct Access, Driver Alerts, Foursquare Data, and so many others.

Garmin features to deliver all driver alerts. Before time it can receive alerts for any Sharp Curves Speed Change, School Zones, Fatigue Warning, Speed Camera, and any Nearby Red Light.

With a WQVGA color TFT & a white backlight, Garmin behaves friendly, showing you any remarkable traffic lights, recognizable landmarks also any building lights.

All preloaded data from Foursquare helps the users to find lots of renowned stores, restaurants, other popular places onto its 480×272 pixels super-bright resolutions. The direct access system offers an easy but worthy navigating to signal you for any complex destination like an airport, big malls.
Garmin has USB mass storage, and it is compatible with Windows XP, Mac OS, or any newer.

Additionally, batteries are included here. Each battery is rechargeable Lithium-Ion holds one year of life expectancy.

Key Features:

  • Free Lifetime Traffic
  • Preloaded data from Foursquare
  • WQVGA color TFT (white backlight)
  • Driver Alert
  • Lifetime Maps
  • Spoken Turn-By-Turn Directions


  • Easier to Search
  • Quicker to Find
  • Camera compatible
  • Informative Spitted Screen
  • Offline Navigation
  • Good Current Speed Limit


  •   Needs to buy a separate memory card
  • No maps for Canada

2.Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX – Best value double din head unit with navigation

6 Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation System

Specifications of Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX

  • Brand: Pioneer 
  • Color: Black
  • Batteries: No require
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Screen Size: 6.95″
  • Voice Command: Touch screen
  • Item Dimension: 11 x 6.5 x 10 inches
  • Map Type: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, with 12. 4 million points of interest

Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEXis a potent navigation receiver that offers an excellent multimedia experience as well. It doesn’t matter which type of Smartphone you have; Pioneer effectively compatible with Wireless Apple Car Play with Android Auto™.

Pioneer is super to meet any of your on-road demand like-music, maps, and anything else through your double head stereo navigator. Interestingly you don’t have to plug in with your phone as well. It has BlueTooth connectivity.

Pioneer has an in-built traffic report. Also, it features with HD Radio™ tuner, Bluetooth® with other upgrades as well. This aftermarket device is not only applicable for the USA map; it is also the same efficient for Canada and Puerto Rico. Additionally, 12.4 million points (could draw your interest) also preloaded here. Pioneer can successfully work for an optional connection with Satellite Radio Tuner; therefore, you can enjoy SiriusXM’s extensive programming (if you have a subscription).

Further, it can deliver you Sports Flash, Supports Tune Mix, Traffic & Weather Now, and so on. It has Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Pioneer is Weblink compatible, and it has a Built-in HD Radio Tuner too.

Key Features:

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto compatible
  • Wireless Screen Monitoring
  • Nearly 7 inches monitor
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Connection with Satellite Radio Tuner (Optional)
  • SiriusXM’s Extensive Programming
  • Built-in HD Radio Tuner
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Remote Control
  • Five Display Color
  • 112 Key Color Options


  • Weblink ® for more access
  • High-Resolution Playback
  • Top-Notch Audio
  • Chatting & Streaming
  • Anytime Movie Enjoying
  • Can add one or two cameras


  • Poor Resolution causes Visual Artifacts from the CarPlay.

3.Jensen VX7020N – Best budget double din head unit with navigation

6 Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation System

Specifications Jensen VX7020N

  • Brand: Jensen 
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Screen Size: 7 Inches
  • Voice Command: Touch screen
  • Item Dimension: 14 x 11 x 11 inches
  • Screen: 6.2-inch LED Multimedia Touch screen

With 200-watt output power, Jensen features a 7 inch LED or LCD touch screen monitor. This monitor can give you a nice display for the comfortable viewing of your required content.

It has SIRI or Google Voice Assist Button. This button can make you capable of invoking this assistant (SIRI or Google). You can verbally command your assistance to get actions like-Play Music, Podcasts, Navigations, and so on. You have this double DIN car stereo head unit, which means you can expect a compatible pairing with a maximum multimedia receiver to enjoy a hands-free call receiving from your cellular device.

Both the navigation and enjoying the music-in both cases, it is hundred percent perfect. Simple within your finger reach, this device starts to navigate to meet your on-road demand.

And another fact is this device also perfect for music streaming. While a long drive could be a boring time passing for you-Jensen offers enjoyable music streaming from various options. This device features MP3/WMA Player with AM/FM tuner (additionally with 30 presets Station). USB ports are also included with this device to help the user charging their other device pretty easily.

Pretty good for an affordable price, very simple both by action, to look and handle. Moreover, an easy installment and easy handling forcefully make it an ideal double DIN head unit with navigation.

Key Features:

  • 7 Inches LED/LCD Touch Screen
  • Upgraded Bluetooth
  • Push to Talk Voice Assistant
  • USB Charging (front Panel Input)
  • Backup Camera Input
  • Super Slim Mount Design(2.3inch)
  • Built-in Navigation
  • Compatible with CD/DVD Player
  • Programmed Map Card


  • High Quality &Reliable
  • Hassle-free parts
  • Hands-free phone calling
  • Rear Camera Input
  • USB Charging
  • Quicker Bluetooth Connection


  • Terrible Volume Knob 

4.Kenwood eXcelon DNX995S

6 Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation System

Specifications of Kenwood eXcelon DNX995S

  • Batteries: No need 
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Screen Size: 6.75 Inches
  • Human Interface Input: Touch screen
  • Item Dimension: 7 x 11 x 11 inches
  • Map Type: United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands (six million points of interest)

Kenwood eXcelon DNX995S 6.75 Inch, DVD Navigation Receiver, is full with so many features, where to start, this is very confusing! Firstly, this double din head unit features an awesome sound quality. The 13 Band EQ included here, just superb! The spacious room around the sound field moreover gives you a high-quality bass finally.

This device has dual USB plugs. It is flexible (like one of these two plugs perfectly can fast charge your android phone).

The Kenwood Excelon has a bevy of updated features. It has new wireless Android Auto™ Compatibility, Actual Touch screen Monitor, AppleCarPlay™, Entertainment Options, Sonic Treats Galore, Stellar Guidance. This device also sits atop other double head units, including High-Voltage Preamp Outputs, Audiophile quality Audio Components. Finally, it also has a trustworthy two years warranty for its potent consumer.

If you see about the navigation system of Kenwood, you will enjoy the Negative Degree Screen Tilting. The super touch screen monitor can eliminate huge glare by tilting down the screen.

One more feature of it, you can add a camera on it, it is capable of giving you a seamless camera purpose.

Key Features:

  • DVD/CD Navigation Receiver (AM/FM tuner)
  • Media Player Loaded with MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, DSD Files
  • High Definition Electrostatic Touch screen
  • Built-in Bluetooth (both Hands-free calling, music streaming)
  • Built-in-HD Radio Tuner
  • Android Auto Compatible
  • Apple CarPlay Compatible
  • YouTube And Yelp Access
  • Pandora Control
  • Siri Eyes Free Control (Selected iPhone)
  • Voice Command (selected Smartphone)
  • Built-in Garmin Navigation System
  • DSP with Digital Time Alignment
  • 13-Band Graphic EQ
  • Bass Boost & Loudness Control


  • Fantastic Sound Quality
  • Perfect Screen Resolution & Color
  • Full with Several Features
  • Customizable Main Screen
  • Can work with Larger Drive
  • DSP setting for Factory Head Unit
  • Display Album Art


  • Navigation without Voice Control  
  • Slow Boot-Time
  • No way to create a playlist

5.Sony XAV-AX100 6.4

6 Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation System

Specifications Sony XAV-AX100 6.4

  • Batteries: No 
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Screen Size: 6.4″ touch screen
  • Voice Command: Touch Screen
  • Item Dimension: 178×100×161.5mm
  • Screen: 6.4 Inches Auto Media Receiver
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Output Wattage: 55Watt

It is one of the most desired double-din AV center unit navigation systems which can hook with your Apple or Android phone. Furthermore, you can enjoy voice control phone calls while you are driving. It has inbuilt 4 x 55W amplification, capable of giving a clear-cut sound; even you can customize these options according to your demand.
AppleCarPlay, Android Auto™-both are present in this device, which further helps you use your smart phone to dominate the stubborn road. Siri is compatible with this device, so you can ask Siri anytime to get real-time directions at your driving time.

You can also use Google Maps to be aware of your road directions or traffic updates when you need them. You can navigate, can enjoy the music, and can receive or send any phone call just with your one voice call.

When you are driving, you rarely could use your hand from the wheel to get the directions (for real-time). However, Sony makes all things easy for you. Navigation is very easy with Sony; you can easily get to your destination end and search the nearby any stopovers-mid-journey.

Navigation to get your road directions or finding the nearby point of interest could be very easy, especially if you have a Sony XAV-AX100 head unit on your car. Moreover, the Sony double din head unit’s multiple customization ability makes your audio experience highly efficient. As it has built-in 4x 55 W amps, so you can enjoy a powerful, clear sound (even at a loud volume) with in-depth bass quality.

Key Features:

  • 16.3cm (6.4″) full-color touch screen
  • Ergonomic Rotary Dial
  • Compatible with Rear View Camera
  • Voice control by Apple Car Play and Android Auto™
  • Powerful 4 x 55W Dynamic Reality Amp 2
  • Create Virtual Speakers
  • Dynamic Stage Organizer
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 10-Band Equalizer
  • Three Pre-outs


  • Powerful, Clear Amplification
  • Clear, Responsive Touch Screen
  • Parking Control
  • Remote Commander
  • Multi-Language Men
  • Bluetooth Telephony
  • EQs are available
  • Nice Fader


  • Boot up time is lengthy, up to 10 to 15 seconds   

6.BOSS Audio Systems 870DBI – Best double din head unit compatible with the Rear camera

6 Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation System

Specifications of BOSS 870DBI

  • Color: Blue 
  • Batteries: No
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Screen Size: 5.5
  • Item Dimension: 4 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Speaker Maximum Output Power: 320Watts
  • Control Method: Remote

BOSS Audio double din head unit allows you to stay tuned with music even while driving on a highway road. This device is compatible with CD, any local radio station. Additionally, you can hook this device with your MP3 Player and Smartphone to enjoy your favorite music.

BOSS also lets the scope for connecting with SD/USB ports for hearing music from several options. Using Bluetooth technology helps you solely enjoying Pandora, Spotify apps, also a hands-free phone calling!

However, if I talk about the navigation system, your one finger can give the details of your roadmap, end of the destination, thousands of points of interest, and vice versa.

It has an AUX Input system, by which the user can connect this device to any external audio Input to play the music from that particular device. More ever the built-in Preset EQ allows you to enjoy any music style (Rock, Pop, studio, or anything else).

By seeing lots of music-related features, you may think it is only perfect to hear high-quality music in various means. It is true, but you can use this double head unit for your navigation purpose as well. It’s a good navigator, will give you real-time traffic updates.

Key Features:

  • 80 Watts 4 Max Power
  • Balance/Fader/Bass/Treble with Preset Inbuilt EQ
  • Compatible with CD/USB/SD/MP3/FM/AM & Smartphone
  • Detachable Panel
  • Wireless Remote
  • Front/Rear/Sub Pre-Amp Output
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • SD Memory Card Port
  • True Double DIN
  • Pre-Amp Output
  • ID3 TAG
  • Switchable Tuner


  • Hands-Free Phone Calling
  • Wireless music play like Spotify/Pandora
  • 3 Years Platinum Dealer Warranty
  • USB Playback
  • Built-in Preset EQ
  • Electronic Skip Protection
  • Great Sound
  • Ergonomic Navigation


  • Bluetooth Microphone Doesn’t Work Properly  

Buying Guideline of Double din Head Unit with Navigation System:

What’s the matter of getting a functional double din unit with a navigation system? What are the factors which can define this device as capable and time-worthy? There are so many fundamental differences between a single or a double DIN head units, so when you’ve decided to purchase the double DIN unit, follow on the below-listed aspects carefully-

buying guideline best double din head unit with navigation

Low power never lets you enjoy the music peacefully. Low quality or distorted sound from your factory head unit itself is capable enough to damage your ear. However, wattage is the expression of the power unit. The more wattage you have on your aftermarket device, the more you can get strong function efficiently.

It is a navigator cum din units. All we know that; this device is pretty easy to install. However, you might need extra wiring basically for your steering controller car. You also can install a camera on the dashboard or the place of radio space. A smart double din head unit with a navigation system never will hinder your camera installation.

Screen Size & Resolution:
A 6.2 inches monitor can give you an average resolution of 800X480. As you increase your monitor size, the more it can deliver you the high Resolution. Dash monitor can increase up to 7 to 9 inches. So, it is a common asking, does the high-resolution impact the image quality which we see in the monitor? The answer is yes, it impacts. The high Resolution on your dash navigation system helps your head unit deliver HD quality Maps image with no glitching.

Real-time Traffic Updates:
It is one of the main features you need from your double head unit. One perfect double din head unit with a navigation system can instantly deliver you all the updated traffic scenarios. It only provides you the current updates. All navigator devices, especially the cheap graded, most often give you the traffic result a few times ago, so it’s an issue to get the current data from such navigators. Therefore, you need to find the perfect one or functional one to give you accurate and current data.

Hands-free control:
Maximum head units are compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore user can enjoy a hands-free calling from their smart phone. Moreover, you can command this device by your voice to get various functions. Whether to search the nearby place or change the current music, receiving the phone call-everything you can easily do only over your voice. So, find an ideal double din head unit with navigation, which you can control over your voice.

The integration system is responsible for hooking up the double din head unit to connect with any smart phone. You will need a touch screen monitor to operate any smart phone apps. Here is the function of the Integration. A double din head unit with a navigation system also can integrate with some sound-related features. But for this, it needs to be more updated.

Final Verdict:

If you don’t have a brand-new car, that doesn’t make any sense not to outfit your car with one double head unit with a navigation system.

Today’s double din head unit manufacturers are keen to offer you enjoying lots of versatile features from a head unit. Features like-Bluetooth Connectivity, Smartphone Connections, Stereo, Higher Resolution LCD Monitor, GPS Tracker, everything altogether can give you a fascinating journey on a demon road.

We recommended you six best double din head unit with navigation system for your car. Our selection could help you find your car assistance to navigate nearby places or hear the best music.

Thank you

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